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  1. From what I've seen the rules are that you cannot just go around killing people. A lot of these servers have specific death rules, like newlife which means when you die and are revived by emergency services you do not remember what happened. Police do conduct investigations, there are jail sentences, you can be a crime lord but ideally most of your plotlines need to keep in mind that everyone is there to RP so you can't run rampant. On a lot of public servers edgy kids get on and do that, so they try to tiptoe around that on the servers that cater to YTers/Streamers. Also on the one I saw t
  2. There are a ton of private servers for content creators. Someone else I watch recently got invited to one, well I say recently but this was maybe 6 months ago, and it's been really hilarious and a good time. They stopped playing so I stopped watching but it was pretty fun tossing out ideas to them via tips/bits and seeing where chance took them on a server that enforced against trolls, had a good review process before joining, etc.
  3. Agreed top to bottom. I have one other person I contribute to via tips/bits/patreon and to be honest I'd switch to full on supporting DSP instead if he went a route like this. It's risky, could be fun, and I for one would love to reward him for trying something for us fans and give him incentive/security of livelihood to continue if he were to do anything innovative.
  4. I agree. Being amongst the group here to support him for his time of troubles, giving to him to help him stay afloat not just as a content creator I enjoy but as a person I've known for years now, I think it would be a little cold hearted for him to receive one thousand dollars out of the blue one day then a few days later turn down something that is intended as gratitude to people who support him because he was 20 dollars or something short there. I don't think that he would do that, but he may just be keeping us up to date with patreon news as a whole. I wouldn't sweat it. Phil is too dow
  5. It wasn't horrible like that at first. There was a flood of dumbshits who were ejected pretty quickly. It wasn't until the community decided it was horrible place without ever going that most of the other fans gave up and left, and all that was left were detractors. These people made no real efforts to hide what they were doing and got so caught up with others paying attention to them they took it way too far, and went into moral grey zones out of greed and selfish whims. Luckily they were mostly dumb enough to destroy themselves.
  6. I like this idea a lot. I'd be willing to donate towards an idea like this.
  7. As you get older you start to realize that as a kid when you patted your own back for surviving or enduring it was just ego self-healing or being dumb in general. It is not simply turning into an inanimate object in the face of adversity that is admirable, we all get struggles in our lives. The ones we look up to are the ones who thrive. Who look at the shit being flung at them daily and decide to open a fertilizer company. Lookup eternal recurrence man, for a good read that may help you in your road. To paraphrase it greatly, you either overcome a problem or you keep running into the same
  8. I don't take issue with how passionately he supports Phil it's the disgusting nature of how he does it. If he agrees with Phil's every move that's ok and normal. It's his opinion, and whether it is valid or not is an issue for another topic on another day. The issue is how ready he is to cannibalize the rest of the fanbase which has even slightly differing opinions. His spergout above about him being some invincible enemy that you cannot hurt comes off as cringy jr high anime chuunibyou. https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/powerlisting/images/a/af/Battle_Healing.gif He's engaging in
  9. I think this example goes to show that doing something different can bring in the viewers and dollars. His same ~200 regulars, and ~10 major supporters didn't net him all that money, it was the odds that come with a larger audience. 2k randoms will always bring him more money, better feedback, and a healthier community than a small stale group of people who are the same amount of loser that the detractors are, just on the other side of the fence. Gotta give you an agree react for seeing that bit even if I disagree with the rest.
  10. Selling anything online is a shitshow. About 10+ years ago when Ebay was relatively new I was repairing and selling cell phones on ebay in my spare time. It was quite lucrative and helped me be comfortable when I'd otherwise be eating 3 squares of ramen a day. Then they slowly started changing policies until buyers could outright scam you. Someone decided to get wise with me, bought something, then claimed I never sent it. Despite giving paypal and ebay (same company) the shipping receipt showing it was delivered he was awarded the money, they took it from my account and so I stopped using it.
  11. It's easy to know something without experiencing it but it deserves the same value and weight as it took to create the opinion. None. Challenge runs of games can be silly, fun, or challenging. For example, Dead Space 1 has a trophy for beating the game only using the basic pistol you get at the beginning. It's very doable (common trophy) but it is still a challenge run technically because the game offers you other amenities you have to pass up. Challenge runs like this whether they're ironman style (hardcore or permadeath) or otherwise can develop a strong sense of togetherness with the fan
  12. I think he realized he could not finish the production of the game in the way he wanted, and instead opted to make it thematically about loss across the board. You long for the chapter you believe is there, you long for the ending you wanted, the protagonist you wanted, the characters you wanted (every main character is twisted in some way). Was a good review for a good game and I'm glad MGS as a series stopped (the kojima games) before they were ruined. There might be more games in the series or name but gotta take'em as they come and let'em go as they go. Believe me, it could be worse. Ko
  13. In case anyone thinks this is relevant: https://kotaku.com/bungie-changes-destiny-2-xp-system-after-players-discov-1820728952 In addition to just being a pretty lame game that relies on bad writing, and boring gameplay it also suffers from the developers intentionally crippling players from progressing. If you work harder, you get less far. The guy who logs in once a week thinks its a blast and makes great progress though. So kind of like early Destiny 1 where right before Vault of Glass they released endgame ready gear as a reward for basic fetch quests to help the functional retards get s
  14. I might try to hunt one down for laughs. Would be silly to see DSP taste it and give some feedback.
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