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  1. I don't concern myself with Phils financial situation because its none of my business.
  2. This is what your kind have been saying every year since 2013, if Phil was in such a bad situation he couldn't keep doing this for a job lol This is what I mean when I say you have no concept of how the real world works. :)
  3. Dont act like you're not aroused.
  4. I didn't say you take a bath in a shower but since you went to the effort of creating a sockpuppet just for this argument I'll concede since it clearly means so much to you,
  5. Phil started doing YouTube in 2008 and its currently 2019, but I wouldn't expect someone with the mental capacity of a 5th grader to be able to figure that out lol https://www.online-calculator.com/ 2019-2008=11
  6. sure but like 99% of the suggestions are garbage
  7. 2. Creating and posting with multiple usernames (accounts) is also not allowed. If you are unhappy with your current account, one time alterations can be made. If you are trying to bypass moderation of your account (removal of posting rights, signature or avatar) then your account will be banned. Creating a new account because your last one had a high warning level will also result in a ban. Enjoy the ban.
  8. I have been pestering Phil on Twitch, I do not to use twitter again because last time I use for talking to Phil I just got angry chinese cartoon profile pictures in my timeline harra-sing me for talking to Phil
  9. link me the floorplans and consider it done.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JjtF-WLF0E You were saying? Also I don't know if you heard but there is thing called a bath where you can *gasps* lie down!!
  11. Haters that urgently need professional help. They spread lies about him; stupid stuff as well and they saying he can't lift a bag of groceries or do laundry. Anyone with a normal functioning brain can see this is false lies spread by haters to make Phil appear like an invalid or something.
  12. wow wtf eben is this thread ? way to out yourselves as detractors guys
  13. Those are complete LIES spread by the negative element that follow a man playing games on twitch just to fuck with him, its easy to fall for misinformation but lets not descend into complete lunacy guys
  14. Couldn't have said it better myself hes done this longer than some of the people complaining have been alive lol
  15. I'm going wildcard since I want to see what Phil chooses for himself. Also secretly hoping he'll find a Yorha 2B costume for guys....
  16. What? You mean I can't hold Phil to ridiculously high standards of fitness and health rivaled only by 10 time olympic gold medalists?!?
  17. @Phil are you? I'm sure you said you'd be interested to play it some more as a downtime chill stream but was just wondering if that was still on your mind? Like maybe when there is no new releases or something?
  18. You need floorplans/blueprints for that to work though which is probably creepier than just asking for a house tour lol
  19. They'll get bought out by a larger company because they don't want competition. There I just saved you years of speculation.
  20. What in the name of fuck are you on about boy.
  21. I'm taking the liberty of starting a thread on this forum about DSP's new Amazon wishlist. I myself have some questions about supporting Phil through the wishlist and figured others might have as well. Hopefully over time it will stop Phil having to repeat the same answers to the same questions. @Phil If you've already received FAQ's about the wishlist maybe you can add them here. Question 1: You say Dragon Quest Builders hasnt been purchased yet but it shows on my screen it was last purchased July 2 2019 same with the Sega Genesis mini Its confusing if its already been bought or not, and would any further copies bought in error be given away to fans and supporters? Does the best seller tag mean its the best selling item on your wishlist? In which case you must have plenty of nintendo shop money
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