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  1. He dosnt he just takes trips all the time to Japan.
  2. well these sequels of movies are getting out of hand. Like another car movie are u kidding me. Plus a king kong too is coming. Cant Hollywood think of any new ideas. Instead of bleeding the it dry.
  3. why do u hate him so much..
  5. How about try and update some of his stuff he made for Cafepress. That cafepress is still up.
  6. Yes now I am no longer MC_burnout26 just burnout26 Also this is sort of important. Also if u use discord this is the message that Discord put out about it.
  7. hahah. My phone doesn't have data so that's not happening.
  8. usually it tells u if the usually green $ goes to Yellow
  9. This Amityville guy is basically the new Hardcore, & Bailey. Just trying to get topics off topic and attacking people. Any people who have different opinions and are new are a troll. Am I a troll then since I am a detractor. lol. I have more posts than you. 

  10. well in the mind of that am guy a troll is anyone that doesn't agree with my opinions. And anyone that doesn't agree with the way DSP says it. So you can't have any new opinions.
  11. Na that is the final boss but it was sort of hinted about the main character ending where it all started at. I guess True Final Boss.
  12. Well he still has the epilogue mission to do. Which I believe is sort of hard.
  13. Well there is a channel that just straight reuploads the videos that are on KOGaming.