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  1. I got a PM that got deletedhttp://imgur.com/VceVMi1,ecke9jH#1http://imgur.com/VceVMi1,ecke9jH What's going on Jawn?
  2. Robby

    In Regards to Me...

    ​Yea i just made it donate for quality kahntent okaaaayyy?
  3. Robby

    In Regards to Me...

    ​No,you have to donate to my patreon dood.
  4. Horrible attempt at trolling 0/10
  5. ​8/10 DMC 3 has a pretty good ost
  6. ​Sure he might be in a weakened moment but that is why he should carefully consider what he is typing.Just take a minute to think about what he is saying and maybe he wouldn't look so bad.
  7. ​I thought it was okay 7/10 \
  8. ​Agreed,when people have to take screenshots of just about everything thing they post in fear of it getting deleted it shows that the forums are crappy and there needs to be more freedom of speech.The mods and Phil need to just learn how to take a joke and critical posts and maybe more people would want to be on these forums.
  9. If the mods would stop being so strict and stop acting like secret police that would be great.
  10. ​I liked Dynasty Warriors 7 however my disk stopped working.You should get the xl version for DW7.
  11. ​Yeah it is really ridiculous,Phil's "comedy" is middle school humor at best.I really don't know why he has these white knights that are so desperate to defend him.But lets get back to topic before this gets locked dood DSP's fatal flaws are how he handles criticism,they way he plays his games,his bitching,and his fanbase which to be honest is out of his control so i can't really blame him for that.The fact that he can't handle criticism not only makes Phil look bad but it also dissuades people from posting on this forum as i don't think anybody would like to be censored.This also gives ammo for the "haters" to use against Phil while also deterring potential fans as well as some members of his fanbase.The way he plays games has been subject to mockery as seen on series such as "this is how you don't play" and "DSP tries it" like how he handles criticism this prevents people from watching and liking his videos as he is terrible at playing games and blames the game for his mistakes instead of blaming himself,i think i can say that most people that are above the age of 17 aren't a big fan of his comedy and commentary style.And his fanbase is really defensive and makes Phil look just as bad as any "hater" could.
  12. ​Then why is he donating to Phil's Patreon? When and why did this raging boner for Phil happen?
  13. Mitsunari Ishida from Samurai Warriors 4 and 6/10 because I don't like the Pokemon you have as your avatar
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