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  1. Well just as predicted, Phil didn't change at all.
  2. ​Well while I can somewhat agree, I have to also say that he shouldn't be providing people with ammunition of his "personal business" by posting videos of him telling people about their personal business. This is the internet, expecting people not to use your personal business that you provided via videos, forums, and Twitter, is just moronic and it's not thinking realistic. And if you're going to call yourself "The realest mother fucker on the internet" or "The King Of Hate" then you have to also approach criticism in a intelligent and civilized way because otherwise people will eat you alive and you will have people that are either more intelligent, more civilized, or both destroy in arguments and debates. Now I would agree with this if it weren't for the simple fact that Phil never truly listens no matter what. We can talk about the core problems or deep level of change but he has to do his part and ACTUALLY listen to people because otherwise why should we give him a fair shake? When I gave suggestions and he just said they were all worthless instead of hearing me out, that is an example of not actually doing your part and listening, it is also highly immature and very uncivilized. If he wants a fair shake and wants people to give another chance out of the hundreds we have already given him, then he needs to learn to listen. I have to agree with this and am guilty of calling it quits but then coming back because I needed to get my composure back because of what he did and I felt extremely insulted when he sat here and said that no one is worthy of debating with him as if he is some celebrity when he's not even a C-list celebrity, he's infamous not famous. Yes while transforming is not possible overnight, you also shouldn't just brag about being "positive" let the people decide that. By constantly telling people how positive you were, it makes people not even care because you keep saying it when it's supposed to be up to us to decide. See the problem is that he shouldn't declare DSPositive unless he shows he can be positive for more than a day and if people don't believe him then hey that's fine just tell people "Hey I'm trying to be positive, I know in the past I haven't been all that positive and I know I say it a lot, but I want to actually attempt to believe me and I know you all don't believe me and that's okay but at least try to give me a chance to change." something with humility would make people give him a bit of a chance, but screaming to the Heavens that you're positive now and anyone who doesn't like it can leave is not the way of doing things.
  3. ​It's not about "winning us over", it's about can we trust a positive Phil or is it just like last time? Sure he was "positive" when playing yesterday (I really use that word loosely as it was phoned in and if you've ever seen Phil acting before on Project 7 or his Ducktales video then you know it was forced, but points for trying), but let's not forget what happened on the prestream when he complained about people not believing him and telling them they can leave if they want to complain, but it's not like we don't have reasons, there's jokes about DSPositive 2.0-600.0 for a reason and it's because every time Phil says he's going to be positive, it never stays that way. Not all of us are perfect, but not all of us have our personal lives in public for everyone to judge, then get mad when they criticize or ask about out personal lives. I mean seriously, he posted his and Leanna's lives for the public to see so nothing of his is private or personal business because he told us. I will admit that I am far from perfect, but never did I say I was perfect and I sure as shit don't act like it like Phil does. I have gotten tons of criticism about myself- both negative and positive- but I don't sit here and complain and complain and call everyone "haters" or "jealous trolls" I just debate them and most of the time I win because I keep my composure and I make sure I know what the fuck I'm talking about where as Phil makes up things as he goes along and when someone back him into a corner with real questions or logical arguments, he deletes their posts or locks their threads or shadow warns them. He wants to earn peoples trust? Then he needs to learn to stop that shit because it doesn't help his case of "Oh I'm positive now!" to be honest, that sounds like click baiting. Now you may be saying "See? He can't do anything without you haters saying it's not real!" but think about this, why does he have to keep telling people he was being positive? It's like a kid trying to get what he wants because he finally cleaned his room after months of being told why he should clean his room. Sorry we aren't just so trusting of Phil after one day.
  4. ​Now you can either answer for these Phil, or you can deny these and delete this. Ball is in your court.
  5. Oh and maybe if you want people to believe you, stop all this shadow banning/warning because you're doing yourself no favors.
  6. ​Hm well here's an idea, grow a thicker skin. If you know shit isn't true then why get offended? See you talked about wanting to be positive but here you are still acting negative and letting things get to you. Now when she posts things up on Twitter about her personal business then it's no longer personal business so why take offense when people talk about the business you posted on a social website? Now if you want to talk about her not deserving it, let's talk about the way she insults people and even baited people that are YOUR fans. There's many reasons people don't like her in your videos and it's not just her. You defend her so much for every little thing and never defend your fans. Even I wouldn't do that when I KNOW my girlfriend is wrong. So yes she has to do with crumbling views. But let's get on topic. Why do you have to keep pointing out how positive you were? Did you forget about the pre-stream where you were saying people were complaining because they didn't just believe this whole "Hey I'm positive now guys!" do you know how many times you say that? You always say it but you always revert back to old Phil and you piss on all of your fans and other people who aren't your fans. You have a long ways to go before we believe you or trust you.
  7. ​Why are you so on the defense?
  8. ​If he was to go for X-ray technician he could find a job pretty quickly as a lot of hospitals are looking for those. It may not be what he wants to do but it is a way to find a quick job so you have enough money to go back to school to do what you want to do. You should always go to college when you have the opportunity because otherwise you won't really make it in the world.
  9. ​It depends on what you what want to get into.
  10. And then you delete my post. You really are showing your true colors.
  11. For some reason my post isn't showing up on my screen.
  12. ​I will give you credit that you at least tried to seem positive, but I could tell that you wanted to rage. You have a lot more than one stream to earn everyones trust back. Oh and that stuff you were doing in the prestream where you were constantly complaining and complaining about people you thought were complaining was something that you need to work on. If people are skeptical, they have their reasons so respect those reasons and realize that you have to earn their trust back.
  13. ​No point in wasting your time, he's just going to look at this and delete it because it has tons of logic.
  14. ​And this is where I have many issues with Ask The King. It should not be nothing but positive questions, he should also answer questions that contain concern towards him or issues.
  15. ​See but there is no real interactivity. It's just him answering questions he deems worthy of answering.
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