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  1. Barbatin52

    [POLLS] What should Phil play? (January to August)

    Ah.... thank you for suggesiton Louche... But did Phil ever even play nights into dreasm.... (are you sur etha thtis is not someother youtuber) If so, how did he do.....?
  2. Barbatin52

    What should Phil play this week

    HOLY SHIT, really? (DIDphil really offer to paly Jazz Jackrabbit (on wii store I assume) I detect some very witty sarcasm, from you in that, That may have been an even worse playthrough........ Does anyone have th elsit of nomiante games, or is ita ll just patreon herasay now (i don't use patreon for gaming.. I've only ever subscribed via twitch)
  3. Barbatin52

    Sonic Unleashed? (Would it have been good back in 2017

    Thank you for mentioning it ,SilentWarrior!!!!!! i had promsied ot link a porper play video last time and now that I remember ,.I 'll link a video of Adabat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGeRYdHj3aYPlease share with Phil, duirng stereams or any or hear, so we cxcan find ou ut what he thinks of the Game. , at least appearanc- wise......And whther he will be as blownaway by visual stlye as those ofus who played it in 2008 and 2009 were ..
  4. Barbatin52

    Work with Cryaotic!

    Welll.. It's been almsot three weeks.. ....Did Phil take the offeror is s the just another fake post/fake offer of some kinD? I personall hope that HE WILL take the offer becasu eit willb e much need financial, as wellas an oppurtiuntiy to the ODIOUS slander that hads been leveld agaisnt him by enemy content prddcucers and SHitsouls liek the SOK (May the G-d Punish them for slander and against Phil. ) That wourit t SUffers BECASUE of the ocnstanss lsander t. ]ue these people for slander... {callignhim a F*ttass, calling h an actof Kitman
  5. Barbatin52

    [POLLS] What should Phil play? (January to August)

    Welll at least we have that statement docceed
  6. Barbatin52

    Sonic Unleashed? (Would it have been good back in 2017

    ARgh many mistkaes inmy OP ....my apologies Glad to lively discussion...... Wouldn''t it have been better to paly than SOnic 2006 was ( a poll that by trolls in which they included both that and Shadow the Hedgehog [of all the thigns... a game that doesn't even run on the xbox 360] as Patrons choice games and yet nobody suggested unleashed which cheaper to find of than either of those two.... I perosnally think thatt the Ps2/Wii pot was meant to be more of a "budget" tha they assigned to dimps becasue of the ease They probably deleted all of the old assets of the ADX based SOnci engien that they usd for the lastsevral 3-d Games. They HAD a boost machinic in that engine..... Very Graphically threadbare compared to the D verison, but on the other hand . no-one mention the automate running sections and potential bugger ( The in Rooftop Run act 1, In ) People Phil probably would have nejoyed the werehog stages as welll... PS3 was an incredible ylacke.... could only run at 30 FPS in order to Some of the One other thign agaisnt it is it's much more Childish story I still think that this woudl ahve been abetter game to have play (in 2016..I meant) inestead of unleashed... Can this sitll be a down time possibltiy....
  7. Barbatin52

    The Escort was a fake story made up by Professional Scammers

    To the metokur video: Sue this fucker!!!!...WTF has no right to ... Straight into the of defamation..... this ..... you may also press criminal charges @Phil You cannot afford to be silent anymore....sildence is veictory for yoru eneimges.... crowdfund for this , and take time of for leagla as oppsoed to --------- This was a reply I made last time before my browser crashed Normal people don't use prostitutes (THAT is the only proper word to applied to such base people who sell their bodies for money. To escort is to protect..prostitutes don't protect anything but venerial diseases... countries bombed and Colour Revolutions so they do not critcize our ponr ioru quest premeptive protect their "right" to be profligate sexualists and propagate the smae around the world.......... only in Amurrika ,eh?!).. Now it appear that certain have decided to make mafia likeactions agianst fPhil and are involvign the Certian places: Los anglese Las vegas (ewheere that DoctorofFizz Fellow lives, and whcihisi hub for sleabags, and rognaized crime m, prosititution is legal theri , or in the coutnires fderiefclt y outside, such as county the infamous Shole Pahrump is in) On side not, this is dangerous liberal-"libertarian" like "legalizing" prostitution.Normal people have no incentive to do such Only the dark side profis from such His enemies have always trying to compete with him by driving.,. They AREN'T Anonymous trolls, they are competerting content produces and their friends in Some alt-fash leaning poeple.... The arest of .... If his hindfo has been sidstributes........ This one o fe That making videos for money is free. unforutnaatley it is not so.. And it inot safe for Phil to do anymore. The Vox Populi seek his ruin and ....... acareer that doesnt trely on
  8. Barbatin52

    Sonic Unleashed? (Would it have been good back in 2017

    Do suggest it to him, if at alll Why do you say this..... What woud you consider best LastRambo-san the best #D sonc Game? Generations perhaps (probably a "better" game, prodction-wis...althoguth not technically) On that crieterium, it would proably be difficult to best Sonic Generations in Anything I found a demo video fro him to ....... are playthroughs by other people....... tyr ot dinf more lcips (or clipps of ofhte rplaythroughs online)
  9. Barbatin52

    What should Phil play this week

    Brings in 60 youtube viewers per video ----- far below for monetization.... "Is a great playthrough......" No, it is not, it is not a good playthrough if it is somethnng he is doing for you all at huge financial cost to Himself and no ROI/EROEI whatsoever. This what all these so-called "Outraged viewers" refuse to understand, which they of responsibility through causistry!!! To principle in economics... A man is not in beusiness but ,with skill, to use his trade to to be able to acquire those goods for himself that are required to make living. spin in to all sorts of dago-like for selfish people who wisheto watch Phil play for almost no gain to himself, you can term this "a success" . For anyo oen by obejctive standr this si a an absolutey....... Those who voted for it are doing it to troll him, and have no desire to pay to support him to .... It would be better to tell them to GTFOff and take their cash with them By standards of twitch however.... The actions slander hurts isbusinesss....HE has every wright to mentize the (or on twitch 400 viewers, and not a few trolls ....on surface , a supposedly "much more" viable number, but a still very low-yielding stream....... agian, the rpoemise is that they are watching something fun For THEM ... FOR FREE (except fro the monthly subscription of 5.99 a month....) Now the trols have tricked phil paly the mario game, which will be impossible to monetize except on twitch IT will NEVER PASS treshold of $3,000 for length of play through regardless of tips...... that is less than enough to pay,,,,, I hope community is happy with cheating Phil of his to
  10. Barbatin52

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    No , elf-friend..... Homeless people suck! Your kindess was too mcuh for filthy "gibsmedats" the den you ,eygenerate like ma nd the fe of them that aren't Veteran or Godo poepl on hard times (liek many homless peopl unfortunatley becaue of economic ) deserve to Burn in Gehenna for their selfishness toward Normal People s and for their fgreat
  11. I had that... However, I have wondered WHY in FrogDog name that no has ever suggested the Game Sonic Unleashed coudl play either as down time or a as main,? tha nsewer to that question is probaly becasue of the selfishness of the "viewership" (not including the core)... they woudl prefer 100 long playthoughs such as the personas or other random wre Is argualby the BEST Three dimensional sonci Game Ever made At Tehcniclal Best hedgehog engine (http://info.sonicretro.org/Hedgehog_Engine) The abliyu To finsih levels with out boiost gague... in fact... in order to conserve , it is often necessary for you to do jsut that so that you only boos ta twher eit i simprotnat too ( I also fell into a bit of debt and had to a lot of things in order to ensure securityWith Debt and colleger for the past few years to be able to wrry abotu gaming at all.. Now look at some sampels..(if ii can find any in 720P... if not wpromiseot do next time) Apotos..... Would have been (still could be) a relatively easy to montize (or at least woudl have been before the veiwrship tank and subterfuge by competing youtuber LA filth.. LA the city I mean ) Phil Would probably have (or woudl have had) a shit-Ton of fun with the Beat-em sections that all the autist purist fans some how hate with passion The Whole game takes jsut a little over 9 Hours to complete.... There is no , apart from unlocking and buying the . WOudl probaly for the steream in that they an intereitn... insetead mundane lowview count like WWE whatsit or the borderline SJW Life is Strange garbage that you guys recommended to him last month. There is also no problemt wiht bonus... Skippable night levels and the Hot dog vendor missions, that you don't real need to do at al (except for maybe the first few...idk). All extra content is puely for fun, and is not need... What is vehap though is that the game secretly requires you to do SOME extra day and night stages in order to properly prgoess in the stroy with outh hanging up and havign go back and repeat levels more times than you have to. That is perhaps only Is worth owning and replaying the best 3D Sonic ever made. The whole game At retail was about $60 USD (YIPES!!!) for the PS3 (the only system I had in 2009) back in 2009 when it reales......has probably fallen QUITE a bit... Instead of paying to force him to paly a troll game liek how the detracors tricked him (With this communites SELfish ASSENT) tinto pleaying POS Sonic 2006 Sonic at his indisupAbsolute Best @Phil and @ communtiy what are your thoughts on Sonic unlesashed and it's vialvilty
  12. Barbatin52

    What's your fav #DSPlaythrough? xD Mine is Silent Hill 2

    Fallout New Vegas. I watched his orignal back in 2012 and Discovered his HardCore mode last year. Crun the higher-end Fallout games( Only consoles could) For the Hardcore mode play-through was Of a Top-notch quality for Him..he put himself Soul in to the commentary... I rank it among his very best breakthroughs ever. Falliout 4 Playthrough in 2016 probably also ranks among his VERY Best, but rip him for some suppoed mistake he made in Nuka world..... through ALL of the ending scenarios.... Now on subject @Phil Was the Fallout 4 playthroguh done at that time in 2016 when Google Adsense started fucking around with how much money people could make with their videos or were you able to escape the affects of that? but not playing rip-off games like "Marvel VS Capcom:I" (a bloody seizurefest that entire series is... can't imaigne hwi is even safe to) t. That othe YT began partnerships with the Meatcow MCNs with huge amounts of capital behidn them in order protec themslves ...that used their spare tiem andmoney to sbterfuge agaisnt you last year.. Entier Onlien YT has probably all revealed itself to be utter corruption now.... dominate by shitty East Cost scum and SoCal Scum witht heri foot in the door with MCN and against little . I hope their shitty "industry" crash along with THE Crash (or through the comings Wars with N K that woudl ut industry out of order)... but perhaps that is wishing too much... P erhaps too mch of topic though... my apologies
  13. Barbatin52

    Ask the King Ep. 68 - December 21, 2017

    What new years resolutions do you have for the next year (that are safe to share), both business wise and personally? Wish you a good 2018.
  14. Barbatin52

    Thoughts on Metal Gear Solid Redemption Run

    Right on , Phil1 Tis sis oyur propert. And the freeloaders have no rtight to
  15. Barbatin52

    Phil's doing it again

    Again????? WHY?