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  1. Makoto Nijima is best persona 5 girl.
  2. Etereal

    Fair Use

    Getting back on topic. "Detractor" videos do follow under the guidelines of what is required for it to follow under fair use. Also I'm doing this from a legal perspective and not as an asshole. 1. The purpose of the work. While others have different opinions on the videos in question, they are still parodies of DSP's playthrough. Parodies are covered under fair use as they put the original video under critique, which also brings up to the next point. 2. The nature of the work. Parodies are seen as transformative by nature and thus fall under fair use because you would need to use a portion of the original material to support your claim. 3. The amount and substantiality of the material used. While most TIHYDP's use a lot of DSP's work in their video, they aren't direct re uploads of DSP's video. Meaning that even though they are about DSP's playthrough and have most of it in their video, there are portions of it that they leave out that require the consumer to watch DSP's OWN VIDEO in order to see the whole product. 4.The effect that it has on the market. The whole TIHYDP videos can be compared to a review. While people will have their own opinions about TIHYDPs they would still have no impact on the market for REPLACING DSP's videos, as they become a whole different product than from what DSP provides. If there was direct reuploads, as in some one took the EXACT VIDEO of DSP and not edited it to have a new meaning, than it wouldn't fall under fair use. The whole issue on what is fair use is rather grey so I understand if you guys have different interpretations on it, but I just hope that you guys could at least admit that TIHYDPs fall under fair use LEGALLY, even if you personally believe that they don't. Also just to reiterate I'm not going after DSP or anyone of you guys, it's just that I'm a strong believer in defending fair use because without it, people that I like, TFS, IHE ,YMS, ect. would have never been able to bring good content just as you guys wouldn't be able to see DSP play games. Also sorry about the novel, I didn't expect to type this much.
  3. Etereal

    Fair Use

    @WOOF! Timestamp 4:30-onward shows the full context of making money through fair use. Hopefully phil doesn't lock the thread again because of this. I'm not attacking anyone, just showing how you can't double standard fair use to suit your own personal opinion.
  4. Timestamp 4:30 that will show you that you could monetize works that fall under fair use, regardless of what the content is.
  5. I just got to ask, why are you guys so paranoid that the SOK is coming back? And even if they were to what makes you think they would have the same reach as they once did before. What the SOK did was truly scummy and no one will ever forget the things they have done. But ever since they disbanded, this whole fanbase has been desperate to prove that the group is coming back. If you guys truly wanted them to disappear, then you guys should have moved on from this. Now you guys are labeling people as detractors or SOK reformists simply because they said something you don't agree with. It just comes off as people wanting to stir the pot just so that they could "stick it to the other guys" when that shouldn't be what a fanbase focuses on. While I know that Im going to get fucked by the DSP army, I should just get it out there because you guys are making a mountain out of a hill.
  6. Etereal

    Losing weight

    Nevertheless, he should honestly start being more active as he could become pre-diabetic, which is something that no one wants him to have. Even though this topic is about him losing weight, he should listen to the advice that we give him so that he could have an overall better life. He needs to have the will power to do it though, otherwise he'll just keep gaining weight.
  7. Etereal

    Losing weight

    He should even start going to bed earlier so that he could get more energy. An extra hour of sleep would go a lot further than two energy drinks. It would also get rid of the sugar that he would have to intake because he wouldn't need to have these energy drinks. Hopefully DSP will listen and not close the thread because we are telling him how to better himself.
  8. Etereal

    Losing weight

    Even going out for a 5 minute walk everyday will do wonders for you. It not only gives you a change of scenery but also gives you a little bit of exercise.
  9. That and phil doesn't have the technical know how to use view bots so it can't be phil himself. Unless he somehow does which is highly unlikely which means it must be someone else.
  10. You talk about this as if playing a game is a burden on you . While grinding os a very tedious task that can bring down games, the fact that adding lootboxes to the game is still not the answer for the grind. The biggest reason that I'm making a big deal out of this is because there are loot boxes in a SINGLE PLAYER GAME. What would be the point of having loot boxes in a game that only you would see the stuff that you get out of them. The fact that developers are willing to nickle and dime people out of a game that is offline is just a disgusting as the mess that was evolve . I would rather have game developers take out the grind rather than a work around that requires more money to beat.
  11. Took the words from my mouth. The fact that this is still a trend shows that developers are trying to force the micro-transactions down people's throats so that it can be the new norm of gaming. Its just a shame to see people justify this practice that is against their favor by both sides.
  12. It feels like the people at EA are assuming that the average gamer are the same people who play games that have massive paywalls that make people wait days before they eventually give in and get the loose change that people throw down the app. This proves how out of touch the company is with the demographic it is trying to appeal to. Practices like these are a slap in the face to every other game that works hard at trying to cater to its audience only to be financially fucked by a game that people throw money at to see a "secret" ending. This is the kind of shit that led to the development of Evolve, a game that is so filled with micro-transactions that its virtually unplayable and boring without. While these are less severe in some areas, although just as insulting, the overall tone of micro-transactions just make it feel like the money is first before the consumer. How long will it be before AAA titles have gameplay that is centered around the use of paywalls and the like. Hopefully this will go away, but I can't see why people would support a practice that is overall designed to get people to pay for more than what the game is worth.
  13. Phil, Will you ever play paper mario and the thousand year door? It is a hidden classic among the gamecube and it would be really nice for you to play it. Also it would be very entertaining to watch.
  14. I am a huge fan of this series and always wanted to see people play it. Hopefully phil will be able to play this with and see that there are good games out there.
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