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  1. I'm not a "New user" and last I checked, KG derailed this Topic. Or is the Topic's title a purpose "Let's accuse members of being Detractors with 0 proof"? I'll admit my post didn't get things back on track, but when I saw that BS from KG, I couldn't sit by and let him go with that kind of crap. Like I said, if my post is deemed too bad my the Admins/Mods then they can delete it and even give me an account warning if they wish, I have literally 0 issue with that. I'm hoping half the stuff I said to KG about his behaviour and why people dislike him does actually sink in and he tries to change. Will he? That's up to KG, but despite how abrasive my post was, I did give KG legitimate examples of things he does/has done. Weather he listens or dismisses it and dubs me a "Detractor" is on KG.
  2. So, I stumbled upon this clusterfuck of a Topic. Well, here's my two cents no one will give a damn about, but whatever. KG, you seriously don't think maybe the reason the guy is getting defensive is because you are accusing him of being a detractor with literally 0 proof? If someone started making baseless accusations about me and my character, fucking damn right I'd be mad and defensive. If I started accusing you KG of being a serial rapist with no proof, but kept saying you are, wouldn't you get mad and defensive at me for that? See, stuff like this is why both Detractors and DSP fans don't like you KG. You're a total fanboy and a hypocrite. If on the Detractors Forums one member was accusing others of being DSP fans with no proof, you would be screencapping those posts and putting them here and saying how awful and toxic that accusing Detractor is, but when the shoe is on the other foot it's fine for you to do it, is that how it works KG? No! The irony here KG is you are more toxic and detrimental to these Forums then a 1000 Detractors. You drive people away, divide the community with all the bullshit you say and cause, get fans marked as fucking haters because they don't give Phil a pat on the back and a cookie every time he fucks up (unlike you!) and instead call Phil out on stuff he does do wrong (or even marginally criticise him! Because we all know if you're a fan of someone/something then you can never criticise them/it. I mean come on, that is the bloody definition of fanboy mentality right there "blindly love every single thing, good or bad, otherwise you're against us!"), you get legitimate fans banned, you harass people, you go so far even Phil has told you when you were on Twitter a few times you went too far and should apologise, you flag videos but complain when Detractors false flag Phil's videos (yet another example of your hypocrisy there and why people don't like you KG), hell you even go into peoples videos who are known to not like Phil and bash them even when they never mention or even allude to Phil at any point in their sodding video! Like I saw a comment off you on BlackBusterCritic's video, who in the past has said once or twice briefly he doesn't like Phil, but you gave BBC shit in the comments of a video that was about Xbox One fanboys and never mentioned Phil once! And then you have the audacity to scratch your head and go "People don't like me cos I'm honest and sniff out Detractors!". No, people don't like you (Detractors and fans alike) because you're a fanboy, and a hypocrite, and you make all genuine fans get lumped in with Goobers like you. This site and community would seriously be better off if just one person was IP banned, you KG! If you were gone, I guarantee half the drama around here would be gone since 9/10 times you are either the perpetrator or aggressor of said drama and if you were gone KG then half the Detractor visitors would go since some come here just to see you fucking up and Tweet it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ok, rant over!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry for the mega rant there, but I really needed to just get that off my chest. If the mods decide I went too hard on KG and feel it necessary to remove this post, that's fine with me. If you need to give me a warning for this, then so be it, but I really just needed to get that off my chest after reading through this Topic. Hopefully I got through something to you in that KG. But probably not and now I'll be marked as a "Detractor" by you, I honestly wouldn't be surprised one bit... On another note! Guys, how about you just do the smart thing and stop bringing up this kind of stuff? How often do these kinds of Topics become Detractor discussing and it going too far? If you want the drama around here to go down, stop bloody making it! It's literally that simple. Crap like this is why I rarely visit the forums tbh, it gets annoying to see repeat over and over :/.
  3. Sure. It's something he should see tbh :) Yeah I know KG, but it's not like a spin off game you can skip. BBS is REQUIRED to understand KH3's plot, same as Dream Drop Distance and BBS 2 and KH X will be. If he doesn't know that, then he will be confused, bash the game unfairly and the entire playthrough will be a trainwreck.
  4. Maybe I'll check it out when I'm done with KH3 myself, but I still don't have high hopes tbh. Also, are you looking forward to Unchained X when it gets its English release? I've been playing the Japanese version and it is fun :)
  5. As much as I admire you for trying to help Phil understand the KH storyline and order the games go in, I honestly doubt he will listen. I mean, back when 1.5 was released Phil said he'd play Re:Chain of Memories and watch when not streaming the 358/2 Days movie before 2.5 and he ended up doing neither and when he played KH2 he said he read just what the plot of Re:Chain of Memories plot was, but you could tell he didn't understand it either because he had skim read it on whatever wiki he looked the plot up on, or he read half of it. Either way, you could tell he barely got any of it as he went through KH2. So to be frank, I HIGHLY doubt Phil will actually play BBS on 2.5 and then play Dream Drop Distance HD on 2.8. Plus the fact BBS2 will tie in to KH3 and KH X Back Cover will also tie in to KH3. I don't usually be negative about Phil. I mean, if he does or says something dumb I'll call him out on it cos I'm not a fanBOY of Phil, just a fan, and I don't want him going down a road that's really stupid. But unless Phil plays Birth By Sleep, Dream Drop Distance, Birth By Sleep 2 and Unchained X Back Cover before KH3, I will be boycotting his KH3 playthrough as it'll be a total trainwreck. You can just imagine it, when Xehanort appears for the first time Phil will be "Who the fuck is this old guy?!", or when Ansem or Xemnas appear he will say something like "WHAAAT?! I thought he was fucking DEAD! We kicked his ass in the other games?!" or when Young Xehanort appears Phil won't even know it's Xehanort younger or won't have a fucking clue about the Keyblade War and think Square just pulled it out their ass for KH3's plot. Now, if Phil actually just fucking PLAYS the games, then I'll GLADLY watch his KH3 playthrough once I'm done with the game myself. But how Phil currently "knows" the series plot and how ignorant he is currently, no thanks. Sorry Phil, I don't want to have a fucking aneurism or cause myself brain damage from smashing my skull against the wall constantly by watching your KH3 Playthrough. I didn't think I'd ever say this, but Phil is actually MORE ignorant about Kingdom Hearts then IGN...just let that sink in. Ok, rant over, I feel better now lol ^^. Hopefully if Phil reads this he takes it as honest critique and not hate.
  6. I personally won't be buying the game anyway. It isn't Battlefront, it's Battlefield with a Star Wars twist. EA clearly are just selling the game on the history behind the Battlefront name from previous installments. When a previous game in the series from 10 YEARS ago does more then the new one, it says a hell of a lot. I really wish gamers were smarter like they were back in my day (god I sound old saying that lol) and not buy shameless cash in games like this. If people didn't buy COD every damn year and didn't buy Battlefield every 2 years then the devs would take their time and actually add stuff for their next installments rather then rehashing the same gameplay, same Online, same weapons over and over and over. Whenever you look at vids about COD all you've seen the past 2 or so years is people whining about it being the same every year yet at least some of those people still buy it, cos it obviously sells. If it didn't they wouldn't pump so much cash into making them every year. The fucked up thing is I know this game will be a smash success sales wise (not Quality wise) and will mean that EA will make it a recurring thing every other year to keep up with COD. I'm calling it now, watch every year be a rotation of: Battlefront, Battlefield, Battlefront, Battlefield, Battlefront, Battlefield. This game is not Battlefront, I refuse to think of it or accept it as so.
  7. I love how it's obvious as fuck Jimmy Kimmel did the joke for attention and no one saw it and everyone gave him said attention. I hate to be that super cynical guy, but the video gaming community in general really is full of the dumbest, most overly sensitive, vapid little mind warped drones out there. I bet if Kimmel did that joke ( tweaked, of course) based on movies, no one would give a shit but if it's gaming then everyone loses their minds. I wish gaming could be about playing and enjoying games again, not useless drama shit like SWATing, or Doxxing, or DDoS or fanboy wars between consoles, or this stupid shit where a lame comedian makes ONE joke and suddenly I'm seeing vids in my sub box from ReviewTechUSA, StoneFoxMedia and others on this. *Sigh*
  8. They should totally have "Super fighting robot! Mega man!" when you see Mega Man on screen for the first time. But in all seriousness, this movie is gonna flop like hell. Not only is it a video game movie, which almost all of them suck. But the source material, unless they do something else with it, isn't gripping movie material. I mean, seeing Mega Man fight and destroy 8 Robot Masters then go through Wily's castle and beat Wily and lock him up just sounds like it'd get dull around the 3rd or 4th Robot Master :/
  9. I've never played a Gears game (Surprising, I know. Basically I didn't get a 360 until a few years ago and by then Gears 2/3 was out and I didn't feel like hopping into the series having not played Gears 1 and also cos I was into GTA IV as my TPS game to spend time in) so, should I give this a whirl since I recently got an Xbox One last month? Is it really as good as people say? Or is it overhyped a bit?
  10. Stonzy87

    keep on

    Basically haters be hating, and KG be fanboying it all up going back and forth, fanning the flames like usual >.>
  11. Stonzy87

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    I've PM'd Static asking this topic be locked. So fucking pointless. GG guys, you took a nice thread and shat all over it *slow claps* Now, back to Witcher 3! :3 (so good in Surround Sound! :D)
  12. Stonzy87

    keep on

    Gotta love how I get back from work and you lot are STILL arguing over this petty shit. This whole topic has seriously derailed. It's so fucking pointless to keep going back and forth like this with eachother as KG will never change Fred's opinion, and Fred will never change KG's opinion. You two are like two sides of the same coin. What I don't get is how DSP's fan and hater bases can't let shit go at all. I mean, you think Phils fans would just have a laugh at his haters and not rise to their bait and not say shit to them and simply watch the videos. You also think DSP's haters would simply be like "I hate Phil and his content...maybe I'll try just not bothering with Phil or his fans as they are all a waste of my time and effort. Maybe I'll try...not being a dick" Yet alas, neither side can do either of those things, you'd both rather be like monkeys throwing your shit at the others faces. I dunno why the fuck the mods haven't closed this derailed as fuck topic tbh. If I was a mod I'd have locked this in a fucking heartbeat once I saw what it changed from it originally was to how it currently is, and both Fred and KG would be given fucking warnings since they BOTH participated in this petty squabbling that derailed the WHOLE fucking topic! That's it, time to close this mess of a topic, grab a beer and relax playing some Witcher 3 with my new surround sound 7.1 headphones :3
  13. Stonzy87

    keep on

    Wow, scrolling through this topic is probably WORSE then scrolling through YT comments. It's more toxic and vile then eating a whole Muk from Pokemon. And thus my faith in Humanity has gone down yet again. This petty arguing shit goes nowhere and accomplishes nothing :/. Can a mod do the clever thing and lock this thread please? What started as a well wish has yet again with this community, become a vile dumping ground of nonsense and shit throwing between DSP haters and fans...It's really sad and pathetic tbh.
  14. I'm hoping Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Mainly cos it's one of the best RPG's of the 6th gen and seeing Phil play it properly this time would be cool, since his first playthrough was an absolute fucking abomination lol. I just couldn't watch it after a few parts. So yeah, hope he gives it a second, proper attempt on Xbox :)
  15. Hey Phil, 3 questions dead quick. 1- since you have stopped streaming temporarily, have you noticed an increase at all in your video views as maybe a portion of the streaming audience is watching them later? I personally don't watch what I've already seen on stream as I've already seen it, so I imagine others feel the same way. 2- Have you heard about Pokken tournament coming to Wii U Worldwide in Spring 2016 and will you be playing it? If you don't know what it is, Pokken tournament is a proper Pokemon fighting game (Yes, really! Not a lite fighting game like Smash) that's a Japanese Arcade exclusive game. It's being developed by the same people who make Tekken games and will even have a Fightpad for the Wii u to play it on rather then the Gamepad. It's going to have 10 characters at launch and will receive free updates adding new characters and stages rather then other fighting games where they are DLC. What are your thoughts on this game and does it sound interesting to you? 3-With streaming down, will you not be doing a Podcast? I mean, you could if you wanted and just record one long vlog as it'd be the same as the Podcast...just not live is all.
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