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  1. How about a retrospective of this console generation as it comes to a close. Look back on what you thought the PS4 and XBOX One were going to be like versus what came out. No specific timestamps, just give it a skim
  2. I can't upload the alteration I made to this here, but if anyone wants to make stuff like this for streams, I recommend sizing it 480x270, looping it to around 7-8 seconds, and formatting it as a webm.
  3. More CTR. The Christmas event should be live for the marathon.
  4. Here are some holiday themed emotes.I have a few more ideas when I find the time, so I may add a couple more later. Also, to anyone reading this, I'm busy so I'm not making any new emotes in the foreseeable future after these, so if you've ever been interested in trying your hand at it, now's a great time! Feel free to emulate my lineart and coloring if you want them to be consistent with past emotes, and feel free to ask me for pointers.
  5. I considered that, but since it's not that kind of Star Wars game, I kept it light side.
  6. Here's pieces for the upcoming marathon.
  7. I love me some CTR and Morrowind.
  8. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (PS2, Downloadable on PS3)
  9. I'll have to give that a shot at some point. For now, here's some Detective Pikachu inspired work. I can't say I'm trying to be flattering with these, though,
  10. Small world. I also Photoshopped Phil bald at one point for a laugh.
  11. It's already a noticeable improvement. Strong work.
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