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  1. That sucks. When it is hot like that where I live I just sleep on top of the comforter.
  2. I knew it. How much are they paying you to not show yourself ever again in public you, scumbag?
  3. Celeste. You have that on your Xbox one. You downloaded it when it was free.
  4. Is it a skip or a watch? You could definitely be right. I just wanted to know want he meant by posting that and saying this is Phil's big chance. I have no idea about that just wanted to know how that video will lead to Phil's big chance.
  5. I don't get it. How is that Phil's big chance?
  6. Did you play Shadow of War? I know SOM is before SOW. I was just wondering if you played it.
  7. One of the craziest things on YT I have experienced. Having an ad be longer than the video I want to watch.
  8. That's cool if you don't like KG. There is another person on here that goes by the name DownTheLever. I think you individuals would enjoy each other's company.
  9. LMAO. I saw and smelled that bait from a mile away. It worked though.
  10. I know that feeling. Just take frequent brakes. study for like 30 - 45 minutes take a 30 minute break and repeat.
  11. Starbound is fun, and they recently just added a Bounty Hunter feature.
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