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  1. So who won in the first debate? I feel like Joe almost cried a few times, it was hard to watch an old man get beaten up like that Live.
  2. Oh boy, can't wait for more Firth animations.
  3. Bro that game is ancient. So many better games came after it. Hollow knight also has a new game coming out this year or next, so he might want to play the present one first. I dunno anyone who has called HK a "boring game," considering it's basically a better version of Dark souls with like 50 bosses. Does this looking boring? Fuck man.
  4. Wait, so eating skittles is Phil's new twitch thing? Dude's gonna get diabetes.
  5. This is a pretty good website if you're trying to get a PS5 https://www.nowinstock.net/videogaming/consoles/sonyps5/full_history.php
  6. Why do you care? Cover art is looking great, just wish it wasn't boy Nier.
  7. PSN is down, wanted to finish Dragon's dogma and jump into the expansion.
  8. Protests turned violent pretty fast. Two cops got shot and all the cops are armed with live ammunition and guns drawn now.
  9. *Onyx Found some major issues with the update, ugh. Gonna message a mod about it. James is playing Sunshine
  10. Who in their right mind has done this on stream? Fuck, some shrine sprites in Sunshine are really damn hard to get. I forgot this was one of the tougher Mario games.
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