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  1. But my question is how would twitch know phil isnt tho? To play devil’s advocate here whats to say dsp is just telling twitch “im getting viewbotted idk whats going on” twitch tells him not to worry but then dsp goes on and buy view bots? Not saying dsp is buying viewbots or anything but how would twitch know outside if dsp saying its not him? Would twitch really just trust a person on their site they aren’t viewbotting? Idk.
  2. I’m willing to believe its a fan who view bots dsp out of trying to help dsp get noticed on twitch. Which is kinda pointless because even with bots he doesnt get much attention.
  3. The lootboxes in overwatch i dont care for since it is cosmetics thats fine im not at issue with that at all. Review bombing the game is the only way developers will listen to the feedback. If people were to just give it 7-9s and say “the lootboxes suck” WB will still include MTs in the game. Again its naive to think WB will blindly listen to slight criticism they will respond when they see the connection of lootboxes in single player games = no sale of game. You can say “thats stupid mentality” but its the only way they will get the message. This is a slippery slope that we shouldn’t let sli
  4. the issue is more games will be designed to sell lootboxes so instead of getting games that are fun and well paced we will get games that have insane grinding with lootboxes. thats the issue. so instead of getting games that are complete and fair we will now get games with more grinding and more microtransactions you think its gonna stop at lootboxes? you are naive if you think theres no dangers to adding more intrusive microtransactions. this has nothing to do with gamer elitism this has to do with anti-consumer practices. this mentality of defending microtransactions has to go. if
  5. and look at Injustice 2. 3 versions of the game and insane amount of mother box tiers.
  6. 1). The original shadow of Mordor had grinding and i can imagine people didnt like that. So you think its a better idea instead of improving the game and removing or minimizing the grinding you want it so people have to pay to not grind? Thats a terrible idea its better to make a good game than a game that can be good and you can tailor it if you have the money for it. Gamers are getting nickel and dimmed for everything so you are for game companies finding more ways to nickel and dimming us instead of offering games that are good and dont require to dump money into? 2). Yea fair enoug
  7. well of course developers/publishers love taking advantage of that psychology they are exploiting the impulse of consumers. its exactly why F2P games have those features its to lure you into spending money. but now its in a $60 game.
  8. So why dont you demand or buy games that dont have grinding instead of buying a game and then buy your way to get passed something? You are basically rewarding developers for adding aspects of gameplay you dislike. When you buy MT’s the more you support endless grinding which is a terrible solution for your problem.
  9. Then instead of demanding a way to give your money to the company why dont you demand developers make obtaining those tools less of a grind or another way to balance the challenge? Wouldn’t it be better if game developers care about giving the consumer a game where you dont have features made to exploit your impulses to buy MT for instant gratification? Do we really need more games to squeeze more money out of us? Come on man.
  10. thats not the point. these lootboxes are a slippery slope for developers or companies to slowly put more content behind a paywall. look at SFV and injustice 2 even uncharted 4 they have microtransactions in the games you can grind to get items you want or to get lootboxes but the way the game is designed its to make buying the lootboxes or using real money more attractive. this exploits consumers to buy on impulse. and im not necessarily saying its not the fault of the consumer either but it shouldnt be ok to have companies exploit the consumer who paid $60 for a game. we already get less
  11. DSP during his prestream i feel missed the entire point why people are upset over SoW's lootboxes. yea its optional but the 4th act is structured around it. its a grind to allure people to buy the lootboxes so they can get the ending. the lootboxes has always been a slippery slope and thats all this is. the reason people are angry is that EA is only doing this to exploit consumers to get their money. you think EA just added lootboxes into SoW for the lols? no they added them because they know people will fall into getting them because they either want to get to the ending badly and exploi
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