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  1. So u can now stream/upload past 7/7 now in persona 5. The new limit is 11/19.
  2. ah yea now I can see it.
  3. Just wondering why isnt the poll results public.
  4. Congrats to DSP
  5. Man if anyone hasnt checked out The King's Avatar. Its a new Chinese Cartoon prob some of the best animations this spring Season. Its based on E-sports.
  6. U mean 59 Tomahawk missiles
  7. Then why did u bring it up then if u didn't think it deserves attention.
  8. na its Knights of Gaming come on
  9. Of course. I dont own a Vita though Also thanks Dark Hahaha yea. Thank you though
  10. Congrats to DSP for getting a Tip on stream of $100