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  1. I really only think about it when something should be obvious to a bystander. For example, Clark Kent, superman, takes off the glasses and most people don't realize that he is superman because of the glasses. Anyways, I know that it is fiction. In addition, it depends on the writer if he or she wants to explain the "real" science behind the feats of heroes. Finish that shit, son. I'm interested in hearing your opinion about it. Really, I had no idea the steppenwolf dude looked that bad. I want to watch the film again to see the differences.
  2. Lol, your cat straight up did this.
  3. Yo, before Mike White got hurt he was doing good. In my opinion, he was looking better than Zach Wilson.
  4. Not really, but it is on football sunday so that is cool. I'm actually more excited for thanksgiving. You get to eat as much food as you want and pass out afterwards and football will be on lol.
  5. Where did you watch it? HBO max? Are there a lot of fights in it? Is there a good balance between the action side and the "family / clark kent" side?
  6. Yea, that was a good game. I need to watch it again because I thought the Bills had the game in the first half, so I started watching other stuff.
  7. The movie trailers were nice, but I need to see gameplay of the Suicide Squad game. The Gotham Knights game is a purchase because it looks fun, and I always thought a coop game in the Batman universe could work well.
  8. Nah, that's just his ugly ass wife.
  9. That looks good. Too bad the DC cinematic universe did not have the same success as the MCU, there are less known characters that would have received more popularity. Seeing a similar buildup in the "DCCU" to the justice league would have been dope. I didn't read that either lol. However, I played that game a lot. I'm currently reading through it though on comixology.
  10. A remake or remaster of the Maximum Carnage game needs to happen.
  11. Those numbers are no good if you still lose, LOL. He needs to demand his team to win every game.
  12. Im taking the Jets for that game. They did good standing up to the titans. In addition, I don't think Urban Meyers should be fired.
  13. I wonder how the what if canon will be incorporated into the live action MCU stuff. I thought I saw somewhere that the "what if" series is considered canon.
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