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  1. ..... you need a break off the internet.
  2. You guys really think Leanna is asking for palimony? Regardless of my I'll opinions of her I just can't see her doing that to Phil unless the breakup was more dramatic than what he was letting on. That would be low to ask for money in Phil's position. But I've seen crazier things. Just do like me and dont read it if it has an emoticon anywhere in the statement.
  3. Oh yeah I just figured out anyone who used emoticons or doesn't have an argument for themselves is a dead give away for them being a child. Thanks for the tip. Ok I'll accept maybe a few people were able to fly here like yourself who were critical of DSP. But let's not pretend DSP is open to criticism. I've seen people banned from stream chat for just laughing at him dying in a video game or telling him to change strategies. Also we're getting off-topic here, let's focus back on what this thread is about.
  4. Oh you're going to have some elbow room when you have this badge: You're paying him, of course he's not going to kick you off so quick.
  5. I agree, everyone doesn't necessarily need to have physical relationship to be mentally healthy. But for Phil, he has the tendency to block everyone who has even an ounce of criticism towards his opinion. If you're not in 100% agreeance with his thought process, you're being called an idiot or your being blocked over the internet. A physical relation would be best for Phil because there's no block button in the real world, I don't see Phil cussing someone out and calling them an idiot to their face when there can be physical consequences to what comes out his mouth. But in my own opinion, I don't see Phil going out and making friends. Looking at what happened with John Rambo, Howard, and to a certain extent Leanna and all the shit they dealt with, I don't think Phil knows how to be a good friend and doesn't value the intimacy of what it means to be a good friend.
  6. I'm just going to ignore the dog with a guy, those emoticons at the end of the statements shows what type of person (or child) I'm talking too. I'm not going back and forth with someone who will ignore all logic and is scared of internet threats from people who are too scared to show their own damn faces. I'm glad most others understand what I'm talking about.
  7. 190lbs gives me a weight advantage over a kid that has never showed his face on the internet and only attack me over the internet. Sorry I'm not stopping my life, my REAL LIFE, because of some kid over the internet. Look we aren't going to agree on this, just by your responses im sure I'm older than you and been through more life experiences to know a real threat from an internet threat. Let's drop it because its off topic. Phil needs to go outside and develop some real personal relationships off the internet, I think if someone was physically there to give a different perspective on several topics will help Phil become not only a better person, but more knowledgeable on certain topics that includes more than just his closed perspective. Staying in his house within his personal bubble is mentally stunting his growth, and has been a long time.
  8. Wait, wait, wait.... Are you insinuating just because someone doesn't like me on Twitter, I should stop going outside and living my life? That speaks volumes on your mentality. It's the internet, everyone is an asshole because there's no consequences to talking shit over the internet. I'm a little bit taller and more in shape than Phil, but still if I was him I'd be like "I'm 6 foot 190 lbs, I'm not going to let some kids who tweet about me everyday and probably in worse shape than I am, stop me from going outside and living my life" Some of you take the internet way too seriously or just was brought up in a closed environment where petty internet threats frighten you.
  9. On a hilarious note: "I was scratching my leg" That's all I'm going to say on Phil telling us anything when there's overwhelming evidence of something else There isn't a lot more situations to speculate. Only the bank or the IRS have such authority to take something you own with such ferocity. It's hard for me to understand or orchestrate any real situation where you are 100% absolved from not being at fault for losing your own house. I just have never seen it outside of getting hit my a natural dizaster. Hope you can bring it to light, if not, great way to draw attention when there is none.
  10. Just to echo what others have said, we are suppose to speculate what's going on and talk about it. Whatever is going on in the background with DSP and his living arrangements, bringing attention to himself whether positive or negative is the only great byproduct of this whole situation. Stir up some conversation and thoughts from people that don't regularly talk, and you want to shut that down? For what? To go back to talk about random topics with the 4 other members that frequent these forums daily? C'mon man, even you haven't posted since June until this was brought up. Topics like these no matter how dramatic or controversial they are, drive attention to DSP. And any attention is good attention for DSP at this point. Be real, don't type things you know you don't mean or really wish to happen. Back on topic.
  11. Well if it ain't the IRS, it's the bank. Either way you can't say "I didn't do anything wrong whatsoever" when this is your house at risk. You either didn't (or weren't able to) pay something, you're too risky to uphold your house loan agreement, or you maxed out business cards when you don't legally own a business. Whatever it is, you can't take 0 responsibility for you losing your own house. Plus it aint like if one of us was correct you'd tell us anyways! Whatever it is though, hope it doesn't affect your content and I hope you get through it.
  12. Its amazing the logic from some people in this thread, ("Why did you post this new thread?!? It's pointless!" :continues to post in a thread they deem pointless) if you're not into the topic of the thread, don't follow or post in it. Don't get mad at the OP for posting something you're not interested in, (even though you have the most post in this particular thread than anyone else) be mad at yourself for engaging in a conversation that you knew you weren't going to like but still decided to participate in it anyways. As far as Phil taking a COMPLETE BREAK from Twitch & Youtube, that would be great in concept but I don't think he could do it. He has literally nothing else to do. He doesn't have friends or many outside obligations so he would just be sitting in his house probably reading all the comments about him, getting him even MORE stressed out. I think he should change his sleep and eating habits. As mundane and insignificant some of us think that is in the grand scheme of things, if Phil changed these habits I think he would make strides in other areas as well. Going to sleep earlier means waking up earlier which could free up some time to hit a gym near by or getting some morning therapy or counseling. Deciding to eat better would free him up to go to the grocery story more often and save some money cooking more often and boost his confidence as he's losing weight, losing weight combined with going out more often means more chances to meet REAL HUMANS and developing REAL HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS that aren't just over the internet. As much as Phil tried to play off his girlfriend leaving him was nothing and "in the past", it was truly a huge blow and we are seeing that right now. The major problem has always been Phil being virtually alone, but he's had his girlfriend there for years, now he's really alone. Either he cut everyone off or everyone left him in the real world, and just sitting there with just your thoughts and making decisions with no real mentor, advice, or just even have someone to talk to, especially under financial distress and heartbroken, is a recipe for disaster. For anyone.
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