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  1. Jack_Spartacus

    Retro Replay: Farenheit/Indigo Prophesy

    I love Indigo Prophesy and it would be fun to see Phil play it again.
  2. Jack_Spartacus

    Street fighter 5

    I just tried to play street fighter 5 on steam today and it won't open....every place I look says to remove it from antivirus check list so I did...and it still doesn't work, anybody having this problem other then me?
  3. Jack_Spartacus

    Dead Space 3 revisit.

    so me and my bro have been watching the old dead space 3 playthrough and think it would be cool to see Phil replay it, maybe with his girlfriend?
  4. Jack_Spartacus

    The Sopranos: Road to Respect

    Who has played it? Who would like to see Phil play it? Who thought it was really bad like I did?
  5. Jack_Spartacus

    Should I play horizon zero dawn?

  6. Jack_Spartacus

    Should I play horizon zero dawn?

    Thinking about playing it, is it worth the cash? Some say its really good. Oh and how long is it?