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  1. Lobos is so good at the Dark Souls style games. He is my go to for them. Watched his live stream of playing this version.
  2. yea its AC. Its the newest one. So far I put in about 58 hours into it. Still havnt beaten it yet. The only reason I felt like getting on was I was checking my messages on patreon and noticed a message I had with DSP to get my patreon rank on the forums 5 years ago. Felt like trying to guess my password. Noticed the forums was still active a bit and felt like posting what I been playing as of late.
  3. Been playing this game a lot recently. Waiting for Cyberpunk to come out. https://imgur.com/rAx4bxi Had my fare share of glitches like what u do with any Assassin Creed game. I remember my first like 3 days playing it all my saved files said corrupted on them. But they still worked anyways.
  4. Man it sure has been a while since I last login to this account. 

  5. My Friend Pedro - Steam Dead Cells - PS4 Death's Gambit - PS4 Shadow Warrior 1 or 2 - PS4
  6. Very long thread for the Summer Anime Season
  7. If u drive your car at it. Its turns into a fireball. More annoying than anything.
  8. JC3 was to easy. JC4 is just a grind that is so boring. The missions in 2 were fun and not series and u can do it anyway. 4 its just the same thing over and over missions are boring.
  9. Im back mainly because well I got bored tonight and felt like seeing what these forums are up too. 

  10. I think its funny how he got so many subs in 1 day.
  11. The new Dems in the house are now in and on their first day they put in for getting trump impeached and to get rid of the electoral college. Seems like this is gonna be a crazy year for politics with Pocahontas exploring the possibility to run for president. Also
  12. shouldn't this topic be closed and done with just like the SOK.
  13. Man Just Cause 4 is a boring game to play. I can only play it if I am listening to a podcast or some political topic that I find on YT. Glad DSP skipped this grindfest of a game.
  14. I had to work on thanksgiving.... It was ok. I guess. People asking me like they got u working today. To myself thinking "Not thanks to you. If u werent hear shopping I would prob be off with my family instead of dealing with this mess."
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