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  1. Is this an anime thread? The first post says it's for anime. I don't personally care
  2. All of her books have the same type of cover art, so I'm guessing the covers have little to do with the actual book. Unless the book coincidentally has nothing to do with DSP.
  3. Time for the weekend. What are you guys up to? Still thinking about going to check out kong vs zilla.
  4. Updates are always free until they put the expansion out.
  5. Yeah, real shame. Oh well the ending wasn't that good anyway. It took decades, but I finally beat Dark cloud. A game from my childhood that I've never beaten before. Surprisingly good ending for such an old game. Guess I gotta play Dark cloud 2 now.
  6. This is a really cool animation
  7. Wirebug is more like attack on titan combat. Finished the story tonight, or what is available, beat the boss at the end of the multiplayer hub and got a "To be continued," so I guess I'll need to wait for content updates for more story as per the usual. I guess I'll be grinding the elder dragons for their armor sets next. I was shocked that Magnamalo, the flagship monster, only has rarity 6 armor. That's a joke.
  8. I finished the village missions a long time ago. I'm mainly doing the high rank hub quests, and I'm about 7 star right now. At some point this week I'm planning to grind the Rajang set, it looks pretty spicy.
  9. So high rank gear is really bloody expense, but there's a nice trick to getting hundreds of thousands of zenny easily. Took me 30 minutes and I had over a million.
  10. You would think he'd at least know some people that aren't trolls, it's not complicated. Also this is Nintendo's most popular game right now, with a huge number of people online right now. The chances of randomly being matched with a troll is extremely small. I think it's more effort than it's worth on their part.
  11. If he plays with people who aren't trolls, then it's pretty hard to actually fuck with him. There's such a thing as Friend only hubs.
  12. I finished all the village quests and they just abruptly end after a while, with nothing further to do. No indication if you're in high rank or what. I guess updates and expansions will add more to the solo section of the game. I moved over to the multiplayer hub quests and just unlocked High rank upon reaching 4 Star, which opened a whole new part of the game and the remixed HR maps. I thought there wasn't much else to do, but I guess I'm just getting started. Fuck rampage mode though, that sucks in multiplayer unless you have a team of people going in with you.
  13. Did some more hub multiplayer quests tonight. The 3 star Magnamalo fight was seriously the most insane fight I've had in this game so far, honestly would've been murdered but a trio of Japanese players showed up and helped take him down. Also Goss harag is a cool fight, especially when he pulls his ice swords out. Breaking his swords with a well timed longsword slash felt good.
  14. Went and got a covid test today, the rapid test came back negative but I did the 48 hour test as well for accuracy. Should know in a few days. I guess I got off work this week, sucks that'll all come out of my PTO...not that I was using it anyway.
  15. Hit the 6 star missions last night and the difficulty definitely starts to ramp up when they start sending you on missions to fight harder shit. Almudron was a really fun boss with his mud attacks and the fact that he could create platforms that you could wirebug between to slap him in the face. I probably need to start doing more multiplayer hub quests as I'm getting near the end of the solo ones. I'm nervous because I haven't even seen Rajang or that big new spider boss.
  16. I didn't play the original so the voices are all pretty new to me. I went with a 4-4-2-2 build so my character is intelligent, but weak af. Pretty much spent my first day just walking around talking to everyone I could find. I specialized in shivers as I was told that was good, dunno.
  17. I was just going to play a little bit of Disco Elysium, next thing I knew a couple of hours had passed. The writing in that game is blowing my mind. I feel like I'm too stupid to appreciate some of the dialogue. I put very few points into physical, so my character has like 2 HP...oof Tried to fight the man guarding the gate to the harbor and died of a heart attack. Hey, serious question. Who is SuckaSurprise?
  18. Also this game looks really cool if you have a coop partner.
  19. It's LA, so I'm not surprised. But yeah, it's stupid. You should be allowed to dispute someone's chargeback and if you're found to be abusing the bank they should cancel your services. Also I'm sitting here waiting for Disco Elysium final cut to release, and I noticed that Binding of Isaac: Repentance apparently comes out tomorrow. Looks like a new expansion added 169 items and 31 bosses(103 bosses total now).
  20. Disco Elysium final cut should be out tonight, can't wait to play it. :edit: Wasn't expecting to beat MHR too. Hit the credits sequence, but considering I've only finished Low rank I know it's not over.
  21. That's a sick rocket punch
  22. So did mecha show up like people were predicting?
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