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  1. Making a video introducing his new girlfriend like he did so many years back would be CRAZY put of the box!!!
  2. Hey Phil!! My question is with everything going on with having to come to the fans for donations and tips, how would the 2012 DSP who gave everyone who took donations a tongue lashing percieve the 2018 DSP? Last, if the 2018 DSP could talk to the 2012 DSP, what would you tell him? Thanx!!!
  3. I don't know much about taxes, but I do know its generally a bad idea to get your taxes done with a tax man thats out of your resident state!! I understand the Conneticut tax man gave Phil HUGE deductions over the years so he probably want to stick with him. But look at this giant mistake that he has to pay for that makes all those deductions MEANINGLESS since he didnt save the money!! Now the fans have to come out of pocket just for Phil to stay on-air!! I wonder what position Phil would be in if he saved all that money and not moved across country? Seems like moving across cou
  4. As much as I like Phil I dont think a statue hes worth of yet!!! Statues are for people that have done great things and changed the world like Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Bernie Sanders, Steve Jobs, Ray Kroc, Jeff Bezos!!!! People like that!! Phil has done alot, but he needs to start or donate to a charity or start putting money into other's lives instead of always needing it for his problems and himself! Statues are for the selfless!! But I personally dont care if Phil gets a statue! Just continue to enyertain and all will be well!
  5. Ok im still confused with "soft hitting" goals and just hitting the goal, everyone else's Patreon works differently but it doesnt really matter if the process is going to change in a month or 2!! My biggest concern was getting the Christmas Special going! Even if the Patreon is a little short, you'll still do the special right? Like I said the fans have been highly supportive this week, whats $50 or whatever the amount short on Patreon going to prevent you from doing it? Just want to know because I really want to see this special ft DrunkSydePhil! Thanx!!!
  6. Ok now im even more confused!!!! I heard the Patreon will remain but will be used for votes or alter the game decision. Phil will be adding a minimum Twitch Sub amount to each goal to hit in order to make the reward happen! My problem is there is too much mystery in that process!! The Patreon page is confusing because according to Phil its inaccurate, but now hes going to add a Twitch subscriber requirement for each goal! A number we cant even see! If there was definitive ways to show a live active subscriber count other than Phil just telling us a number, and a ballpark estimate of the Patreo
  7. Dear DSP, Earlier this month you determed the goal was hit and even told a fan on TWITTER that wanted to donate Christmas games he should have no fear of the Christmas Special not happening. In the past few days though you've been saying that we havent hit the goal? What gives? The Patreon page is already confusing enough because apparently the front page dollar amount is correct some months when its well below the amount, others it is correct when the goal is reached. Fans pledges are being denied in the middle of the month when I thought a while ago you changed an option where
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