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  1. I nominate the best and clear choice Max Payne 2 : The Fall of Max Payne
  2. I kind of have to agree with OP There is not much point to these marathons being sub goals to begin with, since there is going to be some kind of event on the Big Holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas anyway There is way too much padding in the marathons themselves and way too little planning or meaningful gameplay for most of the games involved I liked the Little Hope playthrough before but including it here just made it feel like a normal streaming day and the costume and act basically ruined the 2nd half of the playthrough for me. Unwatchable Phil played TF2
  3. It is simply an expression of longing for beans I been eating a lot of bean, rice, tomato, cheese, sour cream burritos because i was too lazy to grill up some steak
  4. After thinking more about it I dislike the new camo vest my fellow forumchads It's not a real camo pattern, its knit fleece and not a woven fabric and it just looks kind of cheap- like something a working class white lady would buy at walmart to wear around the house because her husband likes camouflage and hunting stuff. Buying an actual BDU shirt in woodland or multicam and just cutting the sleeves off would look a million times better
  5. Is Divinity a real slog of a game? It sucks if a large percentage of the vote is because it is so long and involved and is a old style overhead RPG. I don't know what to call it- "bad faith voting" ?
  6. we can still do it maxpayne2chads just look at this reload animation LOOK AT IT https://64.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_llonspJ5ll1qd7m1so1_400.gifv
  7. why are u guys so mean to swagglykinz this thread make me want to burst into treats
  8. wow what a suprise a boring weeb game thats a million hours long is winning again democracy was a mistake
  9. I actually don't think the harder difficulty that has normal parameters is unlocked on a fresh boot of the game I will have to check later on my home computer good thought though
  10. A vote for MAX PAYNE 2 is a vote for FREEDOM big ups to my max payne 2 pepsi pimps
  11. I hope it's just another temporary one ;_;
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