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  1. Phil already expressed he wouldn't, partly for the niche audience. This is more of just a tally to show interest. Not really demanding that Phil play. I do think though if there is at least 500 votes as being interested, it might get Phil's attention. I will add that the first season was a lot of fun to watch. *squee*
  2. I dunno, I enjoy the commentary and watching him fumble is entertaining, though he still gets though the games, with the exception of a handful.
  3. No, afraid not. He had good input before and wanted to see if he still feels it's not worth it.
  4. Yeah, surprisingly. There's been new mechanics added to make it more world building.
  5. Definitely. I'm constantly working on my own map when I'm not messing around on other people's servers and when I take a break from it, for a while, I get in the mood to play again. It's a good outlet for me and keeps my interest. It's a unique title that will be around long after I'm gone.
  6. A couple games you played before I'd like to see a return to, but I don't know what your feelings are, still on these two titles; Minecraft and No Man's Sky. I saw what happened with both and it's been some time now. Both, I really did enjoy watching, even though your experiences were on the scale of 'Meh' - 'It's okay'. With No Man's Sky turning in to a loathsome pit of disdian for the title, mostly cause the title felt like a ripoff. Well No Man's Sky has had some changes and redesigns, it might have improved enough to where it might be worth another look and review. There was
  7. I'm really excited for the Pacifist Run and I'm glad that he enjoyed his first run, which I was worried he wouldn't, playing as a traditional RPG. When he plays a Genocide Run, one thing I can recommend is there is a spacial way to play where you are still killing everything, but on some encounters, you can 'earn their trust'. During a fight, you can do this by meeting certain conditions where they MERCY you, either by using a special item or a special ACT option(s). They may pause the battle, this brings their defense to zero, but instead of using SPARE, you ATTACK when their defenses a
  8. If the server doesn't have it already, I would recommend the Prism plugin and to have staff trained on some basic commands. It would help to know what changes in the world have been made, find them and correct them quickly with little fuss or drama in the chat.
  9. ​Having separate servers can make it easy for separate styles of gameplay, one is for focused gameplay playing solo, or with friends and the other is for interacting with the public. It is possible he can use the same server with multiverse and set permissions for certain people, but it would put extra load on resources for a single server to have regular players on the main map and playing a seperate map with friends.
  10. I was just talking with a couple players and came up with an idea cause I like the idea of phil playing either survival or UHC in multiplayer, which is also fun to watch - is that for Phil to be able to enjoy himself in that style of game play is to play on a private, or whitelisted server with staff and other trusted players. That way he can play at his pace and not be overcrowded, I think Phil should be able to support an additional server like that and still be okay cause it would be a low impact server with minimal plugins and a hand full of people on during a recording. He could also try
  11. ​Yeah, I would like to see Phil take his time, there is a lot to take in and it could be a long running series to do everything on his own. He's done that with other games that are not a priority, to play when there is down time, people enjoy this LP and his server. I got a few screen caps in too.
  12. I think that stream went really well, Phil spoiled on a lot of things that MC had to offer, but there still is a lot more that vanilla MC has to offer and being there, there was still much he didn't know. I still think it would be a good idea for Phil to try a survivor series on the server, starting with nothing and trying everything on his own with little to no outside help aside from trade and hired muscle. A highly recommended tutorial that covers about everything there is to know about MC for Phil to look at is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B36Ehzf2cxE&list=PL7326EF82122776A9 by a w
  13. I would encourage to try to keep the server online, at least save the world file and come back to it later. This server got me playing MC again after a long hiatus, I've enjoyed the people on it, they're some of the friendliest people I've met on most servers and I'm surprised how respectful some of the players are with other people's property, which doesn't happen often. The server could be also be another source of income for Phil, there are ingame items, or packages that can be purchased on a monthly basis to renew perks, or buy single items instantly. It can be made to be inexpensive and s
  14. I think he should stick with Vanilla too and not spoil it just yet, the server he has is pretty vanilla, it just has a different texture pack. Also when he comes on to the server I also think it would be cool for him to make a museum and that could be a community build with the other players as well. With the rare and special items he finds he could put on display and try to gather more to use. There is so many things to do that he hasn't done yet and I'm not talking about minigames and custom maps, but objectives and features in the game itself, he could cover them all and he could spend anot
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