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  1. Ok totally honest question. Why should people even give ANY fucks about how much he makes? He actually found something that works entertains people. Something that actually stuck and drives forth engagement with his growing audience. Why would anyone, that's not part of his life, ever care about this? Just let it go. I used to be hardcore into him, until he went and rage quit the last boss of Persona 3. WTF! I'm very well aware that he went back and actually finished it but it left a bad taste in my mouth that I didn't care much about it anymore. I lost interest, I let it go, I move
  2. Jigsaw from Saw games. I remember you doing Saw 2.
  3. This past week was a Stress Test for Sea Of Thieves for PC and Xbox One Players. With the continuous transparency in relations to Microtransactions and a large number of updates/content the Devs are releasing, do you possibly see this game becoming akin to PUBG for you in terms of the large opportunity of interactivity with viewers or solo'ing out while building yourself in becoming a "Legend" and convince you of buying the game outright?
  4. Photoshop. I increased the resolution first to 200 and then cropped the face out into a Transparent Background.
  5. So the reaction he had in the Fibbage 2 Vs Patreons compelled me to do this. Have fun with it. Original: "WTF!" Emote Version:
  6. Welp...I had to. It was too good to pass up. Enjoy. This is from the Patrons Twitch N' Chill Event May 2017 pt3 - Fibbage 2 w/Patrons
  7. 1. Overwatch vs.16. XCOM 2 8. Forza Horizon 3 vs. 9. NBA 2K17 4. DOOM vs. 20. Final Fantasy XV 5. Titanfall 2 vs. 12. Battlefield 1 2. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End vs. 15. Fire Emblem Fates 26. Watch Dogs 2 vs. 23. Ratchet & Clank 3. INSIDE vs. 19. Pokemon Sun and Moon 6. Dishonored 2 vs. 11. Sid Meier's Civilization VI
  8. OverwatchXCOM 2Forza Horizon 3NBA 2K17DOOMFinal Fantasy XVTitanfall 2Battlefield 1Uncharted 4Fire Emblem FatesDark Souls IIIOwlboyINSIDEPokemon Sun & MoonDishonored 2Civilization VI
  9. This one nailed me hard in my stomach. Couldn't stop laughing.
  10. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Watch Dogs 2 Planet Coaster Firewatch FIFA 17 SUPERHOT Deus Ex: Mankind Divided The Last Guardian
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