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  1. Ummm...different person. And if I eas trying to be harnful on this forum I would not try and give Phil advice or gave contstuctive criticism. Also, If I broken any rules on the forums then ban me.....
  2. So, is it alright for the detractors or trolls to make fun of Phil. Is it also alright if I make fun of you and call you a cuck because of your profile picture without getting banned or suspended on the TKOHF. Think about it before you anwser.
  3. Ppl some times need to show that they can laugh at themselves. It show ppl that you aren't uptight and have a good sense of humor. It shows that you can be a fun loving guy. But, if Phil doesn’t want to use them because of the pigs that his choice. Also, the artist has a right not to change it because it’s his art work.
  4. I really wouldn’t classify RWBY an anime. It’s more of an american animated show that was inspired by anime. The samething can be said about Avatar: The Last Air Bender and the Legend Of Korra.
  5. Then why did you make a thread stating that it has no logic???? Especially if you already know this...... And this is old news.
  6. I, along with a lot of other ppl on here already tried to give advice. We are often replied to by Phil himself that it may work for this streamer or youtuber but not for him because his not like those ppl or some other excuse. I tried tell him that he needed to reduce the dead air in his playthrough and gave examples on how. After a while I decided to stop. Now, where is your suggestion with insight on the reason why Phil’s YT channel is not growing.
  7. This has to be the dumbest analogy used to describe the situation. A better analogy would have beed a televison channel. If a television channel notice that it’s losing viewer it does something to entice viewer to stay or to return. This can be done by changing the show line up because the current line up has gone stale and viewers lose interest. Changing one’s format on Youtube can be a way to change things up and keep viewers interested.
  8. Yes, I read your post. I also watched the video. And I also explain whyo they are doing this, but you fail to use logic. There a lot of dead inactive accounts on YT. YT can determine this and not send that account a notification. So it my fault that I’m subscribed to DSP gaming but choose not to click on the bell and recieve 10 or 20 notification of new videos while also recieving notification from other content creators I watch. The “common YT” (not the inactive accounts) is able to make that chose.....
  9. Ummmmm..... Did you read my post. Some of the subs can be dead accounts. Also, you can sub to somebody but lose interest after awhile but forget to unsub. Ppl can also be interested in the content of the YTer but don’t want their inboxes filled with constant notification of video being uploaded. Especially if a YTer uploads like 20 videos per day. You know that Twitch does the same thing when you choose to follow a streamer. It ask of you would like a notification when the streamer goes live.
  10. Ummmmm......you know that a lot of subs can be dead accounts and the “bell” system has been on Youtube for almost a year. Also, ppl may be subbed to alot of ppl and don’t want their inbox spammed with video notification.
  11. Mics make coordinating with your team easier. Try doing a ten-man raid in WOW withot a mic. I can tell you it not easy with all the mechanics the bosses have. Try playing Rainbow Six and try doing call out without a mic. Some games make the experience much more enjoyable when you can commincate with your team quickly.
  12. Imagine top level CS:GO players do that in a tourney.
  13. I guess he act out what he is trying to convey to ppl....
  14. Ummmm....I wasn’t trying to single you out. You were just the last post the said interactive games, sorry. Probably shouldn’t have quoted you meant to quote Nich. Also, do I need to show proof that I have a badge on Phil stream chat to post in the forums.
  15. Ummmmm..... all games are interactive. The play interacts with the game when input commands on the controllers. Also, I’m going to state it again it up to the streamer if he engages woth chat during a stream. It’s up to the streamer whe that interaction occurs. It can be during a boss fight or fandom grinding. The game does NOT determine when the interaction occurs. Unless there is a prompt on screen that says “interact with chat “ that I’m missing.
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