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  1. what's the theory? we know based on on-screen alerts what he earns at a minimum, I cant believe that someone raking in approx $8k per month has a problem with finances. It makes no sense
  2. Moronic post is moronic and deleted.
  3. @LastRambo341 are you dense? Jesus. Head in sand golden farts syndrome much.
  4. So the leaked document screenshots that linked you to DSP enterprises are fake? then why did you kick up such a fuss, we know they got into your accounts because they messed up your internet?
  5. You don't have a business Phil? swear I've heard you mention it before.. https://archive.fo/WtmiR
  6. That makes a lot of sense if they are going after you tubers then Phil must have been in their sights, I doubt he claimed as much as the onion who is owing 300k but I imagine they want receipts and details of everything dsp has claimed in the last three maybe 4 years which if he doesn't have he will be liable for. that would make a lot of sense
  7. I reckon he is back tracking because he knows he has fucked up his taxes and committed tax fraud or the likes.
  8. Dude read the post - I still watch his stuff if im going to buy a game to see how phil reacts to its challenges / story. But seriously the running theme here is that something needs to change to make Phil wake up and realise this is not how normal people live their lives and to be honest I am not sure how some one who consistently gets at least $6-10K per month (tips, subs, cheers, donations, ad revenue and patreon) can be struggling unless you do a real bad fuck up. I watched the vid again and then went back through some older emergency vlogs and this really seems different,
  9. He said in numerous videos that the kahntent that was leaked was legit because of how it negatively effected him in a financial way. I think you got the wrong end of the stick though, I've watched Phil for years and years and he annoys the fuck out of me because I want to like him, and I still go to him first if I'm thinking of buying a game as I know there won't be any gay fake reactions etc (well there never used to be anyway). he just does not help himself and if he is caught up in IRS or financial trouble he has no one to blame but himself. the video annoyed me more where
  10. Someone guessed his old password and leaked a bunch of screenshots about his utility bills one had DSP enterprises which when looked up turned out to be a fake tech company owned by Phil with like 30 fake employees - A shell company
  11. Nail on the head with IRS Phil is genuinely panicking and back tracking big time. how many times in the past has Phil referenced how hard he works and this is is his business? An absolute ton. Now in the video we get "ya know I don't have a business or anything I'm self employed!" This is a poor attempt to cover his back, Tax wise. I reckon since that stuff leaked about his bills and shell company, either someone tipped off the IRS or someone who watches the drama works there and filed a case themselves, either eventuality is plausible and Phil knows he has dodged a shit load of
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