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  1. I agree about the campaign feeling unfinished. I love the game, but like you said the side quest are not really good, and the campaign seems to be missing out on more opportunities to go into the "cyberworld" via a decker.
  2. I could be wrong, but I thought some episodes or seasons of the office were in black and white. Does anyone remember seeing episodes of the office in black and white?
  3. If you are talking about what he says in this video, I am 100 percent certain he is saying he needs to play FF7 remake a week after R3make is released. Not beat it in a week.
  4. Celeste. You already have this game on your Xbox one.
  5. Thanks to DBZ: Kakarot I saw that Shenron has four "arms" at least Did all of you guys/ and or gals know that before playing DBZ: Kakarot ?
  6. I am surprised you liked that movie. I was under the assumption you only liked obscure foreign movies, but you know what people say about assumptions.
  7. Hmm, anyone want to take bets on how long it will take until a certain person is going to post dick pics and get banned for giving "constructive criticism?"
  8. Is Persona 5 scramble the musou / dynasty warriors version? Or is it the Persona 5 Royal version ? I can sense people being confused as am I. Which version is the musou/dynasty warriors version ? "Persona 5 scramble" or "Persona 5 Royal"
  9. "Stop calling me a kid" REEEEEEEEEE
  10. Sounds good. Understood. Is this thread for a list of games/genre of games that cannot be nominated for a special event because DSP automatically disqualifies said games? If yes, then I am all for it. This would remove the instances of people nominating a game feeling personally attacked because DSP disqualified it.
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