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  1. Green and slow cooker are on order, looking forward to some good beef stew. Might get a Roomba for all that cat hair but I've got multiple floors so I'd probably need a couple of them.
  2. I was there and Ninstar was being overly autistic and annoying. He deserved getting called out.
  3. lol, Phil spends a huge chunk of his stream killing the worthless red drake in Demons souls that only gives you 10K exp. The shadow reapers in 4-2 give you that much and you can kill them in like one minute.
  4. Black friday sales are happening right now, so if you're gonna buy any games now is the ideal time to be doing that. I know he won't play it, but Astrobot rescue mission is $10 right now and probably one of the greatest VR platformer ever made. Full length Astro bot game.
  5. I hope not, it doesn't deserve it. I'd even be fine if Bugsnax won.
  6. :edit: Hey, Phil went overtime to finish Bugsnax. That ending is fucked.
  7. People have been saying that for years. DSP ain't going anywhere until he's in the ground. I think he only makes pennies off youtube anyway
  8. So he did it wrong in both versions. If you've got the dragon god attacking you then ya fucked up.
  9. Uh oh, Phil's going to try and finish Bugsnax tonight. I might tune in just to see him react to So now that I'm moved into my new house I've been getting a list of necessary items together that I should buy in the near future. Need a couch and some beds for my guest rooms but what else is worth spending money on? Bought a pot cooker today and looking at getting an outside grill when winter is over.
  10. Did he even know that the Dragon god was a sneak battle? Dude just rushed every time and got killed nearly as much. Thank god for youtube but on twitch I have little patience for that kind of time wasting.
  11. Gamestop has a lot of good black friday sales right now, stuff like Doom eternal is only $15.
  12. Posting videos in the right order. The question is how to improve the youtube channel, not DSP.
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