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  1. That is a tough one, but I will go with "Avengers! Assemble."
  2. My point was that it didn't take place in 616. My bad for not making that clear.
  3. You are right about the replacement. However, what universe did that take place in? Was it Marvel universe 616?
  4. Cool. My point was that they wanted to replace him with someone else.
  5. The character overall. She was written to play the victim at one time in a scene at her school. It was something like the teacher was praising her for her good work but Rere still had some kind of feelings of being the victim. In addition, she did some illegal shit towards the country where Dr. Doom is the ruler. Lastly, it seems like Marvel was just too excited to replace
  6. LOL the falcons. Welp, that last win against the Vikings was their last win. The only way I see them winning another game is them playing against a team that secures a spot in the playoffs and said team only uses their secondary. Yea, that sucks.
  7. I would pick Captain Marvel, Carl Manvers, but I remembered Riri Williams existed. So my pick is Riri Williams aka Ironheart. In the voice of DSP, "get her outta here"
  8. I think DSP should try out Fightcade. At least one time; then, he can speak on firsthand experience in recent times. Maybe he tried it in the past before he started recording/streaming but things change. For example, do you guys/gals remember how bad the wireless technology was in the 90 - 20's ? It has changed since then. Yea, he needs to just try it once now , so he can make a reason on why it is bad "today".
  9. That's fine. It's just my opinion.
  10. This would be easier if it was the supervillains; however, I would pick Captain Marvel. I don't know man, but in the comics and animated shows, the current person that holds the mantle of captain marvel is annoying. If the Captain Marvel character truly died after Mar-vell died I wouldn't mind.
  11. Yes, in that division I agree.
  12. The DCEU needs to put more respect on her name. Pulling someone out of a black hole. Thanks for the video she is powerful. I just didn't know the observed limit. It seems like some of these companies that make the MCU or DCEU movies try to make their powers somewhat mundane in comparison to the comic counterparts.
  13. I know Superman is a powerful dude like earth breaker status. I didn't know about Wonder Woman being that strong. I just looked at some of Wonder Man's origin, and it would play out aptly that he gained his powers now considering Shield is gone, well mostly. I am referring to the MCU. Honestly, Wonder Man would be a nice introduction because they could even start him off as a villain, but he doesn't like fighting against the Avengers. If the people in charge of the MCU don't introduce the X-Men or F4, I don't know why they paid the money to use them in their movies.
  14. Too late you messed up and started WW3 because you interrupted my conversation with some dude or gal on the internet. GTAB @MDCFAN101 I'm kidding btw.
  15. LOL that text. Anyways, I agree why nerf the powers of fucking SUPERHEROES ? They need to have people write up threats that only certain heroes can overcome when the whole "squad" is fighting so it doesn't feel like anyone on the team is useless. Marvel should bring in these other heroes for phase 4. Especially because they killed off If they wanted to, they could even tweak the personalities of the heroes you mentioned just so it makes sense why they didn't show up when Thanos' Black Order was "going to work" in NYC. People probably wouldn't like the tweaked behaviors, but the c
  16. Thanks for explaining why you didn't think he was completely wrong.
  17. I mean they buy the games already, and it might lead to the developers getting more sales because of more exposure. It smells like greed to me, but what do you mean he is not completely wrong? All he did was give a horrible suggestion. Anyways, that picture you posted is funny. I will give you that.
  18. DSP's tweet aside. That was not a good take from that guy Alex. Can you agree with that?
  19. LMAO that run from Daniel Jones. He is fast I will give him that, but like most people were saying that play basically summed up the NFC East.
  20. Yea, I remember you mentioning him before. It would be dope to see him in the MCU. In addition, I agree about the Captain marvel bit. Anyways, I'm not going to say the Silver Surfer for series to be continued because I'm sure he will get another series started up, so I am going to pick Nova. I would prefer if they would choose Richard Ryder instead of Sam Alexander, but if they chose Sam I would be fine with it too.
  21. Sometimes you're on point about your remarks about DSP but not this one. That is clearly DSP trying to make a joke.
  22. My shocking or oh shit moment for me is when the Sentry merged with the void in I guess the "Sentry World" mini arc. Then, the avengers confronted him about merging with the void, but he was so powerful for them to stop him and he knew it, and I think the avengers knew it too, so he just simply flew off into space. In addition, this lead to the Annihilation - Scourge event.
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