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  1. "Sissy" and "pussy" were used several times last night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL9U6myIYz8 I can even think of a recent time during Super Mario Odyssey in which had him talking in a "gay" voice for an entire part, all because one of his FGC buddies was a transwoman and often spoke as such and Phil finds that shit "funny". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtLEojLy5cQ These are slurs/insults and are every bit as harmful as using the F-word.
  2. No, I'm not talking about Phil's recent use of the F slur on a recent pugb stream (though it did get me thinking about this), but rather everything else. Phil claims to have no problem with gay people, yet when faced with people he dislikes he often attacks them for being "less of a man" than him. As a male to female transgender fan it is disappointing to hear Phill yell and rant about how detractors, pewdiepie, etc are "sissies", "ninnies", "girly-looking", "fruits", "pussy", and will bring up the fact their "balls haven't dropped yet", as if something is actually wrong with choosing to look a certain way or have an effeminate voice. On that last point, Phil will even sometimes openly mock these people by speaking in a stereotypical gaymale or drag queen voice for added "comedic" effect. Now I don't think Phil's homophobic by any means, but I just wish he would think about what he's saying and not get so worked-up to the point where has to devalue the people he dislikes by attacking them as people rather than just by their actions. Not to make this about myself but after a harsh xmas night of being ridiculed for my lifestyle choices by extended-family, the last thing I expected when I opened Phil's stream last night was him saying insults similar to the ones mentioned earlier towards pewdiepie, it really just reminded me of all the bigotry I just endured hours before. Again, I wish Phil would choose his words more carefully. I just don't know.
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