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  1. k BS, that Goron racing shit is hard. Summary of the Indie world event today for Switch: Ori for Switch is something I didn't see coming. Maybe we'll get the second game now.
  2. Skyblivion is coming along nicely.
  3. This forum already has a dispute section, just create one for chat mods to respond to bans. Done.
  4. Played a bunch of VR games this weekend. The two of note were No Man's sky Beyond and Xing. No man's sky supposedly got some huge improvements but I honestly spent most of my time just randomly exploring a few of the planets that were near me. In VR it's hard to describe space flight... felt almost real looking back and seeing this impossibly huge planet below when leaving a planets gravity. Without warp speed it would take you literally days to reach far off planets. Just floating around in endless space was an odd feeling. I'm going to play some more when I get a chance and actually check out the story. I did find a ruined building with some weird eggs near it. When I touched the eggs like a dozen scorpion-spider like creatures appeared from underground and kicked my ass. Xing is a pretty cool exploration game with puzzles, nothing too hard yet on the first island. Lots of eye candy from floating islands to tropical beaches.
  5. It's a great game, though the road to 100% is pretty rough with some of those mini games. Downloaded No Man's sky tonight to revisit it now that Beyond edition is released, time to see if it's any better now with VR.
  6. Final chapter of Celeste coming out soon, holy shit finally. https://www.dualshockers.com/celeste-chapter-9-farewell-dlc/
  7. lol, so it was justified. If you actually cared you would just email Phil about it and he usually unbans people that ask. Instead you're talking shit about his mods and making yourself look worse. Personally? I think spamming chat and being annoying is a timed out punishment, no a perm ban, but I don't run his chat.
  8. ew, looks like it'll be either Crash racing(again), WoW(again) or Street fighter(again). Not super original choices. He didn't actually rage at WoW, he just got trolled to the point where he couldn't play. I guess he liked the trolling.
  9. aaaaand continues to derail the topic with pointless shit. u serious
  10. Nobody cares about your inferior opinions about a company, regardless of what accounts you're posting under. Nintendo and Sony lead the video game Market so perhaps you should reevaluate where you're throwing your rage boner because you're isolating an entire market on the uneducated basis of it being "kiddy." Topic is going way off course because of your dumb arguing now.
  11. Yeah Morrowind's strong point is the modding community and the million cool mods that were made for it, including my own. Oh look, it's DownTheLever/LiteWordzz/a dozen other accounts. You're raging Nintendo hate boner is showing again, as is your continued retardation. Oh cool, now we got pedophiles.
  12. After three days I finally caught that Rabbit fuck that's been hanging around my house. I found it hiding behind some boxes earlier and managed to grab it. It's leg was clearly injured so I took it to some vet hospital and they took it. GG little jackrabbit hope they repair your foot
  13. I love elder scrolls games but Morrowind has the worst main quest of any I've ever played.
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