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  1. CC from Code Geass
  2. Well then there is nothing else to look for for sports. Since on MAL these really isnt much there. I guess u gotta do the next best thing and find some sports Manga.
  3. Fine then bruh Keijo!!!!!!
  4. Well if u are talking about sports this anime is sort I guess about sports well it is about Esports. Its called The King's Avatar. And its a chinese anime too. Looks amazing by the way Prob the best anime this spring season.
  5. Sports anime is Meh Code Geass & Hellsing Ultimate is better.
  6. Best version to buy for Ass Creed Origins I think DSP should totally buy this
  7. Top 20 Global for Dirt 4 :) It was a hard event too in the fog.
  8. Not much new games from Sony this year for E3. Just abunch of games we knew about with longer trailers. My friends scoring so far. : Scorecard: -EA: 5/10 -M$: 7/10 -Bethesda: 2/10 -Devolver: Kappa/10 -PC Game Show: 1/10 -Ubisoft: 9/10 -Sony: 8/10
  9. This is the best thing they showed at the E3 for Sony.
  10. really good showing from Microsoft
  11. That NFS game looked like burnout. And A way out and Battlefront 2 looked great. Everything else was meh