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  1. Also dont do the swerve when announcing the the game of the year, you do that every year.
  2. Jaydon777

    I'm done.

    Wanglord should have just left without making this thread. Its a shame but Rambo and Howard clearly want nothing to do with Phil, and don't want anymore personal stuff discussed publicly so this thread should just be closed.
  3. Yeah the Woodbury arc was terrible but it picked back up after the prison was destroyed.
  4. Its good to see the forum rules are similar to that of the previous forum as I thought it worked well. I believe there was major disagreement between the previous mods and Phil as to interpreting and implementing the rules on alleged slander directed at him. I hope you don't mind me asking but has this been discussed with the new mods to ensure that it does not happen again?
  5. ​I saw the OVA but have yet to see the premiere, really looking forward to how they tackle both the episodic nature and the mystery element of the show. I've started watching Ufotable's Fate/Stay Night and it just looks so stunning, I haven't seen the original adaptation but Shirou doesn't seem too bad so far.
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