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  1. Random Thoughts 4.0

    If DSP is wondering why he keeps getting referral credit it's mainly because I keep using the code.
  2. Random Thoughts 4.0

    Got my lootgaming crate today. It was mainly Destiny 2 themed. I am fine with that really enjoyed the game.
  3. Eliminating DSP videos that are reuploaded

    This thread has gone way off topic.
  4. Got these people on Ignore because of their toxic attitude. 


  5. Random Thoughts 4.0

    New Idubbbz video. Its great Especially that diss track at the end.
  6. Random Thoughts 4.0

    If the new Ass Creed game couldn't be anymore expensive how about 60k headphones they will do wonders with the Assassin’s Creed Origins GODS Collector’s Edition
  7. Random Thoughts 4.0

  8. Why does Phil still use DSPGaming

    Its mainly to archive his streams at this point. Which is what twitch can do... Also to make some money from ads on YT. If u watch DSP a bunch his name will pop up quicker in the search results.
  9. Destiny 2

    There is always one going live on a planet u visit. I try to do the ones that have players doing them making it easier.
  10. Destiny 2

    Great game by the way. Havin a blast just gettin on for a couple of hours. I suck at PVP though. But damn good when it comes to PVE stuff.
  11. Random Thoughts 4.0

    Man I am having fun playing Destiny 2 even alone. I guess its because I dont mind playing grindy games.
  12. Who am I the guy that clearly knows too much about the detractor movement. Hmm. 

  13. The SoK are being exposed on other sites.

    That TIHYDP came before DSP livestreaming so.....
  14. The SoK are being exposed on other sites.

    Easy it all started because of Evilaj TIHYDP
  15. Random Thoughts 4.0

    Doin that Power level grind in Destiny 2. So far I am level 252 Just gotta get to 260 for the raid. Good luck DSP It has taken me basically 3 days getting to where I am at. But of course I cant do strikes so.....