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  1. Yeah, just imagine if Phil had done something like that. He would never though, he's above that. Right?
  2. I really dislike Phil's mentality sometimes. Case in point his tweets about Nintendo Labo tonight. Verbatim said "the idea itself is asinine to intelligent people". So only stupid people would think it's a neat idea? I dunno, that along with insulting people defending just irks me. It's not a good attitude to have in my opinion.
  3. I wouldn't say it needs to be that short, but 45 minutes or longer is excessive. 20 minutes as most would honestly be fine. That doesn't change the hour plus wait before gameplay every day.
  4. This is what Phil says would be super distracting, break immersion, and ruin playthroughs. Just to put things in perspective for everyone.
  5. Not gonna sugarcoat it, the length of the prestreams is getting kind of ridiculous. It's at the point where every day now it's 45 minutes to an hour or more long when it should realistically be 15 to 20 minutes at most. Add on the time before the prestream and you're talking almost an hour and half before any gameplay happens every single day. I can't be the only one who sees a problem with this. The mass shoutouts at the end of the prestreams contribute to it but most of it is because of Phil's tendency to explain everything in excrutiating detail and repeat himself. You gotta do s
  6. I think you should have a conversation with the two of them to see if you can't work something out schedule wise. And if you really don't see the benefit of collaborating with and befriending a bigger streamer than you then I guess do what you want. You seem to feel none of their viewers would stick around so I don't really know what we can say anyway. Also, no one ever said you had to completely focus on Monster Hunter. You act as if Tolomeor and Cry are unreasonable and would force you to play only that game. I'm sure they'd work with you to find a schedule that works for all of you.
  7. Except it's not unique though, it's just your version of a preexisting global emote. https://twitchemotes.com/emotes/245
  8. I totally agree with you here. He could very easily talk with Cry and decide on a schedule that works for both of them. My first thought was for to play MH every Saturday and Sunday, that way he has the other 5 days a week for whatever he wants to do. He wouldn't have to play it for 4 weeks straight like he suggested in the WIP.
  9. I both agree and disagree. I don't think having sub goals is an inherently bad thing, but the way Phil is going about is...not the best way he could have. He's pushing too hard in my opinion. Trying to force growth rather than get it naturally. If you look at other streamers who have sub goals the only thing usually locked behind the goal is the extra emotes they'd get access to when they reach the goal. They do, however, have events for the subs and I think that's the way to go about. Doing monthly Subscriber Appreciation events would be a great way to promote subbing without making it o
  10. That was sure difficult to find. It's not like she has a verified website or anything.
  11. I've done everything I can. At this point if you still don't believe she's real you're just being willfully ignorant. Now, I'm not 100% convinced she did have Phil as a client, but she at least has proof that she is who she says she is. So that much I do believe. Also, @TheTruthCommission. My cherry's already been popped dude. I'm actually moving in with my partner in just few days. Believe me or don't, I don't really care. It's nice knowing you're the alpha male type with likely incredibly fragile masculinity though.
  12. She's managed/verified by PureVIP. Which is public information on her website. Not hard to find if you're willing to do two seconds of research. Or just scroll down on her website and click the verified badge. 8 Nice, insulting her. Real big of you.
  13. I believe there's an escort claiming Phil hired her. I don't believe KG ever spoke to her. Why? Exhibit A! You don't call her, she calls you. KG's claim is he got her number from somewhere and called her. Yeah, no. Not how she does things.
  14. No, KG said he spoke to her directly. So I'm meant to believe she let some guy she doesn't know basically interrogate her?
  15. Newsflash! She's not "on the clock" nor was she when she started tweeting about this client. Good try though. And now you're not only making baseless claims, but people are taking it as truth. You call the detractors sheep but you guys sure seem more than willing to believe things with no proof behind them. Let's say KG really did get her number. Why should she spend even two seconds talking to some rando who isn't a client? If you think about it for a minute it doesn't add up.
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