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  1. His long employment gap is definitely going to haunt him once Twitch is no longer financially viable for him and he's forced to go back into the workforce. Worse than having no skills or experience is his online image. Any job in the business/financial sector is going to do an extensive background, and we all know that won't end well for him. Thus, he'll have to work in the retail or food service industry, something far below his education level, and something that won't pay his bills. I honestly wish Phil would've saved and invested a huge bulk of his money instead of living the highlif
  2. UPDATE: Phil has stated that his condo in CT is worth around 60k, and he needs almost 100k to pay it off. Considering Phil's comment on this thread, it seems unlikely that renting the condo is a good option at this point.
  3. bad_australia

    Fair Use

    Fair Use is meant to allow people to use copyrighted material for several purposes, such as review, criticism, or satire, yet has not been very effective, at least not on YouTube. They have gotten better, but still need to step their game.
  4. As Phil has said for quite a while, he has a condominium in Connecticut that unfortunately he can't currently get rid off. However, I have a solution that I hope Phil reads. The solution is simple: A property management company. What a property management company or PMC does is that they rent out the condo for you. First they find tenants, then they select a rent by the owners (Phil's) choice. The rent Phil receives goes to pay the mortgage, and any money left over can be used to pay other bills or build equity. For example, if Phil rents out the condo for 1500-1750 a month, he wil
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