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  1. Series finale for Steven universe future was bittersweet, sad to see it go over 5 years later. The show had its ups and downs but that finale ended it pretty fairly and was a nice sendoff for all the characters.
  2. Phil: "I've only got a week to get through FF7 remake" Are you seriously going to rush the most hyped game ever made?
  3. Dodging coronavirus all week, couple people in my office had it. Been using gloves everywhere I go. They wanted me to come in tomorrow on Saturday and I was like Fuck that.
  4. You want some of the good stuff? Meet me in the alley down on Main st with some bells, none of that mile shit. I got what you need.
  5. eh, it's not really like that. It just takes a day to make serious changes on the island(constructing bridges, buildings, inviting neighbors, upgrading house, etc). The game doesn't really progress until you allow it. If you start building a bridge, it will be completed by the next time you login. The island won't grow or progress unless you complete the goals Nook gives you. Not sure how I feel about Phil's streams of the game. Seems like it's mostly his wife playing the game and he just shows off her work every stream. Dude still hasn't even bought the keyring for his tools. I don't get this Vest thing, why would someone pay $100 for him to put some clothing on? That sounds like something a titty streamer does. And $200 to put a hat on? Why would you do that. He's only going to wear it for ten minutes by the end of the stream. :edit:
  6. No collar or anything, like less than a year old. I've seen some other adult cats that resemble it wandering the neighborhood so it's probably one of theirs.
  7. This little black cat's been hanging around the back of my house this week, it's pretty young. I gave it some food to eat but I'm wondering if I should bring it inside. I'd need to get a cage out to catch it since it runs away if you get too close.
  8. Not technically, some resources like fruit, stone, wood, etc are limited on your island and respawn each day. If you don't want to wait you can buy a ticket for 2000 miles that allows you to fly to randomly generated islands where you can take everything you need. They are abundant with everything. A lot of the standard tools just require tree branches to make, and those are infinite.
  9. Tokyo Mirage sessions Rune Factory 4 Animal Crossing Doom 64
  10. There's not, just people that respond to troll accounts when they should be ignoring them. Be careful that dude is gonna get really mad at you for no reason. lol
  11. SJW Horse Damn, suddenly Nintendo Direct dropped this morning. Xenoblade remaster comes out 5/29
  12. Who dis bitch Nice to finally have Isabelle back, though she's kinda useless so far. Nook still handles all the important construction. And fuck me for putting my Museum right there, I gotta pay 50K to move it.
  13. I mean, you put it in the wrong subforum but whatever lol I'm not too affected by the shutdown in my state since my work is considered essential, however I'm loving that the roads are less jammed. A 40 minute drive only takes like 15 minutes now. Juggling Nioh 2, Animal crossing and some other stuff at night.
  14. Those aren't even real, people are review bombing metacritic. User reviews are never reliable. I guess the game that people talk about on social media every single day sucks, ok. Anyway, can't believe I hit a homeless dude today. He walked into a restaurant I was at and pushed this black lady to the ground for no reason. We held him until cops showed up. He was trying to spit on people too, what a shitbag. Somehow he'll probably be back in the streets by tomorrow morning. Fuck LA.
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