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  1. The puzzles are totally dumbed down, though as said already. It doesn't feel like the original RE anymore. :( You do read everything as someone else said again. I also noticed you have chosen the Easy mode. Why? Was it an accident, or on purpose?
  2. A lot of people I know don't like these videos, but I've given them a chance. I sorta like them, but wish it were made by actual fans of the shows they're death battling... Edit: I'd go with Gaara though since he's way too fast for Toph.
  3. Those flavors sound good! ​I haven't either, honestly.
  4. ​Oh, I see then. I'll just have to find it there
  5. I noticed the mod selections have been tons better than his older forum. I will for sure also nominate Kyoko as perma mod since he/she is pretty nice too. I've yet to see much come from them I dislike.
  6. Starship Troopers, Mars Attacks, Titanic, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Little Shop of Horrors
  7. I don't want to see DSP play P4 because of Shadow Kanji mainly, and even some of the other shadows. I know how he is about certain things, and yeah...no... I'm all for the 6-7 hour stream for a game he normally wouldn't play, though.
  8. No clue why he won't be the bigger person and just talk to his "haters" like an adult. Maybe they'd stop making those anti-DSP videos..
  9. I just subbed to the channel again, can't wait to watch more videos. I also wouldn't mind if you guys did link to just an MP3 to download the podcast as some people like listening to it on their phones, etc.
  10. ​I know of it, was shocked it was a trick... ​LOL. That's interesting!
  11. McDonald's triple cheeseburger, Wendy's Asiago Ranch Chicken Club if he hasn't tried Wendy's hot chocolate during the winter...try it! If by the time he reads this..try Wendy's strawberry lemonade. (Been way too long to know if he's done it)
  12. Never could get into Runescape, sadly. Haha, but yeah I did try it.
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