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  1. I still haven't seen Phil say if he's even going to play it. It's essentially Bug dark souls, so expect rage. "Boring" is not a word I would associate it with.
  2. He already broke his first Switch day 1.
  3. I know, all my pulls from the past few weeks have been duplicates or junk. I'm all out of primos for a while. Screw it. I'm 70% done with 13 Sentinels and it's definitely my #2 best game of 2020. Story and artwork are awesome.
  4. So I'm nearing the halfway mark in the story for 13 Sentinels. This game has more mind blowing revelations and plot twists than anything I've ever played/watched. Holy shit how do more people not know about it. I think it safely replaced the FF7 remake slot on my top games this year.
  5. People watch them for Phil's content, which is his face and voice. I don't watch any of those videos because I want to see the game. If I wanted to see the game there's a billion other videos on youtube. People watch his content for commentary and his fuckups. That's where the transformative comes from.
  6. Sorry but you're on your own with this one, people applauded his comment. https://www.reddit.com/r/TwoBestFriendsPlay/comments/jgov3z/breaking_the_worst_person_you_know_just_made_a/
  7. PSN store page got updated and looks completely different, it's atrocious and I've already found broken links.
  8. Chat: "You should level up your character, he's still lvl 1" Phil: "I know guys" 10 minutes later Phil: "Wait why is he lvl 1? I never leveled him up wtf" Mortal shell apparently got a Rotten autumn update, adds some Halloween stuff. Might check it out this weekend.
  9. Phil pulled the new Klee character(less than 1% drop rate) on his first pull. ...Phil just said, "Akira isn't an anime. It's a movie." Fuck.
  10. Alternatively tell a streamer that they play like DSP, it will have the same effect.
  11. lol Ocasio-Cortez is playing Among us on Twitch.
  12. LoL...lot of Jeffrey Toobin and DSP jokes today. I opened the door tonight and got mobbed by 5 cats looking for food. One cat looked like it hadn't eaten in weeks, I put a whole bowl of food down and it ate the entire thing. Little fat fuck.
  13. I had to take a 4-5 hour course on homebuying for my insurance. I was falling asleep.
  14. There is no snap, you just click on the waypoint with X (on PS4). I used a teleporter at the beginning of the game.
  15. "What's that!? It looks just like a dragon quest slime" If you say so, dude. He gets mad that someone tells him he can teleport, but he claims it doesn't work. You have to put the cursor on the teleportation point and click on it. "You are wrong, so stop telling me" Straight up lies later when he figures it out.
  16. The Lupin movie was actually very good, thoroughly entertaining from start to end. They nailed it.
  17. Going to see the Lupin 3rd movie in a few hours, I'm sure it will be movie of the year for me seeing how little I've been at the theater.
  18. Well...that's one way to get Phil to ban all his moderators.
  19. If only that were true. I guess I just beat Mortal shell. I talked to some bandit and the credits rolled, so I guess I'm done.
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