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  1. Nice, DSP got approved for memberships on YT.
  2. I understand criticizing DSP. Did he really need to call him a retarded cocksucker? How is that essential?
  3. LOL. DSP doesn't like that a rogueLite has rogueLite mechanics.
  4. What was he wrong about exactly?
  5. Fallout: new vegas Ninja Gaiden(nes)
  6. In addition, to what you said it seems like some people have no idea what a roguelite is and are only buying it because PS5 new exclusive. Then being like this.
  7. Made this topic so there is a place to discuss DSP's playthrough of Returnal. I think it's gonna be hilarious.
  8. Yea, the game is supposed to be a rogueLite. Anyways, I cannot wait to hear how amazing the haaaptic feedback is and how cool the adaptive triggers are /s
  9. Clicks "Laugh heartily, and hold your weapon high. Just when you thought you'd heard it all..." DSP: why am I fighting him? This playthrough is hilarious.
  10. I think I read your guy's opinion on Doom Patrol, but I don't feel like looking for it. Is Doom Patrol worth a watch or skip it? I got a month of HBO max, so if you got any suggestions on what to watch please share.
  11. Nah, I want you to make an audio book for me and read it to me. LOL jk. I will definitely check it out though. Now that I think about it the Hawkeye missions in Marvel's Avengers is called future imperfect.
  12. Is the Hulk: The end have only one issue because that is all I see on comixology.
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