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  1. First off sorry if there is already a thread like this... Are there any cosplayers in the DSP community? I am getting back into Cosplay and traveling to Conventions in 2018... And I think it would be cool to meet up and maybe make friends within the community... Another idea I had for this thread is maybe to share help and advice when it comes to making costumes and props. I've always been a theater child myself. Anyway I don't know what else to put here... Other than my first Cosplay for next year will be Me from Overwatch. Any cons you going to? Any cosplay dreams? Or old convention stories?
  2. The whole situation with the "escort" is just ridiculous to me. I feel that people are just grasping at straws with it. Phil not wanting to show his gf is understandable. Several YouTubers that I watch don't share their significant others for reasons that are private. Sometimes they avoid a media presents due to their jobs. Because people on the web are messy and make it shit. The people giving him grief about it, I don't understand their logic. Most of them have never shown their faces, so why does he have to show his gf's.
  3. Finally joining the forums tonight.

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