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  1. masterxeon2002

    YouTube is at it again

    YouTube is a turd in the toilet reaching up for that flush handle and has been for several years. What else is new?
  2. masterxeon2002

    New drama-free DSP

    Exactly. Some literal whos on twitter got mad at words on a screen.
  3. masterxeon2002

    DSP Tries It Ideas

    Looks like Phil is trying this idea out. :D
  4. masterxeon2002

    Ask the King Ep. 70 - April 26, 2018

    Have you thought about going back to some more games that you did with a camcorder and replaying them like an HD remake of a playthrough? If yes which game would you like to do the most.
  5. masterxeon2002

    DSP Tries It Ideas

    I'm taking the liberty of making a thread so we can all brainstorm ideas for DSP Tries It following the news that its on the backburner. If you have no idea what I'm talking about Phil made a tweet here: https://twitter.com/TheyCallMeDSP/status/988251019955011584 I'd like to direct everyones attention to this part of the twitlonger in particular: "IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS of how to continue the series that 1. don't involve fast food and 2. are not expensive (so for example, "try healthier foods" doesn't work since they are innately more expensive and as-is; or "try a monthly subscription series that costs $25 a month" doesn't work since that's literally 5 times what I'll make profit-wise on the video), then I'm all ears. Otherwise, it may be time to put this one on the shelf." I would use quote but I don't know how. Regards, masterxeon2002
  6. masterxeon2002

    I'm not sold on Extinction

    I thought Phil didn't do review copies?
  7. masterxeon2002

    The reason youtube views may be down... (raw game play gone)

    oh well I guess that makes sense and thats a change that can reasonably trialled i suppose. no harm trying :D
  8. masterxeon2002

    The reason youtube views may be down... (raw game play gone)

    Nobody reads the descriptions of videos unless there is a reason to read the description of a video. Like if Phil did videos where he said stuff "link in description" then and only then would I open it if I wanted to see the link in the description. Without a call to action worthy of taking time to edit the description there is no reason to. It is a better description yes but nobody is going to read it, and saying its a playthrough of far cry 5 when the video title is far cry 5 it just seems redundant imo.
  9. masterxeon2002

    The reason youtube views may be down... (raw game play gone)

    There is zero evidence stating he is indefinitely banned from twitch.
  10. masterxeon2002

    The reason youtube views may be down... (raw game play gone)

    I've chimed in with my thoughts as to why already in this very thread. I know you can read or else we wouldn't be having this back and four right now. If you don't like what I am saying in this thread that's fine, but my suggestions and insight are above.
  11. masterxeon2002

    The reason youtube views may be down... (raw game play gone)

    Take away the analogy then forget I said anything about a restaurant if it is indeed so dumb. Maybe I oversimplified it. You're still left with the fact that for 2 years Phil increased the length of his videos and it actively hurt dspgaming. Longer videos are known to hurt the style of videos Phil does. And yeah changing ones format on youtube can keep viewers interested. Your post ends there and doesn't offer any suggestions at all. And that thing from far cry, the definition of insanity. Its not made up for the game its actually true, if you try something over and over expecting a different result its insane. Increasing length of videos now isn't any different to when they were first increased.
  12. masterxeon2002

    The reason youtube views may be down... (raw game play gone)

    Except Phil did gradually increase the length of his videos for 2 years and it did nothing but tank his engagmenet and lead to lower views along with 3rd rate ads put on them (if any ads were there at all) Increasing the length of videos is something that has already been tried and it tanked his channel like a zeppelin filled with bricks. Have you played Far Cry 3? I think this scene is pertinent to my point here.
  13. masterxeon2002

    Why I think thekingofhatevlog videos get flagged

    Why would playing with tags make a difference if its the name of his channel. Wouldn't it be better to make a new channel then?
  14. masterxeon2002

    There is no logic behind this

    Google / YouTube team hope to control the flow of information on their site by suppressing content they don't like and they can because its their site. The game was rigged from the start. I don't see how this is news.