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  1. ​Thank you. They're other communities out there, and this community went down the crapper. Too much stress that I can't take...
  2. My thoughts on the King of Hate Forums, the moderator and Phil himself...I believe that Phil never going to change his way...why bother beating a dead horse...? Now, if I can list a few toxic community, I will go with the King of Hate/DSP community. Now don't get me wrong. They are some who are good people...well...few actually. When i come across fandom such as this...Rotten apples always spoiled the whole bunch...Phil can't even control his own fanbase. which leads to this: Now Phil. You said that you don't condone any bullying, harassment or any other kind of misconduct, yet you led
  3. 1. Listen to your fans - Now if you want your fans to keep supporting you, you gotta listen to your fans what they want. For instance, put some time and effort to your editing skills and be more interactive to them which will lead to... 2. Fan interaction - Talk to your fans like they are your friends. If you have a rough day, try not to snap on them, but if you do, man up and apologize for your screw-ups and never do them again. 3. Never treat your community like robots - I remember there's a moderator who mostly cares for the fans, but some reason he was de-modded. Now do you think we ne
  4. Che, I will avenge you. :(
  5. Wow? Taking your first step from recovery...Remember. Baby steps. :)
  6. ​ ​Alright, here it is, and the RPG games I have for the PS2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHY1tCdt_d8
  7. So my favorite cosplayer is voicing my favorite pink haired pop idol...I'm in! <3
  8. Bully is an antagonist who loves to throw their weight around. nuff said. c:
  9. ​ ​ ​I still have that game in my collection. I did a video about it about 2 months ago. Care to take a look?
  10. Time for some Follow Friday on Twitter.
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