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  1. You are not fooling anyone. I know that is your GOTY for 2021.
  2. LMAO. That totally makes sense 100 percent /s
  3. Why are you guys acting like this isn't your most anticipated series of the decade?
  4. "I don't obsess over DSP at all. This took me like 2 seconds to make"
  5. Glad to hear people are liking the movie. I plan on getting HBO max sometime this month after Mortal Kombat is released, so I can watch MK, GvK, and JL:SC with one sub.
  6. Im not really feeling the mask design for taskmaster. That's just me though.
  7. What do you individuals think of Taskmaster's design in the Black Widow movie?
  8. I say that grayson/nightwing would win this fight because of his ability to sneak up on people. Sure Bullseye could be shooting at him from a distance, but once Nightwing locates his position, he could use his Genius level intellect to distract Bullseye with something and sneak up on him and knock him out or eventually beat him in melee combat.
  9. Do you have HBO MAX? If yes, does an additional fee to the monthly subscription have to be purchased to watch the "Snyders cut?"
  10. That sounds good, man. Was the potato and macaroni salad homemade or store bought?
  11. LOL. I hate the weekly shit, but you and @MDCFAN101 are all I got. Is it out already? I'll just keep it there. I thought it was still Thursday. Send me a switch. I will join the session. Don't get mad if I cart LOL
  12. I know a lot of people don't like westerns "wild west", but the poster reminds me of a badass western movie.
  13. My knowledge of actor's and actress' names is limited. I think I seen her before.
  14. Nah, I don't even know who that is.
  15. I get the feeling that mora is not the type of person to like those kind of things. I could be wrong though. I just get that impression.
  16. I wonder what skeptics will say. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/mar/22/us-government-ufo-report-sightings
  17. True, but he was making a lot of silly mistakes on the dashpad part.
  18. Yes, that was sarcasm. I hear you, but you need to remember DSP is not the best gamer. I mean people made a series of videos about him failing at games.
  19. You are right. DSP is just making it up. That is the easiest level in the game.
  20. Nice, I definitely played some games also after seeing DSP play them.
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