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  1. There been too many coincidences around this whole escort thing and the money. I know its not concrete but its enough for me.
  2. Ya I thought so too at first, trying to catch her in a lie, then I realized Phil unknowingly pretty much confirmed she was there.
  3. Its actually true KG, this was the last straw for me. Feel free to ask me questions while this account is still active. Your also free to read that if you want to know why. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/mystery-womans-story.37371/page-130#post-2896879
  4. No, considering I feel sleep watching him play the beta, I don't have hope for the release.
  5. The X actually means cross, witch you will understand as you play out the story of the game, and its not a religious thing.
  6. Lacking story? Hmm I wonder if you happen to have not got to Chapter 6 yet.
  7. Ya the first game wasn't all that great, it didn't really have anything that hooked you, this one is alot better. It be a shame to skip it because of the first one that has no place story wise in this new game.
  8. Ya there is tons of content, but to beat it you prob only need 40 hours. Plus I love how you can also just play the game on the Gamepad in the living room while watching TV, great for grinding or side missions.
  9. Just finished the game and I must say Wow, the most fun game I have played in awhile, even beating Witcher 3 and Dragon Age. The story is just so good and additive gameplay, really makes you feel for the humans, and makes you think about human conscious and the soul, fighting in a Mech is so fun. I really hope Phil will consider playing it sometime next near, the game is going to be a series, and can't wait for the sequal to come out, that ending just wow. Though haven't heard many playing it, so wondering if this is just a WiiU thing?
  10. ​I looked at the logs and Volpe was only in the chat to start problems, all his chat was just all negative about Phil, Getting really sick of this Phil did this, Phil did that in the chat. Just like Phil said the other day, if you don't like it LEAVE! The chat is for stream discussion and the game Phil is playing, not a damn intervention on how Phil treats the fans.
  11. Phil, most likely if you try to use your Cronomax adapter its not going to work. You are going to need to upgrade it to the Cronomax pro for free. Here is the site where you can download the update firmware and the instructions. If your serial number is not found in the database your going to need to email them to add it. Hopefully they will be able to get this done for you by Tuesday. http://controllermax.com/forums/showthread.php?t=146931 My Serial number was not in the database I sent them the proof of purchase in email on Friday and they had it in there database Monday night, but since t
  12. ​Well I was thinking more of the crowd funded games not just kickstarter, plus I know of the expense of Star Citizen that's why I would let him use my account that has many of the ships he can show off, and weapons. Plus you would think he would want to try out the highest grossing crowd funded game. Yes it would be hard to be limited to only kickstarter since they only last 1 month and they don't have a playable alpha during that time, so its more those games that got started from Kickstarter.
  13. Building on the Indie games marathon stream, how about a Kickstarter marathon stream for April. This would be all the popular games on Kickstarter that have Alpha's. Games that come to mind that I have pledged for are, Star Citizen, and Shroud of the Avatar. Star Citizen especially since its the highest grossing crowd funded game to date at 70+ million. Both these games are in Alpha stage and you can login and play them. For both games I can give both my accounts for, especially Star Citizen that has alot of ships he can show off. Does anyone else have any kickstarter game recommendations tha
  14. I keep reading and hearing bad things about it, the FCC not even releasing the documents before the vote is a red flag to me. Maybe Phil can get the word out again on this. I know some say that Look at Japan, but our government is not Japan's, our government fuckups what ever they take over, and this is not good for the internet. One of the FCC Commisioners puts it best. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/obamas-regs-will-make-internet-slow-as-in-europe-warn-fcc-fec-commissioners/article/2560567
  15. **Doh sorry mods I didn't mean to put this here can you move this pls. Thx.** First want to say, sorry, maybe I am being irrational, but the excessive dead air before the pre-stream is really starting to get to me. I know its not really dead air, its usually a video but when you watch the video repeat 3-4 times it gets old. When he first started it was only like 5mins before he would do the pre-steam, then it got up to 10 mins, then 20 mins, and now its starting to be 25mins, Phil can we please do something about this, not sure why you need to wait 20-30 mins before you start the pre-stream,
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