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  1. The people behind Vidme announced they are shutting down on Dec 15th for good. Sad news for anyone who hoped for a new platform beyond YouTube. This all raises another question, is the hay day of the online content creator over with? YouTube is unquestionably dying with advertisers being pulled, content getting demonitized frequently, and just YouTube making bad moves in general (CEO of YouTube -Whateverhernameis decided to hire 10,000 new employees just to be the internet police when It comes to bad content on Youtube). YouTube is a far cry from what it once was and will only get worse until nobody is making money anymore. I thought vidme would be the rebirth of old YouTube but it's hard to compete. So that leaves Twitch, which is thriving right now but you can't help but get the feeling that Twitch is whoring itself out at the moment with all this microtransaction bullshit. Nobody is on that platform to just purely have fun. Is the pure content creator dying? Will people always have to run some gimmick to make themselves popular or have to do all types of shoutouts just to turn a profit? I know some after reading this are going to be like "uuuhhhh DSP has to do all this stuff so does that mean you think DSP is whoring himself out?" Well not really, I understand because DSP making some poor financial decisions and not investing into a Plan B he has to do certain things to survive. But If you take a look back the old 2012 DSP would not be too fond of 2018 DSP. Anyways I'm kind of rambling, what do you guys think about the future of content? Will there be another platform where the little guy could thrive again?
  2. I'm anxious for this Sunshine playthrough so I have to ask if the Metal Gear Solid goal isn't met this month, will there be an opportunity for Sunshine? I'm not holding my breath for the goal not to happen, I hope the stretch goal is met so Phil can pay his taxes and get all of this behind us, but if it isn't met will there be a chance for the Sunshine playthrough? I highly doubt MGS will falter completely, it's Christmas time and people are in a giving mood so at least the primary goal should be hit. Just in case though, can Sunshine be the backup plan? The big problem is the playthrough won't make any ad-revenue on YouTube, but the Patreons paid for it already plus since Phil is streaming on Twitch, people WILL donate. There is no real loss of revenue here! Let me know if my idea deserves some Cat Nip or it should be left buried in the kitty litter!
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