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  1. If you happen to be in need of another player for whatever reason, I'm available. EU pleb over here though, internet isn't laggy but I won't squeeze my EU accent there so it'll be listen and type deal. ID is StrawMaple27667. I literally picked one of the premade names because why not I guess. I also played all 4 betas so I know way around the game and all, if you're in need of someone who knows what the fuck they're doing.
  2. Forums in this day and age are already very inconvenient for many people, which is why many people move into Discord groups because they're SUPER EASY to get into. You don't want to make forum account creation even more of a chore than it already is. New people want quick entrance, it's like the whole rule of live-streaming, I think it went along the lines of "when a viewer decides to check out your stream you have a total of 30 seconds (or something along those lines) to catch their interest before they're out the door. I know this from personal experience too, I don't want to join a forum only to find out it's an actual fucking application to get in, only to talk to like-minded individuals.
  3. This is very true. You simply have no other option BUT to deal with it. Shutting yourself into a bubble where nothing bad ever happens is also a good way of saying bye bye to newcomers. Trolls will always be a part of everything you do when you're a public person or a celebrity or whatever. The key to overcoming these issues is to control those people who harm the community, not to shut the whole fucking thing down. I'm pretty much saying everything Nich said, but this is to validate his point of view.
  4. Well, as long as you think so I won't argue against it. Just know that it's there if anyone ever complains about the quality of it. Also, no worries it wasn't a big deal for me. Besides, I feel lot better knowing I at least gave you a better version of it.
  5. Also here's another emote. I hope I'm not bothering anyone by filling the section over here. Not trying to force these down anyone's throat just trying to be helpful. dspChamp I honestly think this one came out nicely but I don't know how useful you'll find it as we already have something like dspsurprised but i guess this one looks bit more excited than surprised.
  6. Phil, I don't mean to bother you but I felt dissatisfied with myself after looking more closely into the emote I made. I mean, the reception was certainly good, and the emote is funny enough to be in constant use but I feel like the quality was lacking and wasn't visually professional enough. I cleaned it up a bit, I hope you'll reupload this one. My only genuine concern is that people will find a way to shit on you through the quality of the current version of that emote. We both they'll always find a way to criticize and to shit. So I personally wanted to do my very best so that I wouldn't be giving those people that excuse. Again, I hope you'll reupload this as the dspSleeper emote as it looks more cleaned out. According to what I know, you have unlimited opportunities to remove and re-add emotes on Twitch, so that shouldn't be an issue. Thank you for understanding. I'll work on more emotes and you can use them if you wish to do so.
  7. There you go. Jesus christ, let's hope nothing else goes wrong. Third time's the charm, right? Let's hope 2nd will be sufficient.
  8. Pretty sure he knows that. People really use ResidentSleeper on his streams. And not in a negative way. Today's was a fine example of that. MGS 2 dialogue got so tiresome for many that literally dozens of people started spamming ResidentSleeper. By unique I think he meant unique to his stream. ResidentSleeper is such a widely used emote that it's nice to have a version that is bit more personalized. Especially since, for many reasons people would use emotes such as RS. Also, I wanted to add. I don't know if your comment was in a negative way towards the idea of that specific emote or not.. Regardless, I wanted to clarify something with you. 99% of emotes on Twitch are inspired by these very originals. Think about it. What are emotes supposed to project to other viewers? Emotions. Well what emotion would something like RS implicate? Boredom. All these emotes are based on emotions. People want to express their emotions through emotes even if not always being super serious about it. They speak such large volumes especially when many people use them at once. Some emotes express sadness, laughter, anger, boredom etc. Broadcasters immediately see what the chat is thinking without reading multiple large sentences. Which is great because streamers like Phil usually have to focus on the game and can't constantly be looking at fan feedback and reactions in the chat. Point being, it's impossible to create emotes in this day and age that are completely and entirely original and not inspired by anything, because they're based on such basic emotions. That's the entire point of an emote, it's something people can use when they relate to that feeling that the emote displays. Hope you enjoyed my essay. Don't try and ruin my chances of being noticed by Senpai Phil.
  9. On it cap'n Sizes should be fixed now. First time doing this, my apologies for not doing it correctly the first time.
  10. Also, if there's any issues with the sizes just PM me and I'll fix it. It's weird because these should be the correct sizes but for some reason they all look way bigger than 100 x 100 Also name wise I'd call those two something along the lines of DSPBaby or DSPCry and DSPwhut
  11. DSPSleeper I added a second picture showcasing how the emote would look in stream. Personally, I see people using this a lot. Memes always attract people to use emotes. Especially if the emotes are something they can use as reactions to what they're watching / listening to. I believe emotes like this can create some truly hilarious stream moments. Here's 2 more, both are something I had previously already posted, now with right sizes and with example pictures of how they'll look in action. I know it's easy for me to say as I made these but I really hope you use them. I'm not leeching. I'm not asking for any credit or anything. Just looking to make the livestream experience even more fun. And with meme like emotes like these I believe people would use these. Didn't you have like 2 or 3 new emote spots. :^) LOOKIE LOOKIE HERE MAN.
  12. Here's couple, had lot more but I felt like these were the 2 only decent ones.
  13. Sword Art Online and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress for sure. Also fanservice stuff like Highschool Dxd.
  14. Juni Taisen for me right now. It's pretty bad though. Incredibly predictable and boring characters. Concept itself is something I love though. I can't resist a good Killing Game.
  15. I'm new to the forums but have been following DSP for many years since 2012. I've been on both sides on making fun of him but simultaneously enjoying his content and recognizing the entertainment value in what he does. That being said, I really wanted to donate and contribute to his Patreon today. I really do. Especially since it's the holidays I'd love to give him something in return for all the enjoyment he's provided me as a content creator. But indeed, the Patreon rewards are pretty weak. As the game has shortly moved on to Twitch for him, most of the rewards no longer mean much and should be updated into something more fitting. Here are my suggestions.. Base the rewards more on actual viewer interaction. Maybe give opportunities for game sessions for people who pick a specific reward. Make a Discord and heavily moderate it. There's no reason not to do this as it can only attract more people rather than lose some. Sure trolls will go there as they always will but I'm sure you'll find a way to regulate the way people join in. Maybe make that a reward as well for Patron donators. Many streamers and youtubers do this already. I think it'd fit right in the 5 dollar category. People donate and in return get a shout-out and link to your discord that only you can send out. Add more emotes to the stream and other special perks for those who subscribe. (not really regarding Patreon rewards but felt like that had to be said too) Maybe do movie nights for patrons where you can just chill out and talk to the fans. I know it goes against Twitch regulations but it doesn't have to happen on Twitch. Private video group calls with patrons. Consider having more open 1 to 1 dialogue with the top donators perhaps. This can easily be accomplished by using something like Discord. It doesn't work as well in a forum like this in all honesty. Phil I love what you do, and I want to donate. I'm on Twitch under the name of GucciTheJacuzzi. I want to donate to the Patreon but would like some better rewards that fit in the way you make content today. I feel like what you have on Patreon isn't bad per say, but the rewards feel dated. I have to say though, never change the 50 dollar reward. That is SOMETHING I DO LOVE. And cannot wait to get that opportunity myself. I hope you'll read this or someone who can relay this to you. All the best to you.
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