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  1. Johnarinthium

    The Last Meal

    1.Pasta made by my Italian Grandmother 2.Shrimp with marinara sauce and Mac & Cheese 3. Taco Salad 4. Water from the Holy Grail or a handle of Jack Daniels 5. Pumpkin Pie with so much whipped cream it's ridiculous. Now I want all of these things, dang it.
  2. Johnarinthium

    Sons of Kojima Hangout Thread

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is my celebration food. The book is going to help me study how to make Fanta
  3. Johnarinthium

    Sons of Kojima Hangout Thread

    Damn it everybody, all this doritos and fanta talk is making me want to throw a partay.
  4. Johnarinthium

    Introduce Yourself

    I'm John A. Rinthium, mad scientist of storytelling, writer, gamer, rapper, pizza eater, wrestling fan, anime fan, model builder, and pizza eater. And yes, I know I said pizza eater twice, that's because I'm twice the pizza eater any normal human can be. But yeah, just a guy. Not super special.
  5. Johnarinthium

    10 Things About You

    1. Dual-Citizen of the United States and Canada 2. Living in California (Hopefully somewhere in Chicagoland around May) 3. I write many things (From Novels to rap lyrics) 4. I am an emotional wreck of a man. 5. Alice In Chains is my favorite band 6. College Dropout (But Stay in school kids) 7. Played video games since... 3? As soon as I could push buttons. 8. I've put so many hours into Persona 4 it's ridiculous. 9. I Look exactly like my father, who looks a lot like Bono, so by association I like Bono? 10. I used to run a Let's Play channel, it sucked.
  6. Johnarinthium

    Rate the Song Above You

    That's really nice, a little funky loop that makes me bob my head a little bit. 8/10 https://myspace.com/partymurder1985/music/song/get-in-line-61577934-67242975
  7. Johnarinthium

    Sons of Kojima Hangout Thread

    ​I remember when I used to do LP's I would prefer having a co-commentator it's a lot easier to be entertaining when there's someone to bounce off of. And if you're attempting to be informative there is always someone to ask questions.
  8. Johnarinthium

    Sons of Kojima Hangout Thread

    ​I love... lamp.
  9. Johnarinthium

    Ask the King Ep. 48 - January 29, 2015

    Hey Phil, I'm a guy that fell out of your content for awhile and recently checked on it again now that I have some more free time. Now in my case it was more along the lines of random coincidence that I came back, but seeing as there has been a decline in viewership how would you go about drawing old fans back?
  10. Johnarinthium

    Who Else Digs Giant Robots?

    ​Oh believe me, I made the thread based on the theme. One of the most awesome themes I can remember really.
  11. Johnarinthium

    Who Else Digs Giant Robots?

    ​Well yeah, just watch Gurren Lagann haha
  12. Johnarinthium

    Sons of Kojima Hangout Thread

    ​Ehhhh wouldn't be a good move to bring up Supercard. You could backtrace that. Like you were the cyber police.
  13. Johnarinthium

    Who Else Digs Giant Robots?

    :/ That's unfortunate, I'm working my way through Build Fighters right now. Then after that I'm going to be rewatching Seed and Destiny for a review on my blog.
  14. Johnarinthium

    Who Else Digs Giant Robots?

    How is Reconguista? I haven't been able to catch any of it.
  15. Johnarinthium

    Who Else Digs Giant Robots?

    So, personally I like giant robots. Some good ol' Fashioned mecha anime and seeing if there are other people to discuss it with.