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  1. You have to remember. Phil not only has a business degree of his own, he has an accountant that handles these things for him. Maybe his accountant was telling him to call what he is doing his "business". As for why he is suddenly changing it to career we don't know yet. Perhaps it has something to do with this recent problem that came up.
  2. Hey that's a thought there. We never assumed eminent domain to be a possibility. I think it would be strange that sort of thing still goes on in this day and age but you never know. Though I don't see why he should keep it a secret. The fact that Phil thinks people can spin this situation in a bad way is what makes us lean towards a more negative outlook.
  3. Thanks, I hope that clears things up for you.
  4. Here you go my man. This is the video people are talking about. At 16:04--23:32 he mentions losing the house At 20:56 he talks about Connecticut. Please watch this before commenting in this thread.
  5. You are just arguing semantics. The video was clearly a cry for help. The main threat that Phil talked about was the possibility of losing his home.
  6. Yeah he said he may have to sell all of his things and move back to Connecticut due to unforeseen circumstances that he has no control over.
  7. idk dude. If you are in danger of losing your house due to money then what else can you do other than try to save money where you can? You said you need a large amount of money like lottery or oil baron but that is simply wishful thinking. Anyone would love to win the lotto but it's just not practical.
  8. I think you need to get your eyes checked. Nothing you have said so far has been accurate.
  9. Cmon man, you really think someone would go through all that trouble just to make Phil look bad?
  10. Well I guess the cats out of the bag. I wonder how they got a hold of this information.
  11. No one is saying he is a criminal. Most of the speculation has to do with his finances and it mismanaging of money. Having tax or money issues doesn't automatically label you as a criminal.
  12. I think Phil should start going to the gym, and exercising a little. All he does is stay cooped up in the house. Eat, sleep, video games. This kind of lifestyle simply isn't healthy mentally or physically.
  13. We aren't allowed to speculate but DSP is allowed to make a 26 minute ambiguous video about doom and gloom befalling him. It wouldn't be fair to not allow us to discuss what we think. If he didn't want speculation he shouldn't have made the video.
  14. How can you be at risk of losing your house and it be 100% out of your control? Please clear this up for people.
  15. People are speculating that this is DSP. It all makes sense considering the situation.
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