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  1. So I haven't be active on the forums for awhile, and I'm not surprised to see that my last topic (which blew up more than I thought it would) was closed. I do not view this new thread as a "debate" thread. It simply acts as a new thread for rational discussions about Phil. Even Phil approved of the intentions of the last thread, anyone can look at the thread and see his post where he approved of civilized discussions about him (which is my intention). I did, however, make the mistake of not throwing in my two cents about Phil. I've said this before in past threads, but I AM a former fan of
  2. Recently, a user made a thread asking Phil to a debate. It did not take long at all for this thread to be closed by Phil and written off as "nothing to debate about". If this were pre-2014, I would struggle to agree but be able to see where Phil was coming from. However, I'm going to be frank and say that the claim that Phil has nothing to debate about is a lie. I have never seen Phil this hostile before, and I've been following him since 2010. I only recently stopped watching him since I was fed up with how aggressive Phil has become lately and was really rubbed the wrong way by how he handle
  3. I honestly don't know what it would take for Phil to debate anyone at this point. I would challenge him to one, too and I would promise that it would be a civil and calm discussion, but he'll accuse me of lying simply because I'm going to be critical of him
  4. The issue is that the SOK has made the same offer to Phil and comes from a similar background as you and me yet Phil has refused to talk to them. Yes, Phil has agreed to talk to youtubers in the past, but this was before Phil got to the point he is now. The other problem is that Phil has developed a serious problem with putting everyone under the blanket of being haters with serious mental problems that stalk him (even though most of the things he gets called out on are the things he says in videos and twitter). I would absolutely love to debate Phil as well. Hell, I'm even willing to become a
  5. So I only just realized that my post about Resident Evil was one of the posts Phil deleted (I saw a screencap of my post on the DSPositive tumblr). I'm not saying this simply because I was one of the people who had a post deleted by Phil, I'm speaking for everyone in this thread when I say that this isn't "moderation" or "discipline", it's baffling levels of cowardice that I have literally never seen before. Again, where is the harm in admitting that he accidentally picked the easy difficulty? This isn't people lying about the game or spreading misinformation, a simple google search about the
  6. Bringing up stuff from years back would only be an issue if it was something Phil apologized for or changed. For instance, it wouldn't make sense to criticize him for using a camcorder to capture his gameplay since he doesn't do that anymore. Just a recommendation for this thread: I feel that we should move onto a different topic since I feel we've said everything that needs to be said about Phil and racial humor (a lot of points are starting to get repeated). Remember, this is a thread to discuss Phil as a whole, not a "Is Phil racist?" thread.
  7. The reason why we're talking about it is because not only is this the only criticism Phil has directly responded to so far in this thread (or the one Mashinka derailed), but it's also clear that Phil doesn't understand what exactly people are saying when they're criticizing his racist humor. No one here is saying that he is genuinely racist or sexist, it's simply a problem with HOW his humor is handled. These are types of humor that you have to be careful with for it to work, and Phil misses the mark more times than not with that kind of humor.
  8. There can still be unexpected moments in single player games. Heavy Rain is considered Phil's best playthrough for a reason. Not to mention that open world games are the definition of unscripted game design. Even if he was struggling to come up with humor, forced racial humor is NOT something you should turn to. ​
  9. This would be a good point if we were talking about a multiplayer only game. The issue is that the majority of his playthroughs have some kind of narrative to them, so there is a story that progresses in every playthrough. Games are dynamic in nature, they're rarely the same experience for forty hours straight (SOMETHING crazy/stupid is bound to happen for Phil to riff).
  10. I think most of us can agree that Phil isn't actually racist or sexist, it's just he needs better judgement when it comes to when he makes those jokes and what the jokes are.
  11. For me at least (and I have seen other people make this clarification), it's not me saying "HOW DARE YOU MAKE RACIST/SEXIST JOKES HUR DUR", it's a matter of the QUALITY of them. You used to be good at this kind of humor and restricted it to absurd moments in games. Nowadays, it comes off as forced and really inappropriate for what game you're playing. For instance, that humor makes sense in a GTA playthrough because those games are filled with that kind of humor, but making sexual jokes about characters in Kingdom Hearts feels forced and can make people uncomfortable given the subject matter o
  12. Since the last topic got closed because Mashinka decided to accuse Phil of having a dark childhood, I wanted to start up a new thread because I felt that original thread had really good posts until Mashinka went off about Phil's "past". This thread should simply focus on constructive criticism for Phil and recommendations on how to improve, this is NOT a thread to speculate about his personal life.
  13. Congrats, as I expected the posters here could not intelligently discuss anything. Instead it's become a derailed thread of stacking slander/speculation/hatred towards me with little to zero actual discussion. This is why these threads get closed. And why this one is getting closed. And why if it happens again, bans will be handed out. Not warnings, bans.​ The problem is that you're pinning this on the majority of the posters as opposed to select ones. Only two people entertained the speculation about your past, and my posts about it were calling out Mashinka for his logic. However, there w
  14. That's putting it mildly, especially after 2014. Not to mention that this comment is like saying "I'm not saying Phil is bad at games, but he didn't know how to crouch jump in Half Life and tried using barrels instead".
  15. Again, claims like that are things you should only be saying if you have concrete evidence for them to be possibilities. If you really were a victim of rape, I truly am sorry that you experienced that.
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