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  1. If it takes 20 minutes for youtube to send the stream code, then go live with it 20 minutes before you're scheduled to start. If you say you're starting your steam at 12:30, then start at 12:10 and then hopefully the code shows up at the actual advertised start time. Doesn't this make sense?
  2. You're getting closer Phil, but starting the pre-stream 4 minutes after the advertised start time isn't quite "early". Just a little more!
  3. ​The "music" during that footage was one of the worst audio atrocities I've had the misfortune to listen to.
  4. ​Ultimately it seems like Phil is determined to always start gameplay a half hour later than the advertised time. It seems that this thread was a waste of time.
  5. He couldn't play it "anytime after the stream" because it was a special event that ended on that Sunday, and only gave out certain prizes for the top 5 winners or whatever. Does it make sense to cancel a stream to play a mobile game? Not really, but Phil does a lot of things that don't make sense, so... You know why he's so upset over that leaderboard "stalking"? Because other people that played the game were able to look at the leaderboard and see DarksydePhil's point total still rising, thereby proving that he was putting in serious time on the game that day.
  6. Reading your posts on a PUBLIC forum, and viewing an in-game leaderboard, is now considered stalking? Are you serious? This is what I don't get, you used to talk about WWE Supercard a lot. You'd tweet about it sometimes, and even discussed making tutorial vids for it. But then after that incident where you cancelled a Sunday stream to spend more time grinding points for a Supercard event (which you'll probably still deny), you stopped mentioning the game entirely. You said something like "oh it's a silly little mobile game, it's no big deal" when clearly you were spending a lot of time (and possibly money) on it. I mean if you enjoy[ed] the game then great, you can play whatever you want to play on your time. But it almost seems like you felt some sort of shame about it, getting this angry over people mentioning it...? Why get so mad over people bringing up the fact that you WERE playing the game a lot?
  7. So... uh... how about those stream start times huh? Today's Dying Light stream consisted of more technical difficulties with the stream chat, with the stream not going live until 12:38 PST. Even better, this stream had a PRE-pre-stream at 12:54, before a "formal prestream" at 1:00. Then the game finally started at 1:08, and by "game finally started" I mean another long introduction about the game since it's the beginning of a new playthrough. Now I should mention that yesterday's WWE 2K15 stream went live at 12:14. Nice! Except that slideshow went on for 25 minutes, with the prestream starting at 12:39 and then going for a whopping 22 minutes, with the game not starting until 1:01... except then there were problems with the game not saving stuff that had been set up in advance or something, which took more time to redo. Oops. I think I'm wasting my time here, nothing's gonna change.
  8. ​100% agreed. (well I'd been saying 20 minutes but 30 minutes would be even better.) Let's look at what happened during today's Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix stream! 12:43 PST - Stream goes live, 14 minutes later than start time. 1:02 PST - Phil gets on mic and explains the situation - the chat client being used on the website was broken so stream chat could not be accessed from there. Explains the mibbit links that he posted on twitter as a way to access chat, then says "going to wait a couple minutes to let this build up some more" and goes back to playing music. 1:09 PST - Phil returns, re-explaining the chat client problems for pre-stream. 1:!6 PST - Gameplay starts, after 33 minutes of the stream being live and well after the "usual" gameplay start time of 1:00. You seem to run into a lot of bad luck with these things, Phil. Start setting aside extra time to account for the possibility of something going wrong, and then aim to get the stream up and live at this earlier time. If something goes wrong, hopefully it doesn't impact the start time as much as it did in instances like this.
  9. ​This is one of the weirder things about Phil to me. He talks about how he's been wanting to play more of games like Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and Dragon Age Inquisition. So why not do it? Why stop at a specified time? He has the freedom to keep playing, the freedom to start and stop whenever he wants. But Phil is obsessed with schedules, it seems he wants to live every part of his life on a predetermined schedule. Who else on the internet would ever make a 25-minute video just talking about when they're going to play certain video games in the next week? And then when something happens without a specific timeframe, such as somebody coming to the house to install a toilet, it throws his world into chaos. It seems like once he becomes set in his ways, and gets used to doing things a certain way, he resists change because he wants to stick with the way he's been doing things, because change would break up his scheduling. Look how long he resisted going to direct video capture / streaming.
  10. Right then... today's Resident Evil stream... 12:44 - Stream goes live 12:58 - Prestream starts 1:15 - Actual gameplay starts (well actually it started from the title screen...) The reason given for the lateness in starting up the stream was that it was a computer problem and it needed to be restarted, although you were making posts on the forums about the RE difficulty issue right before the stream was up, which was the same subject of the 17-minute pre-stream. Shrug... Again, this is why you should be aiming to have the stream fully setup and live around 20 minutes before the advertised start time. Things always seem to go wrong right before streaming, so it doesn't hurt to allocate a little extra time just in case something bad happens. Yes, lately the stream has technically been going live a few minutes before 12:30, but the earliness of that ends up being undone by a long fanart montage. Which brings me to another point... I also find it very unnecessary to run a slideshow for 14 minutes AFTER you've already shown up late. I know that the webpage isn't immediately updated with the youtube stream link, but that doesn't take 14 minutes. If you're late to start, don't make things worse by sitting on a slideshow montage
  11. As has been stated before, and you can see others agreeing in this thread, that starting a fanart montage slideshow/music really doesn't fit what people want to see when the stream goes live "on time". The advertised start time should at least be the actual pre-stream talk. If you want to run a slideshow for 20 minutes, consider putting the stream up at 12:10 instead. You still have time to tweet it out and get people to start joining. It sounds like you've already made up your mind to not start gameplay until 1 PM no matter what. That doesn't give people as much incentive to join the stream early then, right?
  12. ​That sounds like a great excuse to tell your boss if you show up late to work. "I'm half an hour late? So what, football games don't start on time!" ​ I don't know if anybody keeps track of these things, you can kinda guess when Phil's stream goes "live" if you check the date on old tweets, but even then you don't really know the exact time the actual pre-stream starts, and then when gameplay begins, etc. But let's use today as an example. Dragon Age Inquisition stream for January 19th, 2015. Stream goes live with slideshow/music: 12:28 PM Phil gets on mic for pre-stream: 12:48 PM (20 minutes and 42 seconds according to youtube) Actual gameplay starts: 12:58 PM (30 minutes and 17 seconds in) See the problem here? The actual start time of a stream should not consist of a music/fanart slideshow. If you're going to run a slideshow for 20 minutes, then start the stream at 12:10. Then start the pre-stream talk at 12:30. Although this would mean actual gameplay wouldn't start until 12:40, it's still a lot closer to the actual advertised start time. Although I have the feeling this isn't going to happen since even Phil fully admitted in today's pre-stream that he's just stalling waiting for more people to join. Again, this should not be an issue when people who are late to the stream have the ability to rewind.
  13. ​Yes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crHL-sv-hbM#t=3m30s
  14. So this last week Phil has made a better effort to start streams at the actual advertised times, instead of showing up fashionably late. While he's patting himself on the back for saying he went a whole week showing up on time, I don't think the definition of "on time" is very clear. Typically what happens is that Phil starts playing the slideshow and music around 12:30, maybe a few minutes before, and then continues to play the slideshow for 15-20 minutes. Then he finally gets on the mic and starts his pre-stream, which is another 10-15 minutes, and thus the actual gameplay STILL isn't starting until around 1:00. I realize that Phil likes doing his pre-streams, and is unlikely to cut those out entirely or do them before the 12:30 start time when there's no indication of how long it's going to go. Ok fine, then can we at least have the actual pre-stream talk start at the advertised time? If you want to run the slideshow/music for 15 minutes, start that up at 12:15. Makes sense, right? The reasons given for the long delay in running the slideshow are that he "wants stream numbers to have some time to grow", and for the last week it was because "people haven't gotten used to the stream starting on time". Okay well it's been a week so the second part shouldn't apply anymore. But to the first part I have something to bring up that Phil touched on once about youtube streaming - you can rewind the stream as long as it's active. Thus if someone shows up half an hour late and wants to catch the beginning of the stream, they can rewind to the beginning and watch from there. Besides, if streaming is still "fanservice", why worry so much about stream numbers? Just start the stream and if people show up late, that's their own fault, they still have the option to rewind the stream if they want to catch the beginning. It's great that Phil is doing something to address this issue, but it's just a tiny bit farther to go to start things on what most people would consider to be "on time".
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