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  1. If that's the case then he should definitely try and sue this guy. Phil should give us his name and agency so we can at least see how he is operating. It's not fair to us fans to simply give Phil money and bail him out for another's mistake.
  2. I think if you are going to do this you need to lower the goal to maybe $800 something that is easily hit.
  3. I don't quite understand. Are you in this tax bind because you didn't report your earnings as a business because you thought you were self employed and didn't have to? Or is it because your attorney didn't tell you to register as a business and file for your earnings? It is kind of surprising that this educated tax attorney didn't tell you this despite the information being so easily accessible through a simple Google search. That attorney must be incompetent.
  4. I feel like you are a troll. All you ever post are one sentence contradictions to anything people post with no constructive thought. If you watch any of Phils commentary back during the Fallout 3 days then you would realize how much better it is compared to present. The inclusion of shouting out bits and tips and the constant staring at chat makes his game play unwatchable. There are two types of gaming streamers on twitch that are successful. The ones who play many different games but are charismatic and funny which attracts people like lirik. Or those who are masters of a single game a
  5. Lately the patron goals have been marathons where he barely plays for 4 hours and just talks for 2 and never plays the game again. I want to see anything other than him simply playing games. It is no longer entertaining. The commentary is also non existent. There needs to be more co-op play with people other than those boring friends he has. I think we need to see something other than games. I want to see more IRL vlogs or something. Maybe film himself trying to pick up girls at a bar. I would pay to see that and i'm sure detractors would too.
  6. Ahh okay that makes sense. Then it really is a good thing this happened sooner rather than later.
  7. In DSP's recent hate live podcast he tells us about the problem the has been weighing him down. He discloses that It has to do with Washington state business taxes. The tax attorney he hired did not advise DSP on the necessity to register his income as a business and pay business taxes. Recently DSP has been claiming that what he does is NOT a business. However this contradicts what DSP has said in the past about everything being a business even saying that he wrote things off as business expenses. Now i'm not familiar with business tax protocols. Does writing something off as a b
  8. Thanks for the support. I would up it to at least $30-$50/mo. This I'll also help us lock in next months patreon event.
  9. What he does is not a business though. It't not even considered a career. I don't think there is a label for youtubers and streamers yet.
  10. Well I was close. At this point he needs to get another job for real.
  11. The man himself is the one bringing it up every stream. This week in preview he brought it up. Monday and Tuesday this week he brought it up. I mean He even wants to maybe think about probably possibly perhaps discussing it in his podcast. If he didn't want us to talk about it why bring it up in the first place?
  12. It has to be property taxes. Property taxes are the only thing that can cause you to lose your home that are out of your control. They occur at the end of the year and usually require you to pay a lump sum of $2,000 to $5,000 Plus. If you don't pay the property taxes the government will place a lien on your home and you have the possibility of losing your home. If Phil has to pay property taxes for his Washington home and his condo that maybe what's keeping him up at night. He may not have the lump sum money that is required to pay for both his condo and his Washington home property taxes.
  13. No offense DSP but these are lame excuses. I currently rent 2 homes in Texas and use a property management company for both homes which are miles apart from each other. The most I have to do is pay when something needs fixing like AC or plumbing but for the most part they pay for themselves. Even if you only make $800 from renters at least you are cutting your expenses in half for the condo. If anything you should take a flight there and talk to these management companies in person until you find a decent one who will search for renters. Start with a one year contract for them and if they are
  14. Here is another reason why Phil should skip this game. As you can see this game is brand new yet the views are extremely low. This is likely due to how disappointed people are with the game. It wouldn't be profitable to play Battlefront 2.
  15. There have been posts on Reddit and twitter of EA pr condoning the absurd amount of time it takes to unlock hero characters in game. Players are reporting 40 hours of game play to unlock a single hero. EA's response was that it encourages a sense of pride and accomplishment which was then quickly down voted and is currently the most down voted post in Reddit history. Phil should forgo purchasing and playing Battlefront 2 in order to aid gamers in protesting the micro-transactions that currently plague modern games.
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