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  1. Anybody try the new ports of final fantasy 1-3 on steam? They're all 20% right now so it's tempting. Some proper good games coming next month. Tsushima PS5 expansion: 8-20 Kena: 8-24 Psychonauts 2: 8-25 No more heroes 3: 8-27
  2. Ok, so you're talking about the second optional fight in the cave.
  3. Nice, Guardian ape is a tough fight until you figure out the spear trick.
  4. I already beat Elden ring bro, it's old news.
  5. Sekiro is old news bro lol If you just beat Genshiro then you're probably halfway through the game.
  6. God dangit, I guess it's Netflix this weekend. Speaking of, happy Friday. So I heard Chris chan allegedly fucked his mother. Sounds bogus but whatever, I don't care enough to read the stories coming out. Knowing the internet it's likely fake.
  7. Hoping this is good so I can check it out this weekend.
  8. It's fine when they are optional. Extremely happy that after half a year, I finally got my tax refunds today. A nice amount too. I'm already thinking about grabbing a friend and taking a trip to Vegas just for the bacchanal buffet.
  9. Nice, the easy mode version at the start of the game?
  10. Netflix just put up TWD season 10, so I've got to watch that at some point.
  11. Good, that would've been terrible. Final fantasy 1-3 got released on steam today. Actual good ports of the game and not the shitty mobile versions.
  12. Dragonrot affects nothing. They were probably going to kill NPCs if you died too much but they probably walked back on that decision. Now it just makes them cough.
  13. Was it good? I hear everyone hating on it because of Kevin smith.
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