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  1. Those groups of people are probably the smallest minority in this community. But ok that might be the case dsp wont be making a lot of money with that reward or as much. It doesnt have to be $1 but the reward should be $5. His rewards are too expensive. The $5 reward is practically worthless. If the goal isnt hit you get half the perk and thats assuming you even care about the forums. If he made the Q&A a $5 or even a $10 goal it would be enough to attract new patrons. And make the private Q&A at most $20.
  2. i think what DSP should do is reduce the prices of some of the goals. $50 private Q&A is too expensive it needs to be lower. $20 for a goal you can get on twitch for less so you know where im going with that. he needs to better price the rewards if anything.
  3. i think its the rewards honestly. why spend $20 to get a question asked in ATK when you can just cheer or tip him on twitch for less? the rewards are the main reasons to encourage people to pledge. the goal yea it does motivate people to pledge. but still the point of patreon is to support content creators. thats the fundamental design of the website. you can use goals and rewards to encourage people to pledge. sure but you can look at what dsp says and he directly says "patreon isnt about the goals if it wasnt for patreon and you guys supporting me i would go away" in regards to patreon. yea you can tip him and give him bits with twitch but that is exactly why his patreon dipped so low in the first place. DSP also says "i need tips to pay the bills" so people tip him and pull their pledge from patreon. dsp needs to rework the rewards make them cheaper as is said the $50 reward is too expensive and $20 question on ATK is pretty stupid when you can ask him questions everyday on twitch for less money. the goals are supposed to fund some big thing like new equipment or a new series. his goals for what you need to hit them dont add up to play horror game marathon and get a costume is worth over 1K? really? for a goal thats over 1K id hope i would see more of an improvement with his streaming but i dont. he refuses to use his greenscreen regardless of the fact he cant either fold or cut it to fit or even get a cheap green poster board to put up behind him. but he wont do it. his quality has stagnated for years now.
  4. You do the rewards for each tier are that something. Well im going off what dsp has said in the past. And im not saying the goal is meaningless or whatever but the point of patreon is to support content creators i seen goals on patreon for numerous things i also seen patreon sites not even have goals and they make leagues more than dsp. The goals are important but people should be supporting dsp just listen to dsp when the money isnt hitting the goal he does bring up “if we don’t hit the goal then i wont do it” but he also says “the goals arent the only thing about patreon its mostly to support your content creator”. If we are going to talk about cheers and tips well here’s the thing twitch is killing his patreon as is. Dsp’s patreon needs to lower the prices for some of the rewards. $50 for a private Q&A is ridiculous i seen rewards that are way more involved run by one person for less. The notion of “if you just want to throw money at phil” was originally the point of his patreon because remember he didnt adopt twitch revenue until a year or so after he started patreon.
  5. pretty sure the goal is hit. but the point of patreon is to support phil so the goal shouldnt matter.
  6. Well if you knew it was buried under 4000 tweets i thought you knew lol. Regardless why dont you tell us what twitter account said this? Nobody framed anyone lol you guys are paranoid just talk about dsp tbh.
  7. This sounds incredibly credible. Its obviously sarcasm. None of the detractors wants to be in a “SoK” like group lol. And if you dont care then why did you scroll through 4000 tweets? Lol what?
  8. 1. The game can be competitive. In SFV for example people spam in that game but i dont do that shit i mix them up and work around it so they are guessing constantly. Dsp once people learn his combo he will get bodied because its a combo string. I wouldnt be so critical of him if he didnt brag about how his spam isnt spam or as safe and unskillful as everyone else. 2. He doesnt have time to go online and play morrigan and chun-li? What? I’m not saying he should go to training mode im saying go straight to online and try new characters. I’m not a hardcore fighting game player either and that doesnt stop me from trying or changing my characters lol. I play like 5 characters in sfv. 3. Its a fighting game. Of course it will only have modes that pertain to fighting. I’m not saying dsp has to play the way i want him to. But i do have the right to voice criticisms about his playstyle. I do have issues when people brag about skill when what they did isnt skillful. He does the same combo string so him trying to prove that “fighting game fundamentals win” falls on its face because he is doing the same shit he is shitting on. Its like if i said “i hate ryu players who just spam hadokens” then i pick ken and spam hadokens. If he doesnt like the game thats fine im not saying he has to love it either but if he is going to brag about his fighting game skills then id like to see them because i havent seen them.
  9. 1. i would agree with you but dsp the whole time is bragging about skill when he is doing the same stuff he claims isnt skillful so then he shouldnt be bragging about doing cheap tactics. and MvCI can be skillful you can put as much work as you want in any fighting game it might be harder in some fighting games than others sure but if you play competitively you wont be resorting to cheap tactics like dsp has been doing. 2. he doesnt have to go to training mode every time he tries a new character. i played fighting games a lot and i try new characters online regardless. the issue is dsp has no patience to put into trying new characters online and it going against what fighting games mean to him is subjective because i seen people pull off good combos in this game and it does have footsies etc. dsp just doesnt like it because he refuses to learn the game. you cant master a fighting game less than a month of its release. back when i played skullgirls for the first time i sucked at it but over time i started learning the game and practicing. it took years for me to get where i am today in that game. its the same with every game if you go into a fighting game thinking you will master it within a month you are naive and i can bet a month later people will be able to find a way to beat his current team because dsp has a nasty habit of stagnating his skill. the reality stone is OP but you can beat them lol. but soul stone is also pretty cheap. you KO a character and then you can revive a fallen enemy and double team the opponent. but i guess the stones are just a gimmick to make the matches more intense in the sense of a turn around. 3. he is playing MvC:I all week this is the 2nd full week of MvC:I he is giving the game more coverage than dishonored death of the outsider or w/e the expansion was called.
  10. He is just using the same tactics as the opponents he spams a combo that works online and he is getting wins. He isnt experimenting with other characters in ranked matches. Sorry i dont count the match with fatman but id like to see him use other characters than his usuals. But to be fair i will say he is at least holding his own. But i dont think he is adapting to the game as much. I also wish he stopped using the soul stone but thats just my opinion.
  11. I like how he takes a sip of a drink and then slushes it in his mouth next to the mic so we can here the water or liquid move around in his mouth. Its quite a sound effect.
  12. Who? Can you share who the new leader of the dead SOK? Because i see nobody talking about it.
  13. I can take criticism but i was just clarifying to him as to what i was talking about. Yea but dsp is getting views he would normally never get. It pulls in more than his USF2 streams.
  14. If you or last rambo were to make those conclusions i could understand that because i talked about you so you can have that very thought of me. Last rambo i talked with a few times. But when someone who i never talked to on these forums just randomly decides to check my posting history is different entirely. But i will be honest and say i was probably being negative here because i was stressed about this state exam i had to take so i might have been overly critical. In my language here. Didnt say my posting history was irrelevant but as i said with dsp it makes sense for you and dsp to have those opinions of me but when a person i never talked to instantly goes to my post history its quite different.
  15. Wasn’t talking about their attitude. I was talking about how they instantly start looking into my post history. Like how would you feel if you enter a restaurant and they instantly start looking into your personal history? Wouldnt feel welcoming would it?
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