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  1. Cybericeblood

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Who is watching Phil's Overwatch stream?
  2. Cybericeblood

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Your welcome
  3. Cybericeblood

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I might help you out Alucard
  4. Cybericeblood

    What Game Are You Currently Playing Now?

    Bladestorm Nightmare on PS4
  5. Cybericeblood

    No man's sky has a release date!

    I can't wait for No Man's Sky to come out
  6. Cybericeblood

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    check this video out dsp is in it and the video is by Aggy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVaaz8zOccc&feature=youtu.be&a
  7. Cybericeblood

    Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Video Series

    I don't know what I am going to pick
  8. Cybericeblood

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I heard Rock band is a good game if you got friends over
  9. Cybericeblood

    What's your Nostalgic Guitly Pleasure Game?

    My one is Deadly Premonition Director's Cut
  10. Cybericeblood

    Worst Game Released on Next Gen so far?

    Hardline: Rivals on ps4
  11. Cybericeblood

    Payday 2 crew members?

  12. Cybericeblood

    Payday 2 crew members?

    Stealth or loud?
  13. Cybericeblood

    What Game Are You Currently Playing Now?

    Payday 2 Crimewave Edition on the ps4
  14. Cybericeblood

    What call of duty was your favorite?

    World At War Black Ops Black Op 2 Advanced Warfare
  15. Cybericeblood

    Favorite and least favorite genres

    Favorite games Jade Cocoon Hotline Miami Hotline Miami 2 Payday 2 Watch Dogs Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Resident Evil Outbreak Resident Evil Outbreak file 2 Alien Isolation least Favorite games Jade Cocoon 2 Resident Evil 6 Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Dead Island Dead Island Riptide Brink Alone In The Dark ( The xbox 360 and ps3 one) Dark Aliens Colonial Marines Resident Evil Gun Survivor 2 Definace