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  1. I want Phil’s Jekyll Vs Jason Marathon videos or Batman Forever gameplay with John Rambo
  2. Max Payne 2 Fear Effect Soma Onimusha Warlords for sure
  3. Onimusha please they HD Remaster it Complete Dino Crisis Run or Clocktower
  4. Ninja Gaiden Black for the rage a thon
  5. Batman Dark Tomorrow Sonic 06 Spider-Man Enter Electro or Spider-Man for Ps1 Battletoads
  6. Hey Phil long time fan got a couple of quick questions first off what is your favorite Resident Evil game? There my favorite playthroughs you’ve done and second question Will Kat join you for another Halloween/ Christmas? stream she is a genuine good person I know there is many Toxic people on your stream but there is also good true fans of yours like me.
  7. I would like to nominate your Sonic 06 play through All of it was funny as hell and your Batman Forever coop with John Rambo is great
  8. Max Payne The Suffering Fear Effect so many games
  9. Where do we vote on what Indy game we want to see Phil play. I want Phil to play Braid.
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