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  1. I'm crying. I loved Monty so much, I loved his work and him as a person. As a member of the Roosterteeth community this is heart breaking.
  2. ​http://roosterteeth.com/members/journal/entry.php?id=3301055 http://www.gofundme.com/MontyandSheena
  3. Oh no :( Monty Oum has been hospitalized, he's in critical condition and it's not known if he'll recover :( I really hope he gets well soon
  4. Yeah Mel_Gibson's question is similar to mine, is this worth getting? Since the physical copy (And cheaper version) of the game was delayed by a whole month in places like the UK...i'm wondering if this is worth the extra money if I bought it digitally. I thought Dead Island was an ok game but I want more than a Dead Island game with free running from this. If it is worth it then i'll buy the digital version, if not then me and my friend can wait the month.
  5. I give up. It's honestly useless trying to have a discussion with fanboys, especially ones that feel to need to resort to foul language and insults towards the opposition.
  6. Because unlike you, people who are offended want justice. If you're walking along the road and step in dog shit and the dog that laid that shit is a minute ahead of you, you'd want to confront the owner. "Why didn't you pick it up?". What you're saying is, you'd be ok stepping in that shit and would happily cross the road for a change of direction with a big smile plastered across your face. Sorry, not everyone can be as care free as you about stepping in shit. If you said a very offensive joke i.e The Jews in Space joke, and 80 percent of viewers say it's wrong while 20 percent say it's right, mathematically, you've just pissed off 80 percent of your fanbase. You have 2 options. Agree with the 80 percent, admit your mistake and apologize and keep 80 percent of your fanbase, maybe even a bit more.Agree With the 20 percent, lose a lot of respect from your fan base, lose a percentage of that fanbase and keep up with the same jokes.As for your suggestion on improving people, that makes absolutely no sense. "To improve this person, don't tell him about his flaws" GENIUS! Let him keep repeating his mistakes, why didn't I think about that?! ​If all you see in haters then you should open your eyes a little more. You're right, the man doesn't have to accept the criticism he receives nor is he asking for it. However, the criticism he does read and decide to respond to, people expect either "Yes, good idea, i'll do that!" or "I don't want to do that, here are my reasons why" instead they get "Haters, stupid, banned". ​Wow, for you to just announce everyone's intention as "Hate Speech" and "ignorance" you really don't know what you're talking about do you? You know what, I actually, really do pity you. For you to slap Free Speech out of the argument, i'm baffled. ​
  7. R-Riiigghhhhhhtttt...... Hmm....Riiiigghhhttttt.... Just...Can I...Can I just ask...do you actually know what you're talking about or what's going on? Your post makes it seem like everyone here is hating on Phil for the fun of it and the threads that are being made have nothing to do with criticism or helping out. Actually here's another question. Did....did you actually read any of the most recent threads? I mean read, not scim through it until you see Phil's post exclaiming that everyone is wrong and that the thread was a waste of time and a form of bullying. If you did, you would see why so many threads are being made. The statement, as you so confidently put it "You guys are like the FCC, there's nothing the guy says that won't offend you. So can you just stop" First, read that sentence again. If that's the case, maybe that's because whatever Phil says on this forum is something that the majority of people don't agree with and feel the need to address, did you ever think about that? Secondly, I don't know what you've been looking at, but I can guarantee that everyone making threads are making them only about certain subjects, not everything he does or says. They're more about recent events and recent actions involving Phil where a discussion or posts are deleted and thus rendering any form of equality of the forum useless. Now I don't appreciate your hostility. For you to lash out at the people that are actually trying to improve Phil or resolve problems they have with him, I feel like your this fan boy who hates watching his idol have negativity thrown at him. I really do see that from your post. You are literally telling fans or ex fans to stop giving tips, advice and constructive criticism because from your point of view, it's not positive. For a man to improve, he must better himself and his content if he hopes to achieve greatness. If Phil is happy with his current views and his way of life then that's fine, he can remain the way he is and depending on his future actions, he may or may not gain or lose more viewers. HOW DARE YOU demand that what is left of this forum revoke their right to express FREE SPEECH that at the end of the day, is to help Phil or at least make the users feel better and maybe even gain a little more respect for Phil when he properly addresses a mistake he did and should properly handle. ​If you want to be, and I quote myself "A Yes man with no respect for themselves" then go ahead, but don't defend a man in the wrong the majority of the time then turn it on the people trying to help as if the problem started with them and is continuing with them and then demand that they stop. You can defend Phil in the threads, have fun with that, but do not tell the people of this forum that they should just stop expressing their criticism with Phil to make him a better man. You can reply with your response and i'm sure at some point Phil or another staff member will come and close the thread and warn/ban me because they don't like me or brand me as a "Hater" which i'm not, but hey, all my proof of trying to help Phil has been deleted with all the other posts/threads so I can be whatever they want me to be so long as they have people who aren't willing to stand up for themselves. I know this forum is probably life to some people and being a mod/admin is the very life source that keeps them alive....but...it's...just...a forum? I guess XD Eh, whatever.
  8. I don't know, it'll be hard to find help in an abandoned forum hue
  9. ​it appears my post to you was deleted, so thanks for proving my point whoever did that. Anyway, guess I'm shortening this post to welcome to the forum! Depending on how frequently you view the forum I may or may not be here to see your responses to some of the threads you view.
  10. Ahh ok I didn't know that =p The Japanese language is beautiful <3
  11. ​Log HorizonCross AngeShirobakoAbsolute DueTokyo GhoulSaenai HeroineKuroko No BasketAldnoah.ZeroJunketsu no MariaSeiken TsukaiIsucaShinmai Maou no TestamentKoufuku Graffiti (Dropped, what a rubbish anime)KiseijuuJuuou Mujin no FafnirAnime de Wakaru (Hasn't started airing yet)Yowamushi PedalMajin BoneWorld TriggerThat's not to bad compared to some other seasons where i've watched 25+ anime =p Out of those anime i'd only recommend Yowamushi Pedal, Absolute Due, World Trigger, Tokyo Ghoul, Kuroko no Basket, Aldnoah.Zero and Kiseijuu. All the other ones are average or just below average, they haven't done anything that great and they're 2-3 episodes in.
  12. ​When I read that on the Neregate chart it said it was a alternate retelling of a movie and I didn't really know how I felt about a movie being stretched into a 12 episode anime, maybe i'll give it a look later =p
  13. Serious talk though =p A bully can be a lot of things to different people. It could have one permanent definition but people will all say something different because that's how many people it's affected in all sorts of ways. In a way that is a really sad way to think about it since all words are suppose to have their definition whereas bullying can have many because there's so many ways to do it thanks to the douche bags in the world who feel the need to encourage it in many different ways.
  14. I would post a picture to define what bullying is but I would probably get banned upon the decision that is was not liked, or deleted, or both, probably both. Ok you got me, it's Mr Blobby =D He's so darn scary though...
  15. I've seen playthroughs of it but never had the opportunity to play it myself so i'm really glad it came out for current gen consoles. It is a really fun game and a good remake, I actually almost boned myself at one point because I used to many saves (Since in games i'm so use to saving my game after a major event) that I only had 1 save left and I was like only halfway through the game, luckily I piled through it and found some more. I currently have 3 saves left so that's something at least =p The puzzles are probably easy for some people but they've stumped me a few times or have just been a pain solving but I did them in the end =p Just got to the part where hunters show up.
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