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  1. Watched the first 5 episodes of Aggretsuko season 2, god damn this is a great show.
  2. The story is done, at this point they are going to keep coming up with new material. Sounds like they might even do a time jump if the movie is any indication. I remember the first area taking me a long time. The boss is also pretty tough...all the bosses in that game have two ways you can win. Depending on how you beat them you'll get one of two different weapons. The better weapons can only be obtained by defeating them the hard way.
  3. Not that long, you just spend a lot of time figuring everything out. It's just Dark souls, so you get new armor off enemies, level up your suit, open shortcuts, etc. You could easily beat it within 10 minutes if you knew where to go. uhh, his twitter says he's playing two horror games? So I guess? Man I'm hyped for a new platinum game. I have to work Saturday but Monday is a holiday so I'll be playing it quite a bit.
  4. Yeah, Adventure time and Regular show also ended. I wish Steven universe would just end already but it seems they still have plans for the show. I'm looking forward to more Amphibia and possibly Infinity train if they do more.
  5. Saw the leaks. RIP MLP, 2010-2019. Lot of shows ending this year. Probably going to check out season 2 of Aggretsuko tonight.
  6. Welp, this friday is the beginning of the end. Overload of games coming out throughout September it's going to be the craziest month of the year. Astral chain this friday. FF8 remaster and Monster hunter world DLC the following week. Daemon X Machina and Borderlands 3 the week after that. Link's awakening and the Ni No Kuni remaster after that. The Surge 2 and Code vein after that. Holy fucking shit, I'm gonna be broke. I'm not even listening the Planescape/Icewind remaster and Catherine full body.
  7. KGhaleon

    Phil's health

    I follow a couple of streamers that are 50+ and it's not really an issue, also Phil isn't old.
  8. Why does this game have 1580 achievements. Why? WHY https://steamcommunity.com/stats/351030/achievements
  9. If you were a top cheerer that might be true, but I doubt most streamers would give a shit if they had reason to ban you.
  10. Couple of those look hopeful, I know I'll watch another Thor movie though nothing can top the last one. Went and saw Peanut butter Falcon tonight and it was great. Shia did really well in his role.
  11. So I revisited the first island of the game with a mirror of Ra from the war themed island. Something cool happens if you use it on Barko the dog.
  12. Went to a Tokyo central market tonight. My god, what have I been missing?
  13. I'm excited for all the big titles coming out next month, especially this game since the first game was badass. I'm up for another Souls clone.
  14. AngriestPat and his girlfriend do the same thing. It's perfectly fine to show up an hour into the stream because they usually don't start by that time. I don't think this is specific to DSP.
  15. I dunno about the PS5 design, seems odd.
  16. Wow this guy has some sort of rage boner right now. Also I'm playing Builders 2 on PS4, so this kinda makes no sense.
  17. DBQ builders 2 got an update that added some new end game story stuff, but I think it's locked behind a lot of optional islands. <_____________________< Guess I got some stuff to do.
  18. I hope he was sarcastic, because that's the dumbest thing ever.
  19. Dang I forgot that Gamescon was this week, I gotta check out the conferences later. Hope we get some cool announcements.
  20. k BS, that Goron racing shit is hard. Summary of the Indie world event today for Switch: Ori for Switch is something I didn't see coming. Maybe we'll get the second game now.
  21. Skyblivion is coming along nicely.
  22. This forum already has a dispute section, just create one for chat mods to respond to bans. Done.
  23. Played a bunch of VR games this weekend. The two of note were No Man's sky Beyond and Xing. No man's sky supposedly got some huge improvements but I honestly spent most of my time just randomly exploring a few of the planets that were near me. In VR it's hard to describe space flight... felt almost real looking back and seeing this impossibly huge planet below when leaving a planets gravity. Without warp speed it would take you literally days to reach far off planets. Just floating around in endless space was an odd feeling. I'm going to play some more when I get a chance and actually check out the story. I did find a ruined building with some weird eggs near it. When I touched the eggs like a dozen scorpion-spider like creatures appeared from underground and kicked my ass. Xing is a pretty cool exploration game with puzzles, nothing too hard yet on the first island. Lots of eye candy from floating islands to tropical beaches.
  24. It's a great game, though the road to 100% is pretty rough with some of those mini games. Downloaded No Man's sky tonight to revisit it now that Beyond edition is released, time to see if it's any better now with VR.
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