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  1. Jesus dude... x 100 No one is intimidating or baiting you. Your whole issue is with the topic of this thread, yet you're here typing in a thread you don't like, and saying this thread shouldn't be a topic on this forum since it's about detractors even though most of the threads here are about in some part about detractors. Not only are you trying to submod as just a member of this forum, but you're derailing it as well. Someone just complained about you doing this in the other thread, hell, looking at your post history I can make a strong case about how the only thing you do on thi
  2. Well if you have nothing to add to the conversation, instead of trying to break rules and sub mod when you're just a regular member like the rest of us, why don't you just not reply to topics you find pointless? @SilentWarrior25 already warned people like you to stop doing what you were doing over there and are attempting to do here. Your actions, subtle insults, and provocation is very translucent and I prefer you to stop before you are banned. I looked through your post history and every comment you make is never resourceful, thoughtful, or most to the time even related to the topic at hand.
  3. Yeah but there is no point of having a conversation with you if you're just going to deny reality. If anyone Google's DSP, what comes up in the search will be detrimental. That's just fact. A new person who is just figuring out who DSP is, is only going to give him the benefit of doubt for so long with so much overwhelming evidence to hate him. Like it or not the detractors perspective is the majority and is the most publicized. I swear talking to you is like talking to someone who is dreaming and don't want to wake up... I think I'll let you sleep, GN. Yeah ok, Phil responded to
  4. Well if it's silly and harmless, why respond to it? If Phil seen this and never even mentioned that he seen it, the sign would of been pointless and would of failed. Instead this kid gets front row tickets and makes a hand written sign trying to trigger one out of the millions of viewers of that program, and it worked. Despite your thoughts or decade long experience on forums (wouldn't being that up on the next date you go on either) you have, it's still impressive and might be something in the future that someone else would want to 1-Up someday. That video is a terrible first impression
  5. I think what the others are trying to tell you is that there have been many threads of this nature that have come and gone and none have ever made DSP change his way of thinking or doing things, if they didn't spiral into a drama cesspool like this one has. They also lay claims of you continually making these type of threads or making statements that though may be labeled to prevent drama, they do rather the opposite. I don't know because I wasn't here for all that, this is just the vibe I'm getting from reading this entire thread. And to tell you the truth, these threads are pointle
  6. I'm not sure if that sign helps DSP at all. If I didn't know what a DSP was and wanted to know why a fan wanted it to get a job, I'm going to do what everyone does, search Google. I type "DSP GET A JOB", and what appears? Detractor videos. Yeah i understand there are a few miracle cases where a few fans come from troll videos and such, but how many more end up finding out who DSP is and hate him based on those videos or just DSP' s ability to lash out unfiltered sometimes? I say 1 out of 50 people who find out who DSP is from trolls, end up liking DSP. Not a good ratio buddy. That guy we
  7. Careful... But I get what your saying, a little friendly trolling isn't bad. DSPs reckless triads sometimes draws it to him, I'm just saying I hope it doesn't get out of hand. Also what's with his Instagram having nothing but 'Okay' under his pictures? He gets trolled on every platform.
  8. Yeah but Phil took it as a personal attack on him... I didn't think this teeet: Was so bad, just means if DarkSydePhil can beat this game (a guy that is NOTORIOUSLY known for being bad at almost every video game he plays), you could too. But Phil went on a Twitter Tyraid over it. Its all in what perspective your in. My big concern is if they could go on TV and troll Phil, what's stopping them from going to a few of his favorite places he rarely ventures outside to and troll him?
  9. Im new to the thread, but I just wanted to put my perspective on this argument. I read all three pages of this thread and as a good debator, there's overwhelming evidence of "baiting" going on. It's a tactic used when you don't really have an argument, or you are deliberately trying to piss someone off to the point of them insulting you and then you cry victim. Theoretically "winning" an argument. It's like poking some one long enough and harder and harder each attempt until that person being poked gives you a right hook to the jaw and you're on the ground crying for mommy and daddy to ha
  10. So I don't know if a lot of people are aware, and Phil acknowledged on his twitter Phil can't even watch tv without being trolled. Now imagine, waking up still trying to recover from a relationship, first thing you see on your phone is insulting tweets and messages, you get up and stream video games while at constant endangerment of being trolled, videos are not doing great on YouTube and your in financial distress and the only trolless form of entertainment you can enjoy, WWE Wrestling, you see some kid in the front row with a sign saying DSP GET A JOB. What a day. You have to
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