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  1. Hello Phil longtime viewer since your Infamous 2 playthrough. With the somewhat success of DBFighterz it gained so much popularity that its being held in EVO2018 this year. With this raise in DBFighterz do you think more anime style fighting games such as the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Strom series or J-Stars should be more competitive in the fighting game scene? Thanks for answering my question much love P.S DO YOU KNOW how to change a tire lol take care
  2. Hello Phil I have two questions if you don't mind me asking: 1.) As a Fighting game aficionado (almost) do you think anime fighting gamea like the Naruto Ninja Storm series, or even The Dragon Ball Z fighting games should be taken to a competitive nature? 2.) This one is kinda personal, but im going to be a high school senior and that means that i have to think about my future and i have a good feeling on what i want to do when i go on to the real world, but at the same time its really tough trying to think on what college to go to and even to get accepted, So my question is this what advice would you give to someone who is looking to get into a good college and also maintain a solid GPA? ANYWAY continue what your are doing all Phil you lovable badass
  3. Unfortunately due to your copyright strike against DSPgaming you took ALL of your Nintendo 3DS videos and set them to privte. I really LOVED your "Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright" playthrough with your funny commentary and heliarous voice acting. My question is that what are the fate of your Nintendo 3DS playthroughs? Will you continue to do them as the years goes on? And what is your strategy when if you ever decide to use it? HAPPY THANKSGIVING
  4. easy RideBack, Heavens Lost Property and Kenichi the Mightest Diciple
  5. well guys lets be real here (and its my opinion) just because its made by Mad House the guys that made Hellsing , Black Lagoon, No Game No Life, and HSoTD doesn't mean that it would be good hell the anime can be made by Kyoto Animation or A 1 Pictures for all i care but we need to judge the anime about its quality, story, and characters just because Mad House makes it doesn't mean that its good and god forbid an angry reply
  6. Hello Phil thanks for answering my question from a long time viewer since Infamous 2 in 2011 what are games that you liked but others didn't or vice versa? Since you are an opinionated person i feel that you can answer this question and you have not mentioned it but how's your bad back thanks for the years of content you have made.
  7. Ok no yelling but......Watch_Dogs *runs like hell*
  8. ok the manga im currently reading is Berserk and Assassination Classroom i plus Fairy Tail and Bleach i freaking LOVE BERSERK
  9. im going to tell this to basically everyone who JUST started watching Naruto as a big fab of it since 2002 there will be A LOT of filler content in the anime so if your just started out watching it be prepare to SKIP A LOT of episodes that has NOTHING to do with the main plot just A BTW for those who just started and trust me this is my favorite anime series of all time and its REALLY REALLY REALLY worth watching so have fun and if you need questions answered about a certain plot point let me know and i will happly tell you
  10. ‚Äčthank you for repecting my opinion and I personally like One Piece and Bleach. Sure One Piece needs to end but I enjoyed it so much that i don't care if it ends or not cause i grew attached to these characters that a little part of me dosen't want it to end And Bleach I enjoyed it sure the fillers are annoying but a well told story with interesting characters and a awesome lior to it that I enjoyed too
  11. oh definitly Mikasa i mean come on man BADASS
  12. hello Phil i am a long time user a i never used the forums up until now i like what you and Onx have done with the Kingofhate.com keep of the good work now my question: I know you've been a long time gamer making videos on YouTube but i have you ever just sat down and played a game without going on YouTube like i said i understand that your JOB is making games on YouTube but have you just sat down with a controller and just played a normal game without going on YouTube just asking keep up the good work i hope to see some good new releases 2015
  13. it might piss off a lot of people but im just going to say it Lucky Star to me: its boring, stupid and i didn't like the opening (its basically ear rape)
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