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  1. I don't get that either, Metroid dread only took me 7 hours to beat without backtracking. It's shorter than most of the stuff he's playing. Maybe he has copyright issues with Nintendo stuff.
  2. God of war on steam is $50, let that sink in. Game is $20 full price on PSN, and typically $5-10 on discount.
  3. So being a federal employee, I was forced to get the covid vaccine this week unless I wanted to lose my job. America is an authoritarian country now smh.
  4. Oh boy, wait until Part 4. It gets even more fucked up when you find out Joseph's secret.
  5. Doesn't get good until Part 3, but I would say 7 might be the best one. 3-5 are all amazing anime. I want to see how they do 6 with the upcoming anime.
  6. Also Brian Laundrie died, good riddance I guess?
  7. Yup, the emoji selection sucks.
  8. Then email Phil and ask him about it, you didn't provide any relevant information like your youtube channel so I can't even look it up. John Stoke is used by several channels.
  9. It ain't an RPG, just like how Zelda isn't an RPG Action-adventure.
  10. People call Phil a clown every day, yet the minute Phil says he has something important to say they take him seriously and get trolled every time. Yall damn fools. Seriously though if he was going to play some indie games, should've played something good like Eastward.
  11. This damn game is going to legit give me a heart attack
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