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  1. If you had unlimited funds and resources to develop your own social media site like twitter or facebook. How would you do it and what would you do different?
  2. pretty obvious the witcher is there for the trolls to vote for as a honeypot sure those votes are all genuine 100% yep
  3. masterxeon2002


    Come on. Be real. If Phil leaves twitch his long ban list of trolls is gone and the floodgates are opened up.
  4. removing these forums wouldnt even save that much money anyway
  5. Not to mention there is already loads of royalty free music Phil can use that he wont get dmca claimed for. I've been a fan for a long time but I can't stand listening to the same songs on the pre-stream I just mute and check back periodically to see if the pre-stream has actually started or if its still those songs
  6. Nobody but deranged trolls who don't know the meaning of autism call it that. What a way to reveal yourself as a DSP troll.
  7. Maybe if you said how you'd make it better instead of just shit on everything he might listen to you.
  8. No surprise that the rage inducing games is winning the troll votes just want to see Phil fail and rage.
  9. Well whoever denied it, supplied it.
  10. there has been a few iterations of the same forum its always been thekingofhate.com a simple whois shows you the site domain was registered all the way back in 2010
  11. Because this is the only forum Phil has ever had. Nope he didn't have one before nuh uh go back to your waifu simulator game kid
  12. That only proves when i made my twitch account it doesn't prove when I initially joined this forum long before the detractor tihydp movement started what's your point
  13. Thats not the image you used. That is the image you used. I didn't recognise it was twitch because I dont make 30 accounts a day to troll a streamer I meant make a new account here since like you said how could a troll make an account on here before I registered on the site? So I locked myself out of my old masterxeon account because my password manager screwed up one time and had phil delete it so I could then re-register and keep the name people knew me as in the community its really quite simple but I'm sorry you don't understand.
  14. Point to the quote I said where I had Phil delete my TWITCH account
  15. Now you think I am @WorthIts ? omg man just stop embarrassing yourself.
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