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  1. So I finally picked up Nintendo online for a year($20). I'm surprised that it automatically uploads ALL your save data, unlike PSN where you have to manually do it. I'll probably download Link to the past and Super metroid later.
  2. Finished the Outer wilds just now, phenomenal amazing ending. Incredible story. I rate it a Darksphere92 12 out of 10.
  3. These things are the bane of my existence.
  4. Think I'm nearing the end of Outer wilds, definitely the most fun game I've played this year to memory. Still trying to figure out the final puzzle. Yall should get Phil to play Ring Fit Adventure with webcam as a Patreon goal.
  5. It's pretty cool so far, though it's just a tropical freeze clone. Reached the eye of the universe just now in Outer wilds, I feel like I could've beaten the game but I must be missing something. I know there's a bunch of places I haven't finished exlporing on the map.
  6. Those mods look like shit, not worth getting the PC port for that. Game is already humongous.
  7. The Outer wilds is one of the most amazing games I've played this year. Everytime I sit down to play a bit further I see some crazy shit that blows my brain. Tonight I investigated an underground city as it slowly filled up with sand and an icy comet with caves that led down into these dark radioactive caves. Oh, I also got myself accidentally launched into space by a space cannon and slowly pulled down by gravity to my death. $25 for this title is blasphemy to its name.
  8. Jeez DSP plays Dead space for like the third or fourth time? How exciting.
  9. Morrowind has the most bullshit main story of any game I've ever played, to suggest he would ever beat Morrowind is crazy.
  10. Last I checked, completing the levels for bees is optional seeing how you can beat the Impossible lair without any of them. Go and try it.
  11. I'll need to play more to find out. Played Outer wilds today and this game is fucking rad. Plenty of WOW moments for me... like watching the planet I'm on slowly get sucked into a black hole, water planet with huge tornadoes, getting my ship eaten by giant angler fish, etc. Definitely one of the better games of this year and for $25 I feel like I robbed the dev. It's just Majora's mask with space travel. I've got my ship log filled with quests right now.
  12. I can see why some people consider Outer wilds to be their GOTY, the game is pretty damn fun and it's one of the more intriguing stories I've played this year. I spent a good hour just exploring the first planet and almost fell into a black hole while exploring another just now. Can't wait to play more of it later.
  13. Outer wilds is up on PSN for $25. Immediately installing it since I've been hearing so many good things for the last several months about it. Wish I didn't know about some of the spoilers. Amazon
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