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  1. Cool, just wanted to make sure I was not losing my mind.
  2. This is for something Im working on. A and B are input values, C is the output. Is it possible to tell if B < A or A < B with only the output C?
  3. I wonder when it takes place.
  4. Did anyone here get a google stadia or is thinking of getting one?
  5. Definitely, Celeste. You already have it on your X1. You downloaded it when it was free. In addition, I think you will like the platforming of the game. Also, there seems like there will be some platforming that will cause some rage but some people like that when watching your stuff. You will like the game even though there will be some difficult parts in it.
  6. That is cool. In addition, I don't know much about the DC universe hell even Marvel because there is so much stuff. From what I read in the article he basically an anti-hero kind of like how venom is nowadays or wolverine ? Is that close or wrong. I mean I know you @MDCFAN101 or @sateler96 would know about that. If that is true, I kind of want to read some of his own series that is new.
  7. What do you mean counterpart? For example, Pokemon red & blue. You would get blue? Anyways, about to get on Star Wars Jedi : fallen order. On grand master difficulty. Whew, I know I going to get my ass kicked.
  8. I forgot what the old one looked like, so I had to look it up.
  9. Thanks for the info. Now I know just to wait until like December; then, I will get the streaming service binge it then cancel it.
  10. Did you hear any info if all the episodes will be ready on the 12th? Will the Disney pull a Twilight zone and release the episodes every week, or will they have the entire season ready to watch?
  11. I still don't think the game play is that great. However, I do like the building aspects a little. If this game had more building options, like homes, stores, and farms or whatever. I think a lot of people would like it more me included.
  12. The story is cool imo in Death Stranding, but the gameplay is definitely the weakest part of the game.
  13. I think so. He said he would play it.
  14. My bad. Time for me to post a dick pic and get banned from the forums.
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