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  1. ​I'm sure before E3 someone will say to him that it's perfectly legal to re-broadcast the stream. People done it before, especially when they did the GOTY 2014 Award Stream
  2. ​Phil is also the kind of person who bashes his own fanbase whenever they either question him or criticize him for his recent excuses and actions. He still insults people including his own fanbase who likes Nintendo and Amiibo's.
  3. ​I call bullshit on that part, how would there be blind viewers watching or hearing DSP? That's the lamest excuse I've ever heard from DSP.
  4. ​The "trolls" that ARE giving him constructive criticism are again, former fans of Phil.
  5. ...That's much better? He's only making himself look worst when he gives it back. Plus what if those "negative attitudes" are probably from his former fans who wants Phil to change but yet Phil has the balls to bash on them for no reason at all.
  6. ​Sadly you're making it worst when you respond back to them "trolls"
  7. ​Couldn't agree more my friend.
  8. ​If only I was safe in anything with the word "private" in this forums.
  9. ​Again, read the description of this topic twice before saying anything that has nothing to do with the topic. The fight between Shadow and MushroomTip is a whole other topic,this contains the situation between Oblivion and his behavior.
  10. First off, when did i said that Oblivion kicked and banned shadow? Second I know there's other mods other than Oblivion and show me proof that Shadow actually did call his mom a "Tuesday-afternoon stripper."
  11. Yes he did, he curse out on a long time fan shadowraptor who only pointed out that Oblivion is not voicing people, then he cursed out on the guy and make some useless drama that no one wants to see.
  12. So recently I've been checking on the TKOH Stream chat and I noticed ever since OblivionIchigo has been modded, his attitude whenever he gets constructive criticism is unacceptable. And recently shadowraptor, a long time fan of Phil's got kicked and banned on the stream Chat for pointing out that OblivionIchigo aren't voicing people lately. If you don't believe me, check out these screenshots that i took since he was a mod. Whether or not i get banned in the forums I don't give a shit, because the negativity has to stop and Oblivion's attitude is not helping. If it were to me, I'd pick a bette
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