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  1. For me it's mainly 3 things (no particular order): Experiencing Story driven games (for example the Wolf among us and Game of Thrones) through the eyes of a let's player. I prefer Phil to other let's players because his commentary is less hype-driven and obnoxious to me in comparison to other youtubers but still engaging enough to not get bored.Watching competitive multiplayer matches like Street Fighter / Killer Instinct / Mortal Kombat because multiplayer is always more exciting than single player contentHearing Phil's personal opinions on his vlog series "Ask the King" or the non-gaming rel
  2. ​Wow, I totally forgot about Proxtube! Thanks for reminding me, I actually have it installed but it was disabled when I last tried to check for DSP's livestreams. I guess I'll use it in case I catch a the stream time. (would still prefer twitch though as it is where I watch live streams in general)
  3. ​You don't seem to understand what Patreon is. Patreon is not about financing projects like kickstarter where you get an end product in exchange for your financing. The idea behind Patreon is to allow fans to become patrons of their favorite artists/content creators in order to make it possible for them to keep creating content freely and the way they want to. That doesn't mean that content will become exclusive to patrons, it will stay available to the public like it already is in the case of youtubers and bloggers. The creator has the option to thank his patrons with additional rewards which
  4. This Zybatsu guy seems to be a troll or someone who enjoys stirring up drama... Anyways, on topic: Phil should just have someone setup a mumble server for him or use an existing mumble server of someone he trusts as Skype shouldnt be used for this purpose in general. Mumble is similar to teamspeak/ventrilo but completely open source and of as high if not higher quality. Here's an article on using mumble for live podcasts like Phil's. https://hetzel.net/2012-12-20/replacing-skype-for-remote-podcasting-with-mumble-and-opus/
  5. Thanks for your replies and I know, it's just that I would like to see him return to twitch.
  6. As far as I understand it he's not doing an official review of the game but putting in in a list of games he personally enjoyed playing the most this year, so I think it's fine. I'm sure he will finish the game and give us an opinion on the full game after that. And don't take any top 10 style list too seriously guys, those are subjective by nature and won't always correspond with you personal favorites.
  7. Phil really should just ignore those people and not give them any more attention. His reactions have lead to a growth of what he wanted to avoid. Phil, if you are not able to ignore detractors do what Total Biscuit did and have someone else handle twitter interactions/youtube comments for you. By no means start "discussions" with them! Don't answer to them, don't acknowledge them and don't insult them back. This is social media 101, many other publicly exposed personalities have made similar mistakes, don't repeat them.
  8. Hi, I just signed up to note that Phil's youtube live stream (or any youtube live stream for that matter) is not available in Germany and maybe some other countries as well. Why limit the potential viewerbase in such a way? I understand DSP has some issues with twitch, but I'd really urge you to reconsider as twitch is a really great platform that I personally use to watch entertaining content daily and the de facto platform for gaming streams in general. I'd be happy to see Phil on there again or at least on another streaming platform that is available here. Greetings from Germany.
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