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  1. MMMMagical

    Demonetization's effects on ranking and the Secret Codes

    It's raw content, not like the processed kids content of youtubers screaming and pretending to be scared. If you can't spent an hour of your day to watch engaging and entertaining content, you can't call yourself a fan
  2. MMMMagical

    Demonetization's effects on ranking and the Secret Codes

    why do you think an 8 years old channel simply stops growing? phil's been on Youtube for longer than most popular youtubers right now. Youtube is clearly blacklisting content creators who call them out on their bullshit, otherwise phil should be hitting the 10 million subs mark right now.
  3. Dude... I'm trying to feel insulted but i can't, i'm catching an enormous ammount of second had embarassment for you getting salty over my post. I sincerely feel bad for you man, hope your life gets better.
  4. MMMMagical

    Phil's Niche

    Phil gets as many viewers as he gets on Twitch no matter which type of game he plays. On youtube, he'll get that average viewership, his technique is to spam videos so that the whole views in the end of the month adds up despite the low views on each video separately. That's what buys the daily bread so no one can complain since it's youtube's fault that phil's channel is not as popular as it used to be. Sometimes in life you're just a victim of the circumstances. If you're playing only a specific type of games you need to be good at it. Despite Phil being a huge pro on fighting games, they don't pay well. I don't think Phil should change anything. As long as the fans are showing up for the streams and not neglecting Patreon he'll be fine.
  5. So as a Lets Player one would expect Phil's content to be mostly about games, which it is, but as the Food Review and the Cooking with the King segments showed us, Phil isn't limited to just do gameplay / gaming news / game reviews and could put out quality content that differs from just the usual gaming universe. With that in mind, what is the most "different" type of content you'd watch from Phil? It doesn't need to revolve around YouTube either, it could be a live show on Twitch. To me one thing that would be very interesting is Phil's version of Idubbbz's Kickstarter Crap (which was copied from retsupurae "Kickstarter Nonstarters"), because with Phil's degree on business he has the expertise to properly critique those bad kickstarter ideas and show how they could be better developed and so on, it would be very fun to watch. Another thing that would be great is a series on old YouTube channels of all sorts, where in each episode Phil comments about a specific channel on YouTube from back in the day (that may or may not still exist and may or may not still be successful like DSP) and tell us about what went wrong or what went right with the channel and so on, since he's been on YT for so long he certainly has the knowledge to do it. Reaction videos (on the style of H3H3, Pyrocynical, Content Cop) would also be awesome, PLUS would bring a lot of views to the channel, which is greatly needed. If Leafy got to over 4 million subs with Bleach jokes, i'm sure phil could do it better. What do YOU guys think???
  6. MMMMagical

    Phil's doing it again

    "takeasipp" can only be a troll name. i don't understand what is the point of making a profile just so you can make one comment to insult phil and then get banned.
  7. MMMMagical

    How's this for a Patreon perk idea?

    maybe he could do a IRL livestream of himself going out with his friends, it would be awesome! although he probably doesn't show us his friends because of trolls, so i don't know...
  8. MMMMagical

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    I wonder what would come of a podcast run by dsp fans, since the detractors podcast failed miserably LOL
  9. MMMMagical

    Why Patreon has been low

    Vidar spent money to a point when he should just pick whatever is going to be the goal for one month. Variety is good and Phil is an intelligent man, he could surely think about something different for patreon.
  10. MMMMagical

    Guacamelee! 2

    The exclusive Jeb Bush game
  11. MMMMagical

    Why Patreon has been low

    IDEA: A Patreon-only fighting games tournament with phil as the narrator. If the goal gets hit, phil organizes a small fighting games tournament for the patreons (it could be the 5 dollars tier) and he narrates the games for us. The prize for the winner could be a steam game or something, it sounds like an incredibly fun event to me.
  12. MMMMagical

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Decided to stop playing CSGO and dedicate entirely to Hearthstone. Not sure whether it's a good idea to sell all my skins or bet them to try and make more money, since i barely give a shit about steam anymore and it's not that much money anyways...
  13. MMMMagical

    Random Thoughts 4.0

    Yes i do understand english (not sure why you put that capital E there though), so i responded no, i won't mind my own business. Was i calling him or sending donations to repeatedly ask him, in that case i would need to mind my own business. We're on a forum about a streamer, it's natural that questions are going to come up about his personal life. You don't need to protect him, he's an adult.
  14. MMMMagical

    Losing weight

    maybe what dsp needs is to love himself just the way he is. ever heard of body positivity??
  15. MMMMagical

    Random Thoughts 4.0