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  1. Beat that rocket knight boss in Code vein after 5 tries. So I sit down at the save point and chose to teleport back to the hub and leave the room for a bit, only to come back and find an important story cutscene playing out while I'm not there. Wtf Code vein, the hub is supposed to be sacred how dare you Was also playing some end game Pokemon areas, and completely wiped a boss with Snorlax. Belly drum is still OP.
  2. Wasn't FF6 that game he wanted to do as a last playthrough for his youtube career or am I confused? Dude doesn't care about the games, he just wants games that are going to make him $$$. There's tons of big releases out right now that he hasn't played. And this is what I've got on my list for the next couple of months: Tokyo Mirage sessions Encore: 1-17-2020 Rune factory 4 Special: 1-21-2020 Ori and the Will of the Wisps: 2-11-2020 Megaman Zero/ZX Collection: 2-25-2020 Final Fantasy VII Remake: 3-3-2020 Nioh 2: 3-13-2020 Animal Crossing Switch: 3-20-2020 Doom 64: 3-20-2020 Doom eternal: 3-20-2020 Resident evil 3: 4-3-2020 Cyberpunk 2077: 4-16-2020 Trials of Mana remake: 4-24-2020 Wasteland 3: 5-19-2020
  3. This dude is so far out of the loop these days. You know you make money off the video game industry, right? This dude generates zero hype, ignores new release announcements and microsoft's next gen console reveal, has no interest in doing anything except his chores at home and barely getting by every year on Patreon. I remember when Phil used to be cool in his younger days before he entered his "man yells over fence at kids" years. King of lame.
  4. Went back to Pokemon and did the semifinals stuff. This is probably the coolest shot in the game. Also kicked Hop's ass for good, but what else is new.
  5. Freaking weird, at least it'll have good air circulation. Must be pretty beefy to need that many vents.
  6. I couldn't tell from the videos how big the new Xbox actually is, but it does just look like a PC. I wonder what the price is going to be? Playstation 5 also got announced, sort of. No actual pictures or video though.
  7. YEAAAAAAAHHHHHH passed my security certification today. Hardest test in my life. As a result it's 100% confirmed that I'll be moving to Utah next year and starting a new job that I really wanted. This was the last real obstacle...besides figuring out how to move all my shit up there.
  8. Game awards is starting. https://www.twitch.tv/thegameawards :edit: Sweet, got my free Glaxion gun. Also that No more hero 3 trailer fooled me. lol, an Xbox PC. I guess it's their next generation console. Playstation 5? whaaaat give us a release date D: ...Wolf among us 2?? Damn, Sekiro got GOTY.
  9. Game awards is tomorrow night, gonna check it out and hopefully snag some of the free Warframe stuff which was promised. https://www.twitch.tv/thegameawards/
  10. Checked out the new Steven universe
  11. I took a break from it and came back a month later and beat it, just run around and clear a few areas of enemies. Grind some levels. It comes back to you pretty quickly, not like you run out of things to kill.
  12. Do you mean a Bluetooth card you plug into the laptop, or the Bluetooth chip on the system board? If you even see a bluetooth driver then the chip is likely there. Update the driver from the manufacturer website and it'll tell you if the hardware is found or not. Search for your model, they keep old software on there.
  13. It had nothing? What about a thermal pad? My brain is falling out of my ears from intense studying all week for entire days. Got my security exam on Friday...I better fucking pass this shit. Ain't cheap.
  14. for some reason I thought that was this saturday. I was out of it this weekend.
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