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  1. There's a video of her saying she looks up fans online to see who they are, but I didn't see anything about blackmail. Whatever, twitch thots aren't smart people.
  2. Has any streamers blackmailed someone by threatening to release their information before? This seems like a reach.
  3. Just started watching Invincible. Omniman is a dick
  4. Damn, the ending to Disco elysium is really good. I love games where all your decisions come to the forefront at the end.
  5. At this point it's easy to spot the trolls in his youtube streams, it's always the people that give a shit about how much he makes in superchat.
  6. He already got unbanned. Doesn't sound like it actually hurt him that much since he still got plenty of money on his youtube stream.
  7. I've only got 2-3 hours of Disco Elysium left, but damn holy shit hits the fan toward the end. I'm gonna have to do a second playthrough at some point since I missed some stuff.
  8. Pretty sure he did say it, regardless Twitch didn't find an issue with the accident so it's ultimately their call to make. Dang, Phil did make $200 on youtube tonight. Better than I expected.
  9. Way too much faith, you think people will follow him to Youtube? I don't think so. Maybe I'll be surprised but I doubt it.
  10. Oh no, some twitch streamer is gonna show up at your house and beat you up for trolling them. I seriously don't get this logic where everyone is scared to death of being doxed over a tip.
  11. His Twitch is back up, looks like Twitch acknowledged it was a mistake.
  12. So you guys think Phil will start streaming on Youtube again? People can still paypal him so it won't be too different.
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