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  1. Dang ol' weekend almost over man Managed to finish Astral chain and I'm finally on the third arc of Rune factory 4 after playing it for a year. Went into the optional Sharance dungeon and got one shot by level 300 enemies.
  2. I somehow doubt that someone who is ready to commit suicide is going to do it within "1-2 weeks," that seems awfully specific. It's just somebody messing with him. Most of those folks don't have the backbone to do anything more than prank phone calls and mail deliveries of their poop. :edit: I looked up the name and just saw a Kiwi topic, so I'm going to call this bullshit.
  3. How's Etrian odyssey look on the switch?
  4. Nobody but a doctor should be giving medical advice, and certainly not anyone watching Phil's streams who is obviously not a medical expert.
  5. Mobile gaming sucks? What a shock.
  6. Half the country is pissed off, I doubt Biden is going to have an easy 4 years.
  7. I looked at Trump's messages and they were clearly taking his statements out of context. Trump sent another message out today condemning the violence.
  8. Yeah it's one of those insanely long RPGs, so I dunno if he would play something like that without a big incentive(hint $$$). It's a fun game to play with other people too, but he'd be doing it solo.
  9. Looks like we're finally finding out what Bowser's fury is about tomorrow.
  10. Best buy is having a sale on switch games, so I'm going to pickup some stuff like Deadly premonition 2 in a bit. The MH Rise demo continues being really fun, I didn't realize how much the wire mechanics change the game and turn it into BOTW climbing.
  11. Get Banjo kazooie working on Switch and I'll be jealous.
  12. These bitches in Rune factory 4, man. How many damn gifts I gotta give you to date my character.
  13. I don't think I've ever had restaurant folks confuse straws for sauce before. Usually they just get the entire meal I ordered confused for another. Been going back and rewatching King of the hill lately, this show is way funnier than it used to be.
  14. Yakuza 0 and the Monster hunter Rise demo right now. Occasionally jump over to Rune factory 4 to grow some crops and go dungeon spelunking.
  15. Messed around with the MH Rise demo this weekend and it's pretty fun, the new wire mechanic is weird so it's gonna take a while to get good at using it. Demo had a good 5 or so monsters in it. The rideable dogs are awesome though, you can freaking drift around corners.
  16. They claim to be acting against fascism yet they ironically oppress people's right to speak on their platform. They decide who gets a voice and who doesn't.
  17. It's pretty simple actually. If I see people talking about some kind of DSP drama like "DSP divorced! DSP is being hunted by the mafia! DSP has a second wife!" etc and I go over to Kiwi and see some 50+ post about it, then the subject is gone because you're clearly bringing a discussion from there onto this forum. It's extremely insignificant.
  18. He's wrong though, people have every right to be angry. Twitter also banned our President for no reason. This would be like if some DSP fans went out and killed some people, and twitter banned DSP from their platform in response even though he didn't tell them to do it. The New Zealand shooter told people to subscribe to PewDiePie right before shooting up a bunch of people, yet I don't see Pewdie being banned for that. People just taking the piss out of Trump for something he wasn't involved with.
  19. The rule is that it's getting nuked if the information is just being propagated from Kiwi or other DSP detractor group. It's the source of the story that's important. If it came from a DSP video or something, fine. I have nothing against original discussions.
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