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  1. Oh shit is he retiring tomorrow or next month?
  2. Joke or not if DSP would have said the same things. The internet would have fucking exploded.
  3. I only watched ten seconds of it. I will definitely pick up the new run of Thor. However, I still need to read through the stack I already have.
  4. I am also enjoying the game. What criticism do you have about the game?
  5. Is your point that people wouldn't smear DSP if he reacted the same way as Daigo or something similar? Saying "This....I wonder what I'm supposed to do against that."
  6. Is it against the rules to talk about downloading emulators and roms that you own on this forum ?
  7. HELL YEA. The Patriots got eliminated. The pick 6 to seal the deal was too good.
  8. Happy new year , dirty scoundrels.
  9. Celeste. You already have this game on your Xbox one.
  10. That is good to hear. I want to see this movie. When you say mention tension, can you give some examples? For example, they are trying to sneak around a squad of troops or something.
  11. That is what I figured. Are any of the shows that were revealed during comic con on there right now? In addition, is there anything you would recommend to watch besides the Mandalorian and the classic Disney movies?
  12. Well, I am about to activate that free trial of disney + and binge watch the Mandalorian LOL
  13. I disagree. If the person still played through the whole game, and beat the game; then, they technically beat the game.
  14. I wish there was a Mortal Kombat RPG in the style of Jade Empire from the original Xbox. What do you guys think ?
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