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  1. DingDongWong

    Suggestion: Is 60 fps for vlogs really necessary?

    You could always change your name again if you don't like being answered back to, TraditionalGames.
  2. DingDongWong

    Maybe Old News Now, but was Disappointed by Secret of Mana

    It’s not hard if they just have no save points. That’s mundane and fucking stupid. That shouldn’t be in any game in 2018. How can you blame Phil for refusing to entertain this batshit crazy idea.
  3. DingDongWong

    Phil's Upcoming God Of War Playthrough

    Matey, stop trolling him.
  4. DingDongWong

    I'm not sold on Extinction

    Wow! people wonder why no one post here anymore with this toxic environment! @RedRocketMagoo my advice is continue post and report his. There a report button for a reason.
  5. you already did similar on Twitter tho, yes?
  6. DingDongWong

    The reason youtube views may be down... (raw game play gone)

    You guys need more positivity
  7. They reported him obsessively and he got channel back early! They so salty over this!
  8. DingDongWong

    The reason youtube views may be down... (raw game play gone)

    How many fucking detractors post on this thread? Stop with that shit.
  9. DingDongWong

    Special Vlog with Kat

  10. DingDongWong

    Kingdom Come Deliverance

    It's less new as well in some shops. I find it ridiculous you're wrong quite a lot.
  11. You did trick them though. You only came out of closet when KF found out you was TraditionalGames.
  12. Fuck no. He gets triggered so easily and probably has a lot of ways warnings for talking so much smack to Phil. My vote is anonymous and Dogguy too!
  13. DingDongWong

    Kingdom Come Deliverance

    Who pissed on your cornflakes this morning? It just opinion. You should not throw insult it shows you are salty. Just because he not love the game haha.
  14. DingDongWong

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    This is out of order. You owe Ginsing an apology.
  15. DingDongWong

    DSP's Most Disappointing Games of 2017

    Did you watch the video back as well? It's not the only reason Phil put it on the list. You were incorrect about this too.