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  1. Marriage is the joining of two that love one another, gender shouldn't even be a factor; I'm happy that homosexuals have the right to marry in all states. Why not just answer why you are opposed to gay marriage KG instead of digging yourself deeper.
  2. ​That has nothing to do with what the poll is stating. The poll has taken a quote that Phil has said and is just asking a question. It doesn't matter what your opinion of his content is, it's completely avoiding the question of whether or not Phil has stuck to his guns. It's not even stating "Oh Phil needs to change", it's asking a question. Having a "Phil doesn't need to change" option doesn't even answer the topic's question.
  3. He's pretty much exactly the same; even in playthroughs there's the negativity about how it's boring (Witcher 3) or laggy (Mortal Kombat X) which, yeah I get it, but if you're performing for a crowd, how do you expect them to be feeling positive if you yourself are not? He's said "I'll be more positive" tons of times, it never sticks. He needs therapy considering it's incredibly easy just to piss him off. I will say, adding onto what Wanglord said, it's kind of funny how his 'detractors' get so much attention from him, yet his fans are lucky if he even says "Hi, how are you?" to them. Usually
  4. That's hilarious! Makes you wonder why you'd even type this in the first place but either way, ha ha ha.
  5. It's just DSP being DSP, spouting off about things he doesn't really understand at all or he's just such a sore loser that every Mileena player that is doing her usual kombos is being a 'lag pattern', despite the fact if you get hit by her Forward X, you deserve it.
  6. ​Considering NRS nerf characters the second somebody cries about them (Kano, Deathstroke) I have my doubts but I'm hoping they're clever enough to let the meta evolve.
  7. ​People are only saying that because of the Inferno Variation, and even then it's just because of the safe mixups the minions can do and the fact his teleport can be cancelled; Scorpion otherwise is pretty much a high risk/high reward character like he's always been, and he's NEVER been even close to Top Tier. He's getting nerfed though if Ed Boon's Tweets have anything to do with it.
  8. To be honest, it is just a reason that people can grab to say that DSP sucks. Everybody trash talks in a fighting game without even realising it, myself included. Generally trash talk should stop once the fight ends, DSP however does tend to go on a tangent so it seems like it's more personal than actual all in good fun trash talk. But no, it's never bothered me unless he does the infamous Deathstroke rant or tells them to die in a fire, which hasn't happened for like... years.
  9. What really warrants a person deserving wins though? I've had many instances where I have fought players who have tons of wins and think I'm going to get beat, but I win because they lack match up experience or they have really been facing off against a lot of bad players. In theory the Liu Kang player may not have much experience against Grandmaster Sub Zero or a person who isn't a potato. I know I personally struggle with Cassie Cage and I have fought quite a few Scorpions who have stood in the corner and just let themselves get pummeled by a repeated 1, 1, 2 combo with Kano (what is block?)
  10. Long Dong's ago, there was a YouTuber named thatoneguy who hadnotalent like Phillip Burnell and KGhaleon. He merged Ponies with Panda fleshlights creating disturbing godlike bald orangutan Patreon DNS where John left Phillip a hamster with bugs. Although my doujinshis suck cahck they are deliciously salty. Suddenly, Oprah jumps into the garbage bin and started humping Obama and drinking Jack Daniels Bacon Chocolate sewage. By the way,of uterus battle, Commander Cockburne report failed to orgasm violently. Once he regained consciousness he shoved ducks into Tingle's holy ass with a plunger and
  11. Sorry, but just because DSP played SF2 Turbo years and years ago and hasn't played competitive since does not give him the know how on MKX especially since he hasn't even touched competitive Mortal Kombat. Saying Liu Kang sucks, sorry but it's pretty much unanimous that he's very good, especially with fast combos, great versatility due to his fast high and low fireballs and can rack up an easy amount of damage if you go for his Flame Fist variation. Liu Kang is extremely solid. But that's hardly the point. Thing is, with a laggy environment, you adapt. Yeah I find it tough to do Kano combos, b
  12. Wow, just... Holy shit. You do stuff like that on stream then wonder why you're losing viewers? Come on man. Just go take a breather if you're getting frustrated, stop making it harder for your chat mods and fanbase. Felt sorry for HiddenBoss on that stream.
  13. I have no issue with using the same combo repeatedly because some characters do have more practical combos than what's listed. Even though there's about 12 'kombos' listed in a character's move list, you will realistically only use about a quarter of them. What I do have an issue with is complaining when other people do it, like the Liu Kang "corner spammer". I don't care if you use the same combo over and over, no one realistically should, but don't moan if someone else does it, THAT'S hypocritical. And please don't give the speil about "competitive fighting", that's a relic of the past for y
  14. ​I reckon because of how things are on his Twitter, I'd suggest giving him a PM on the forums as well, no harm in trying.
  15. ​Wow. ​You should try to either Tweet Phil or PM him on the forum to get a quicker response, hope you get unbanned soon!
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