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  1. You should go to some of the buffets they have there. You get your money's worth at some of them.
  2. I heard that also. This is a wild football season.
  3. LOL. And just like that Antonio Brown is cut from the Patriots.
  4. It is kind of like X-COM. If you like those games, you will more than likely enjoy Mutant Year Zero. A cool thing about the game is that you can sneak around the enemies to get into better positions, and the game has some light exploration. The game lets you go to different zones even if you are under leveled for that zone. Collect scrap, a currency and resource, to upgrade and buy stuff. I got it on the EPIC store when it was free.
  5. WOW Antonio Brown was picked up by the Patriots. LOL WTH just happened?
  6. LOL Antonio Brown just got released from the Raiders.
  7. True. However, MARATHONS should be the events that occur rarely.
  8. I don't know why I thought the online portions of gears 5 was going to work. The time I did play was fun. Escape is definitely a nice addition to the Gears of War franchise.
  9. Yea or however long his daily stream lengths are * 2.
  10. I would just want the marathon to be marathon.streamLength >= regular.streamLength * 2.
  11. So true. Borderlands 3, Gears 5, and Breakpoint are the only games I am looking forward to before then.
  12. LOL. Anyways, did you see any of his of vids during that marathon?
  13. Is anyone interested in the Outer Worlds? I feel like I asked this before, but who gives a fuck. If you are, is it an instant purchase? For me definitely.
  14. I liked it, but I think the breaks in between games are too long. In addition, why call it a marathon when the total stream time is around the same length as a regular streaming day? Oh yea my score. I give it a slice of pizza/ Eric Andre.
  15. Haven't watched much of those shows, Regular Show and Adventure Time. Only enough to see the lore about Adventure Time, and it seems the show is set in the post apocalypse. I think those shows would do a lot better on adult swim. Do you have a Youtube channel, Mr. Epstein? Hopefully you didn't name your YT channel Jeffrey Epstein.
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