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  1. Binged half of Jojo tonight, damn good quality and it's just as good as the manga. Also reached the end of SMT5 (law) route and saw the final boss. No time to finish it tonight...but I'll be doing a chaos run immediately after, then the neutral run to finish the game.
  2. Bob Dole has passed away at 98 years old.
  3. Apparently Schwarzenegger is a slur. Whatever.
  4. Yep, again completely forgot about his air dash. This is like a challenge run where he purposely makes the game harder on himself.
  5. Phil completely forgot how to air dash in Metroid dread. Easy mode has been unlocked for all the enemies.
  6. Opened Phil's stream and he's ranting about reddit. Dude kinda misses the point of AMA's and having a presence on reddit, it could be an advertising platform where you can talk directly to other gamers and people that aren't fans or know who you are. Sure there's people that hate you on there and post degrading posts about you, but when you completely ignore it and don't do anything with Reddit that's all there will ever be. It's a line of communication just like Twitter with the rest of the gaming community. It's not hard to do an AMA where you clear the air about who you are, talk about your streams and hobbies, deny conspiracy claims about yourself and answer questions, etc. Show people that there's more to you than "that guy who jerked it on Twitch" 5 years ago.
  7. Got injured today at work for some freak reason. I walked into a brand new office and when I sat down at the newly installed desk, it promptly collapsed on top of me along with the computers and other junk sitting on it. Got stabbed in my hand by a piece of metal, but thankfully aside from that and a few bruises it's nothing I won't recover from quickly. It was reported to the facilities folks that installed the desk and they were quick to come help with it, knowing they might get sued.
  8. That's not surprising, there's been a shortage and black friday just happened. We also got the holidays coming this month so everybody is likely looking for them now. If you really want to find one, you should use the restock websites like https://www.nowinstock.net/videogaming/consoles/sonyps5/ Tells you what stores have stock, when they last had stock, etc.
  9. I guess I got work tomorrow on my day off. So much for marathoning Jojo part 6...
  10. Honestly, it took me 7-8 hours to beat Metroid dread. He went into it acting like this was some 30 hour playthrough that was going to be a huge time investment.
  11. Yeah I watched a bit of his stream, I didn't realize he was bad at Metroid games. Definitely not a fan. He barely ever parries so he misses out on all the cool boss animations and he doesn't seem to use the manual aim. It was pretty hard to watch after seeing so many other streamers go through those same areas with no problem. That damn underwater boss is like the easiest fight in the game. We could play multiplayer shit if you didn't hack your switch. The PS5 hardware is like 8 years newer and has faster tech like solid state. Games that would take 30-40 seconds to load on PS4 take 1 second on PS5. The PS5 upgrades for games are amazing and I can't imagine playing them on that old PS4 ever again. Giant areas in Ghost of tsushima and Nioh 2 load in like 1 second. These stupid spammers. I guess they know that I'm aware of all their bot accounts and that I'm banning all of them so a lot more were created today. I figured out your PM spam gimmick and it's not going to work anymore. I'm reviewing 6 months worth of accounts and getting rid of all of them.
  12. Just wondering, you seemed familiar with the topic. Yo that's creepy af
  13. Jolyne fucking the lawyer up is still amazing even animated.
  14. I can't wait to check it out. Trying to decide between an episode tonight or just straight binge it on saturday. Looking around for a Nintendo switch for my sisters kids.
  15. I dunno that SMT5 is Phil's sort of game, it's no Persona 5 and probably too difficult.
  16. Lately spammers from Brazil have figured out how to get around the spam filter, so I literally had to delete a dozen accounts this morning. They just sign in and spam PMs. If any of yall are getting PMs from weird unwanted accounts, let me know.
  17. I bought Persona 5 Royal on a whim since it was only $20 for the deluxe version. If I replay that newer version of the game I might do a pure Hard mode run after I finish SMT5.
  18. That's just every weekday for me, I'll probably wait until the weekend to watch them all. I'm assuming they are going to release a batch of them all at once. Oh hey, youtube seems to have finally removed dislikes. I don't see dislikes anymore on a number of channels including Phil's dspgaming channel. Guess people will be laying off the downvote bots now.
  19. Weird af, but they delivered my new TV at 9PM at night on a sunday. Guess they were trying to get all those black friday orders finished. It was really heavy but I managed to get the new 70" setup in my living room.
  20. My toaster oven stopped working this morning. This might just be the day the world ends.
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