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  1. masterxeon2002

    Ask the King. Ep. 75 - March 21, 2019

    If you were on death row what would your last meal be?
  2. masterxeon2002

    Whats the point of playing Fallout76?

    How so? I must be blind because I can't see it, or how you are arriving to that conclusion. Read: Zenimax and Bethesda Game Studios aren't paying enough money to journalists to say its good Because its a new release and covering big new releases is good at this time of year for the adrevenue on YouTube, its play it now when its relevant or play it later when nobody cares. Yes. I know I would tune in for it. This is every gamers experience in MMO's I'm still scarred from EVE :P That would be good yes +1 on collab with wings. What are you talking about here?
  3. masterxeon2002

    Songs for Stream?

    The issue is with uploading and keeping said archives Twitch just mute those portions and Phil never uploads archives on twitch because the pennies from YouTube after the adpocolypse still help him out. Thousands of streamers big and small stream music as a background noise.
  4. masterxeon2002

    Songs for Stream?

    I have the tab muted when songs are playing un-muting periodically to see if the pre-stream has started and Phil is talking. I don't want to sound like a negative jerk but there is only so many times i can hear bugs on the floor and i spawn i die. I would prefer a massive playlist of game / chiptune soundtracks mixed in with Phil stuff like FF boss music to hype up the stream? The audio will get copyright strikes but not many people watch pre-streams on YouTube anyway so it might balance out? @Phil what you think? :D
  5. masterxeon2002


    Do you remember how you come up with the name project 7 or the significance behind it? It always struck me as an odd name or like something network execs would give to un-announced top secret shows :D (dont quite feel the need to make a new thread to ask this)
  6. masterxeon2002

    The Ban Hammer emote is not a good idea...

    You could like. Not get banned. lol You should really quit watching certain channels that cut and paste a lot of what Phil says to make him look bad
  7. masterxeon2002

    Support Phil on Reddit!

    Who cares? Trying to "take over" a reddit where dsp fans are outnumbered by detractors is stupid and a waste of energy for anyone who would consider this its not worth trying to take it over, but if you really want to post here on TKOH and the reddit then that doesn't matter either. Trying to tell a community of people what they can and can't do yeah sure that'll work out great remember last time someone had a community dedicated to hating phil? Don't poke the bear just walk away and leave it alone. If you actually took over that subreddit they would simply find another hang out sometimes its best to just let them have their corner in the room while we have ours, if we push them away from that they could try to come here do you really want that? People are going to express their dislike about things, some more passionately than others but it is really not worth thinking too much about it or you'll get pulled in over the event horizon and be flushed down the toxic toilet of the internet. Grab a beer and watch the subreddit burn while we have meaningful discussions here.
  8. masterxeon2002

    Should dsp play csgo in 2018?

    Who plays CS:GO in 2018? Also he would keep dying as he reads cheers, its not an interactive stream friendly game like PUBG.
  9. masterxeon2002

    Should Phil return to Splinter Cell Convictions?

    It would be good to see him finish what he started with the playthrough yes. But Splinter Cell Convictions is imo the weakest in the series and if Phil hasn't played or doesn't know the stories of Chaos Theory and Double Agent at least then he isn't going to know wtf is going on with the games story. It would be more complete to see Chaos Theory to double agent then convictions. Its a stealth game and those are always fun with Phil, be interesting to see what people on the streams say if Phil even brings it up on a pre-stream.
  10. Just because you can respond in a manner that makes it appear you're incapable of abstract ideas to clarify a thought process to others, doesn't mean you should respond to it. Though since the playthrough for this has started I guess its a null topic right now.
  11. If you can hammer a nail with your forehead, should you then use screws with your teeth? Just because you can do something doesn't make it a good idea.
  12. masterxeon2002

    It makes no sense to have short videos anymore.

    What the actual fuck are you talking about? Can we please get back on topic.
  13. I think this should be a game reserved for the halloween special event it makes no sense to play it now when it can bridge a gap in October between the hot new releases and even if you fumble around and get lost should take no more than a week to complete, (unless you really get lost a lot). If Phil wants to play a retro game I suggest vice city yes I know music has to be turned off but it makes more sense to do vice city now while saving up silent hill for the Halloween Special. What do you all think?
  14. masterxeon2002

    Biggest cheer ever - MrSwagginz

    Those K-Farmers dox people because they have nothing positive to do, its a shame really. The amount tipped would have nothing to do with it, this is how sick in the head some people are.
  15. masterxeon2002

    It makes no sense to have short videos anymore.

    I don't have proof that suggests engagement affects the ad-revenue on a YouTube channel but in my head it makes logical sense that the high paying advertisers want to see some positive figures for their money and they sort of don't care how it gets done just that it gets done. Once payment has been made I guess that's YouTubes problem to figure out who gets the good ads and their ad-revenue. There was a story when Jake Paul uploaded a suicide video or something that he was kicked off the preference program that advertisers could pay more to get their ads shown on a certain elitist group of channels so we know the preference program exists...though to be fair wherever elitism and seclusion is Google isn't far away from it as they sing how inclusive and welcoming they all are.