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  1. hey dsp, i have a couple of questions for you. first question is are you still in contact with your street fighter buddies such as nerd josh. my second question is why don't you go to gamestop or best buy to buy physical copy of the game anymore, i feel you have the physical copy of the game you always return or trade it in to get money back and i feel that downloading the game you can't do anything with it. why did you stop buying the physical copy. my last question i mentioned in the past that i have been a fan since 2008, i think that your best moments were from 2009 till 2013. in my opinion i think your best year was in 2010 and 2011 when you still were using your regular camera. my question is if you still stayed with your camcorder would you still be popular. . thanks
  2. hey phil, i have a couple of questions for you, First question, i have been a fan ever since you played fable 2 back in 2008. i was wondering have you ever thought about playing games that you did not complete over the years such as splinter conviction crysis 3 and other games. my second question, have you ever thought about replaying games that you played already. my final question, i know that you have been out of the fighting game community for a long time. i think that last time that you went to a fighting game tournament was in 2010 SBO in Tennessee. are you still in contact with the fighting game community and what made you stop playing competitively and do you miss it. i bet you have more stories to tell. thanks
  3. hey Phil, i have a couple of questions for youi. 1.I remember when you started on youtube in 2008 and you were using your camera and then in 2012, you switched to direct capture and twitch. have you ever thought about switching back your old camera. 2. back in 2010 you lost a lot of weight after you lost your job. what did you do to lose all that weight and how did you do it. i know that you have back problems and it is hard lift weights and different exercises. and how did you lose the weight without exercises. what was your secret. 3. i remember when you were living in your old apartment you mentioned that you got DDP yoga and you said that you did not have any room to use it and now that you have a lot more space. i was wondering did you use it and did it help.
  4. hey phil I know that you and John Rambo and other friends from Connecticut have lost in touch and maybe lost friendship. have you thought about getting back in touch and becoming friends again. Your co op gameplay amazing and your street fighter trips,E3 and conventions and other things you guys went to. I don't know if you know that John rambo and howard made a video talking about you. i know from experience from losing friendship when i moved and lost contact. i know that you are busy and everything with youtube but you really should get into contact.
  5. hey dsp, i have been a fan of you since you really started on youtube when you played fable 2. i have been noticing that the last couple of months lately that you have less views and more dislikes then more likes. i know that you are probably not going to like what i have to say, i am saying this as a fan. The last couple of years now i have noticed that you have lost quite a number of subscribers and also noticed that your views have dropped immensely and i don't think its really your gameplay, it is what you say about your fans and what you say in your pre show. I seem to notice on your pre stream you constantly talk about how you are doing well in money, what somebody said something about you on twitter , you talking about views. I am sorry we don't need to hear you rant that you are losing money, losing views and ranting about a fan said somthing abouy you and we don't need to hear that your buisiness is not doing well as you hoped. We already have problems of our own and we don't need to hear from you, we come to your channel to watch your gameplay. we do not come to your channel to hear you rant. This my opinion i think you lost a lot of your subscribers and fans. one particular video that you lost most of your subscribers is when pandalee when making comments about the game and the fans were tired of it, Instead of calmly talking to the fans you lashed out on them. The one big thing what is making you lose subscribers is when someone says something that you don't like you lash out and call A***hole and morons and other names and say they don't know what they are talking out.Every time i type in your name in the youtube address bar i see all these videos of dsp videos some the video are Do not how to play videos ,but i see videos of people saying why they unsubscribed from you and mosty the stuff they say is pretty accurate. The people that made those videos are your former fans and subscribers. You should take the advise and listen. They only want to see you succeed and not fail. The one last thing i want to say is learn from your mistake and don't let people get to you. You should watch the videos of what people say why they uncrubed to you. Thanks dsp i will always be a fan through thick and then.
  6. hey Phil, i got a couple of things i want to ask you. First question,This is a political question i know that you don't really talk about politics and i know you said stuff about trump in your ask the king episode and you have not talked about Hillary Clinton. my question is who are you voting for and why. This my opinion but i don't think any of these candidates are really fit and this is probably the worst presidential race ever. I have been a fan for 8 years now and i remember when you had you darksydephil channel and i remember when had couple of unfinished games or games that you never started or played. i remember when you first started your darksydephil channel you uploaded star wars the forced unleashed 1 and you never finished playing splinter cell conviction. my question is will you play the games you have not finished. last question, i know you don't like to talk about it but i thinks everyone wants to know, what is your relationship with john rambo since you guys had the falling out with each other and you don't ever talk about him as you use to.so what really caused the friction between him and you. i know that guys were good friends and i remember when you guys did smark guys, co op together and trips. i hope you guys can get this thing between you situated and fixed.one last thing i want say is keep doing what you are doing and keep your head up high and don't let people tell you what to do.
  7. hey phil, i am a long time viewer, i have been a fan since fable 2 i have a couple of question. My first question : since youtube have you been depressed, the reason i ask is because for the last couple of years now i have lost the two family members in my life. I lost the two favorite people, i lost my best friend my Australian Shepherd and i lost my grandfather to Cancer. He was very close to me, i could talk to him about anything to him. Ever since they died it has been tough ever since. i have been depressed . do you have any suggestions on how to cope.
  8. hey phil i recently lost my best friend my dog named merlin, he was best friend growing up and he died recently and it has been hard on me lately.Merlin was having seizures and he had a seizure and he never woke up, A number of times in the past you mentioned that you had a rabbit as your pet and you said that he had a died a number of years ago. my question is how did you cope with the loss and how to you stop grieving.
  9. hey phil I don't know if you know that john and howard made a video discussing things about what you said on hate live. they were saying the things you were saying you were not telling the truth about him getting paid and more things. project seven and more projects. what is your reaction
  10. hey phil i just recently watched a video of a guy on youtube and he used to watch all your content.He was talking about how you are losing you subscribers and your viewership and he had lot of things to say.Most of the things he had said were good pointers. A couple of things he mentioned is that you talk about how much you talk to much about views and complain about a people not watching your content. other things he mentioned is that you always blame the developer, the game, and not your self and that's why people are getting annoyed with you. one last thing he mentions is you limit about patreon. I think that i mentioned in the past is i have been a fan since fable 2 and i have been with you from the highest of the high and lowest of low and i am still a fan from the beginning and still a fan to this day. they are a number of things i would like to see is you stop talking about the views and patreon. i think if you just limit talking about the views and just focus on the gameplay. no one wants to hear you complain about views and we just want content. i just want to you to be like your old self. i am going to post a link of the video below. https://youtu.be/WtsvpMgoEoo.
  11. hey dsp i have been a seeing a lot of people on youtube talking about you scaming people on patreon. they have been saying that you wanted to raise money so you can do project seven and then all of a sudden you cancelled it and apparently you did not refund them their money. i just wanted to get your thoughts.
  12. hey phil, i have been a fan ever since you played fable 2, i just wanted to ask how is your relationship with john rambo and i saw that you made a video saying that you and rambo had a falling out and you also said that you were too busy to talk to him, but i just watched a hate live and you were talking to Chris from the airedlord and his friend. if you were to busy to talk to Chris and why couldn't you speak to Rambo. i just notcied that rambo made parody video about you and patreon. i really hope you guys can get back to being friends again. i really miss you smarkguys and your co op games. i hope you didn't take an offence in what i said .
  13. hey phil, i just wanted to get your opinion on "End of The World". people are saying that wold is ending in September 23rd 2015. people are saying a couple of things as an Astroid or comet, financial crisis, in my opinion i don't think it is going to happen . what do you think of this conspiracy .
  14. hey, phil when you had your original channel thekingofhatehd and you started dsp tries it and you pretty much tried everything. all of sudden you just review food and i was wondering why are you just doing food.
  15. hey, phil ever since they said fallout 4 is coming out this year, my question is will you ever thought of doing fallout 3 or fallout new vegas. my other question is will play heavy rain for a retro replay i think that would be awesome.
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