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  1. Those controls in Resident Evil 1 are rough. I can't believe some people really wanted those controls to come back in the REmakes.
  2. Nice, I was just making sure I somewhat understood what the hell was happening. LOL , I wasn't trying to sound like an ass or anything.
  3. It's just suppose to send the user to the url site?
  4. I am not sure, but I thought some people here played the "Tales of " games. Anyways, tried out the Tales of Vesperia game on gamepass. It is not too bad imo. Where do you place it among the other "Tales of " games? That is obviously directed at the people that played said game or games in the "Tales of" stuff, lol.
  5. Celeste. I want to see him get further in the game. Gears tactics. It's like xcom but in the Gears universe. Damn I forgot about Hades. I hope it comes to gamepass eventually. Celeste Gears Tactics Hades Carrion
  6. No. Anyways, does it matter? I was just asking a question, and you guys seem more knowledgeable about this stuff. I just wanted to know if those impeachment trials will keep happening if he keeps getting acquitted.
  7. So does that mean new impeachment trials can keep going on indefinitely if Trump keeps getting acquitted?
  8. So does that mean in x months there is going to be another impeachment trial?
  9. LOL, got some of them 3D Doritos chili cheese nacho flavor.
  10. A couple of questions. Why do you think it is not as fun/good as first one & Lego DC Super Villains? How is the replay value ? Does this game have local coop and or online coop? Can you give a rough estimate on how many characters are available? Can you free roam after you beat missions?
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