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  1. Rumors suggest that next-gen games are probably gonna cost $70. Phil is gonna need you plebs to up your donations, 'cause those games aren't paying for themselves.
  2. I know it's a remaster, but Xenoblade is probably my favorite RPG of the year so far. The story is just too good. I think I'm nearing the end of the game I've only got like two chapters left. A few of the twists were pretty mind blowing like... I tried doing some sidequests but I'm pretty sure they are for post-game as they all require you to be level 90+.
  3. Aside from getting hugged, when did he get hit?
  4. Bug off event was today in ACNH. I should watch Archer one of these days.
  5. Mojang is already charging money for their upcoming Minecraft dungeon content. Yawn cash grab. Fuuck, Bob's burgers movie got delayed until 2021.
  6. Yep. Adventure Time: Distant Lands "Adventure Time: Distant Lands is the collective name for four hour-long web television specials" Oh man, I didn't hear about this until today when I saw this hour long episode show up in my feed.
  7. Xenoblade remaster is such a good RPG, everything past chapter 12 has been pretty crazy and unexpected. It started thundering at one point while I was walking down this catwalk and I see the silhouette of this big fucking Bionis in the far off distance hidden away in the darkness. I wish the sequel had been as good as this game.
  8. Smash is a pretty good guy. Doesn't afraid of anything.
  9. Fuuu--it was $172 in Utah. That's robbery. Glad to see Min-min is going to be in Smash.
  10. If I had stayed in California they would've charged me $400 for everything. Thank god I left.
  11. Went and got my car registered in Utah today and swapped out all my plates. Almost had a nervous breakdown though when I realized my out of state car registration was missing. I called up california DMV and sat for an hour on their line waiting to talk to someone before ultimately being told they couldn't mail me a replacement without me first sending in a written letter for a change of address that could take a week or more. Bitch my registration ends next week. They almost made me drive 10 hours back to California but I found an alternate solution. Nightmare defeated.
  12. Ooooh boy, that dislike bar. League killer here we go.
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