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  1. its fun to see him overcome the challenge
  2. No surprise that the rage inducing games is winning the troll votes just want to see Phil fail and rage.
  3. Well whoever denied it, supplied it.
  4. there has been a few iterations of the same forum its always been thekingofhate.com a simple whois shows you the site domain was registered all the way back in 2010
  5. Because this is the only forum Phil has ever had. Nope he didn't have one before nuh uh go back to your waifu simulator game kid
  6. That only proves when i made my twitch account it doesn't prove when I initially joined this forum long before the detractor tihydp movement started what's your point
  7. Thats not the image you used. That is the image you used. I didn't recognise it was twitch because I dont make 30 accounts a day to troll a streamer I meant make a new account here since like you said how could a troll make an account on here before I registered on the site? So I locked myself out of my old masterxeon account because my password manager screwed up one time and had phil delete it so I could then re-register and keep the name people knew me as in the community its really quite simple but I'm sorry you don't understand.
  8. Point to the quote I said where I had Phil delete my TWITCH account
  9. Now you think I am @WorthIts ? omg man just stop embarrassing yourself.
  10. lol thanks for proving my point for me now you see why I had Phil delete the account I was locked out of and made a new one
  11. Yes Phil knows all about it if you don't like it go bring it up with @Phil
  12. Yes because MasterXeon2002 and masterxeon2002 are completely the same thing. I'm also not allowed to re-register because I locked myself out of my own account. No siree Keep digging that hole buddy.
  13. Yeah because deranged trolls insist on impersonating me. I've already spoke with Phil about this and he is aware of the situation. I watch his streams as much as I can but not under that name, that is a troll trying to get me into trouble and I believe they are now banned from Phil's chat. Sometimes I watch the stream without even signing in because I'm there to enjoy the stream and not chat with others.
  14. Wow thanks for proving my point almost instantly after I posted that. DSP exists just fine without that negative element its not his fault he has a deranged group of cyber criminals and cyber bullies following his every move But I guess since you're not into Phils commentary its safe to say what group mr registered 2 weeks ago belongs to Dude...have you even spoke to the 2 mods I'm talking about in this thread?
  15. Is it really too much to ask for a thread thanking moderators for the time they've given up to moderate Phil's streams for free without arguing with each other? Seriously you guys would argue about the colour of the sky.
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